Park Shi Hoo Unleashes His Piercing Charm for New Photoshoot

I don’t know why I like to tease Park Shi Hoo all the time, considering I like him well enough I’ve watched most of his dramas. Probably because I secretly think he’s cuter than I like to publicly admit. Or maybe because teasing him has become a collective fun sport with no harm but plenty of chuckle. His latest photospread for L’Officiel Hommes is actually quite nice. I like how striking he looks in each picture, without the photographer resorting to flashy tricks. My favorite is the top picture, where he totally is playing a game of chicken with the camera and pushing his luck. With his career trajectory in this past year, I think lady luck is on his side.

[Credit: L’Officiel Hommes]


Park Shi Hoo Unleashes His Piercing Charm for New Photoshoot — 20 Comments

  1. *Sigh…* He looks so handsome, dashing and manly in those pics. I’ve only just become a fan of his after watching The Princess’ Man. Proceeded to marathon Prosecutor Princess and trying to decide whether to watch Queen of Reversals – he’s not the lead :(. I like how he’s very dedicated to his craft and treats both his fans and crew with special care. For 2012, I hope he meets that unique person who will add love to his life. Thanks Ms. Koala for sharing and Happy Holidays everyone!

    • wow.. you and me did the same thing! I loved him in Princess’ Man and then watched Prosecutor Princess (where I couldn’t get past ep 1 every time I tried beforehand) just for him. I am also debating whether to watch Queen of Reversals or How to meet the prefect neighbor.

      On a random note, Is it just me who thinks his lips are different?

      • Nope the same painfully wonderful lips… I hated prosecutor princess but for him anything try family honor I loved him in there except for the last 15 episodes it is a very nice drama and he goes from fierce, to and then romantic and funny. love him and those pictures are the best christmas gift.

  2. Totally off-topic here, but I’m loving the Padam Padam banner on top! Hee actually watching episode 5 right now as I type. Koala, I take it you’re enjoying it too? 🙂

  3. Swoon~ <3 <3 <3
    He's so beautiful… Sigh. I don't know Why so many people I know makes fun of him…

    Thank you for this post. Now I can go on with my day ahead.

  4. He is dashingly irresistable – actually I watched his dramas before – but I only came to admire or noticed him in The Princess’ Man – He did a marvelous job there – acting wise and all – and so is Moon Chae Won – they really look lovely together.

  5. Ooooohhhhh. What a great gift for Christmas from our Shi Hoo!!! Haha. Hotness.
    How I wish I could comment more, but I can’t get over his hotness in those pictures. Haha.
    Merry Christmas everyone!!

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