Official Poster Making Video for MoonSun Introduces the Leads

This is much better. After seeing only stills and teasers for The Moon that Embraces the Sun, I was starting to doubt the drama can pull it off with the adult cast. Thankfully the production just released the official poster making video of the four leads Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo, and Kim Min Seo. The actors address the camera directly at times to discuss their roles and asking the audience to look forward to a great drama. Kim Soo Hyun may look young, but the second he opens his mouth it’s rather moot. The pitch and timbre of his voice, paired with his wonderful acting, always sells me on whatever role he is playing. I’d forgotten how soft-spoke Han Ga In is in real life, and how tiny and petite she is. Jung Il Woo’s portion of the video was adorable, because we see him making these really exaggerated faces out of context for the poster. He was totally preening but in a cute way. Kim Min Seo was also fab, very deliciously evil-eyed in the poster shooting already. This video alleviated a bit of my recent anxiety and I’m back to waiting patiently for the drama to premiere next Wednesday on MBC.

MoonSun Poster Making Video:


Official Poster Making Video for MoonSun Introduces the Leads — 11 Comments

  1. Sweet! I likey… Cannot wait for this drama to start showing…
    The cast looked fab and I am keeping my hopes high. Sending some positive thoughts to Korea 🙂
    (please drama gods dun let this drama suck…)

  2. WAHAHA Jung Il Woo saranghe… (is blushing with a terrible crush) shhhh don’t tell…LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS WHAT A BLAST!!!!! Koala and babies hugs….

  3. Omo Omo omO….
    Jung il woo is such a cutie… But why do I keep thinking that his character is somewhat like soOng joong-ki in sungkyukwan scandal…?

    kim soo hyun… My baby… I miss miss miss you so sssooooo much…!
    He is one actor I see who can literally take any role and make it larger than life…
    His roles in will it snow for christmas, dream high and giant was just super memorable and strong that I I cant wait for his role in moonsun as he gives another life to a characters

    Happy new year to all…
    May the drama gods bring Fresh, new and memorable lineup for 2012…!

  4. Now that I see them together, Han Ga-in looks better with Kim Soo-hyun than I would have supposed. It does help, too, that his voice and mannerisms are much more mature than his baby face belies.

    But may I just say that I’m so incredibly jealous that HGI gets to go home to yummy Vampire Prosecutor every night? It’s the only thing about her I’m envious of.

    • i feel the same! can I refuse to believe they’re living in the same house? LOL
      remind me of Vampire Prosecutor casts in Happy Together when he talks about his wife, HGI.. *foreverenvy*

      Happy New Year everyone ^^ counting on days until Jan 4..

  5. Happy New Year!
    Han Ga-in’s individual shots are so evocative of Girl With Pearl Earring.
    How come Kim Soo-hyun wasn’t in sageuk hair for the posters? O_o

  6. Let’s pray and hope this drama will turns out to be as good as we expected. I think I will have soft spot for JIW character as the king’s brother. You know, JIW is super hot in whatever role he is playing. Dang,…Can’t Wait!

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