Han Ga In and Kim Soo Hyun Make an Appearance in the Second Teaser for MoonSun

Today’s finale of Me Too, Flower! was absolutely wonderful. As if that alone wasn’t good enough, MBC aired a new teaser of M2F’s follow up drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun afterwards, and this time the two adult leads Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In make their first onscreen appearances. I may or may not have audibly squealed when I saw them. Sadly, wearing sageuk garb alone doesn’t seem to suddenly make Kim Soo Hyun look older, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see the totality of his performance. They might have big shoes to fill, as the two youngsters Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung are just excellent based on the teaser alone. This drama continues to look absurdly pretty.

Second teaser for MoonSun:


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Han Ga In and Kim Soo Hyun Make an Appearance in the Second Teaser for MoonSun — 17 Comments

  1. Now that i have nothing to watch since M2F just ended =[
    I’m looking forward to this drama. Can’t wait to see Jung il woo and soo hyun!

  2. I saw this and may or may not have squealed, too. I’m so excited to see this! The only downside is that as soon as this premiers I have to go back to school. Boo. But Kim Soo-hyun, yay!

  3. Hmm, Han Ga In is not looking as old as I feared (old as in too old for Kim Soo Hyun). Since that was my only doubt about the drama, I’m stoked.

    • My thoughts exactly!!!!! :D :D :D

      Totally would have squealed when KSH came on if I wasn’t warned ahead of time hehe

      No Jung Il Woo, but it’s probably way too early for that considering he just finished FBRS and did the script reading on Christmas..

    • I was never worried about Han Ga In’s looks, because she always had that very pretty, young-looking face. It’s her acting that I’m worried about. Her recent performances were never very memorable. She was pretty good in her early works, though (Yellow Handkerchief, Terms of Endearment) so I have high hopes for her. That said, I’m sooooooo freaking excited about this drama! Is it January 4 already?

  4. hrmm.. the music sound good… I am more excited for the young cast then the adult ones.. I will hold my judgment too when I see Jung II Woo come out… ^^

    • hmmmmm i have the same sentiments… i wish HGI delivers, her younger version is a favorite of mine cos she’s not only lovely to look at but also a wonderful actress,,, plus am sure KSH and JIW are good actors so am afraid she’d be overpowered by the 2 in the acting department… oh well… ^_^

  5. I don’t know. HGI looks young but Kim looks like a little high school kid. I don’t think i can picture them as lovers. More like sisters and brothers. Jung So min would have look more on par with Kim.

    But anyhow, i hope i’ll erase my doubts when it airs. I love the younger version of HGI though. I seen her in other series, she’s amazing! At such a young age. So envious!

  6. Oh my — I don’t know why… but everyone shown here is looking fantastic!!! KSH still looks really really young but hey – some of these kings were king at a young age, except that’s not the fact here. Anyhow – I’m hoping the acting makes me overcome that. HGI looks gorgeous as usually and totally fitting in her sageuk garb. I do worry for her acting since I haven’t been really impressed by her in a long long time – as pretty pretty as she is. She looks way younger than her age I think.

    JIW – can’t wait to see him :)
    I am so hype up for this drama – I hope that I love it and it doesn’t disappoint me.

  7. I went back and watched some of my favorite clips of Dream High and was reminded why I love Kim Soo-hyun so much. And god, that VOICE. I can’t for next week!!

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