Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu Reunite to Sing Bu Bu Jing Xin Duet for New Years Concert

It sucks to be me, surrounded by family members who are so late on the Bu Bu Jing Xin bandwagon that I had another one marathon the entire thing in four days this week and then want to talk about it afterwards. I’m still vaguely dehydrated just thinking about it. But happiness abounds in my fantasy BBJX land, as Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu were performers at the Hunan Television New Year’s Eve Concert and reunited once again. 4th Prince and Ruo Xi held hands and gazed into each other’s eyes as they sang a duet version of “A Season of Waiting”. This proves that BBJX totally ended well and modern 4th Prince went to get his Ruo Xi a tissue, because here they are happy and together for our pleasure. Sigh, they make my heart hurt in the best of the ways. Hearing Nicky sing is such a treat, as his gentle and calm voice pairs wonderfully with Shi Shi’s.

I challenge any 4-RX shipper not to be squealing like stuck pig when you watch this video. Special call out to Nicky holding Shi Shi’s hand pretty much the entire song, and then tucking it against his stomach towards the end. Man sure knows how to make me swoon with happiness.

Nicky and Shi Shi singing “A Season of Waiting”:


Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu Reunite to Sing Bu Bu Jing Xin Duet for New Years Concert — 36 Comments

    • Nicky was a singer before he was an actor. He was one of The Little Tigers, one of Asia’s biggest idol boy bands in the late 80s/early 90s.

      I want to be Shi Shi right now, not just her hand. XD

  1. Very beautiful on-stage performance and great to see Ruoxi and 4th Prince together in modern life. haha!! Nicky Wu really knows how to lead on stage, at times leading the couple by hand, at times gazing deeply into Shi shi’s eyes. The only jarring sight that disturbs the entire performance is the disturbing hot-pants worn by the female singer. The dance actually is not that bad and quite fitting with theme of love, I like how they ended the dance with a deep embrace but why on EARTH must they outfit the female dance with hot pants!!!! The beautiful couple, Nicky and Shi Shi are so beautifully attired, such a jarring contrast.

    • Yeah I would’ve preferred it if they just did away with the background dancers because they were distracting every single time they came on screen. Not just for hot pants lady but because they seemed to be dancing to the beat of an ENTIRELY different song. It felt like they were accompanying a dance/techno/pop song and not really a love ballad since they had the whole frenetic jerking rhythm of a faster paced song.

      I wish they just focused on Nicky and Shi Shi since obviously they were the main draw of the song. No need for unnecessary adornment.

  2. 1) *****squeeeeeeeee****โ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™ก
    2) the dancers in the background were weird.
    3) I.need.this version for my ipod.
    4) Nicky’s clothes and hair are weird…prefer him in 4th prince garb.
    5) it made me cry Just a little…I miss RX and 4th.
    And finally AHHHHHHHHHH fangirl moment done.

    • Has anyone found the FULL rehearsal version of the duet? Cos I really really want to see it from start to finish. The New Year version was gorgeous (except for the horrid dancers – what were they THINKING???), but I prefer the rehearsal version a bit because of the casual clothing…

  3. Girl, he wasn’t putting her hand on his stomach hahaha. He put it on his chest (WAAH). I refreshed your blog several times today.. just waiting for this article to turn up.

    I admit it.. I’m a hardcore LS shipper (note: LS, not 4RX). And I’ve turned out to be pretty positive with LS since this duet.

    I squealed so hard during the whole performance. Nicky dude, why are you giving her “the look”? Stop it dude~ From a LS perspective: all I could see was love and love in their eyes. Nicky’s eyes are so gentle.. I swear. He is a good man, and he doesn’t seem like the person to easily pretend to be all lovey-dovey with his female co-star to stir up some rumours. I loved it how the two totally ignored He Jiong at one moment. And Xie Na cried after the performance while she was MCing. Another hopeless 4RX fan lol. She really seemed very enthusiastic (but personally I think there are other reasons.. she and Zhang Jie are really good buddies with Nicky).

    Apparently, the two were helding hands (with fingers crossed tightly) on the stage when they were counting down. And they didn’t let go even though He Jiong asked them to make some wishes. It was only until they had to applaud, so they had to let go. And then, we get a very tight hug. OMG. What a wonderful day for LS shippers.

    Weibo was going crazy after the performance with random people asking if they were actually dating, elder people (who don’t know SS) wondering if that is Nicky Wu’s wife lol. And ofcourse random people, who have not even seen BBJX, requesting SS to just marry N because they seemed so lovely and happy.

    Strongly recommended: the rehearsal video~ CUTENESS overload.

    • 1. I love how they looked at each other and ignored He Jiong until HJ had to be like “Hey…listen ” in order to get their attention.
      2. You are right, her hands on his chest – not tummy.
      3. LSS is known for being shy on stage. She admits herself that she is not a well- versed person.
      4. I truly hate the dancers behind because their outfits were so ugly, female dancer so….”big-size” and why on earth two caucasians doing at this time. All the fans care for is Nicky and LSS.
      5. I read that most Nicky fans do not agree with him to LSS as they claim he needs a woman who can be a true wife…all for him and thus LSS is too young and can never commit that to him.

      • Re #5, I’m an avid Nicky fan since 2001 (since I saw him in Treasure Venture), and I really want him to be wth Shishi. The way they looked at each other in the recent Magnolia Award was beautiful and spine-shivering… I know the 17 years old difference between them, but they don’t look that they have 17 years in between them (not even 10 years). And Shishi is quite mature for a 40s year old kid like Nicky, hehehe…

        We have a small Nicky community in SPCnet, and most of us love LongShi together.

  4. Be still my lil BBJX-4RX loving heart! I love these two and I am thisclose to real life shipping them, but I won’t. I’ll just hope desperately that China TV pairs them in a drama again.

    Thanks for the rehearsal video. It is super cute. They have such great chemistry and you can tell Nicky really makes LSS laugh.

    The actual performance: almost dead again from their cuteness. And the song reminds me of all the angst. Koala is right about watching the drama and this feeling of dehydration that comes with it. Even if I don’t cry again as much as I did the first couple of times, I feel bereft. Anyway, the dancers were unnecessary and distracted from the beautiful couple and touching performance. Still, this was adorable and I miss watching these two. I may never truly get over BBJX.

  5. I love this song… it’s really simple and cute. Really fitting for the series.

    Anyways – can I say that I actually had a Little Tigers CD playing in my car? I had moved it to our car a few years ago as one of those CDs that I couldn’t give up but wasn’t in love with anymore. This is after I replaced all the cassette tapes that I had of theirs with the CD version. Oh, I do date myself. Miss Nicky’s singing… and this confirms it. His voice was so beautiful here.

    SS has an ok voice… not terribly impressed as I think her acting is stronger. I do think they are cute together, although I think Hongshi is super cute too.

  6. I am such a silly fangirl but aahhhhh.

    Also, “This proves that BBJX totally ended well and modern 4th Prince went to get his Ruo Xi a tissue, because here they are happy and together for our pleasure. ” This totally happened! For the sake of my sanity.

    (If anyone ever told me I’d be fangirling Yongzheng with anyone, I’d have thought they were insane).

  7. I just love the way Nicky’s voice contrasts with Shi Shi’s. Although I always liked the song, I think the addition of Nicky improves on it. I actually thought they were going to sing the main theme since it’s already a duet, but I guess since Shi Shi isn’t a singer they needed to stick with “her song”. I thought the other would have been a great choice too – suiting for both their voices.

    Did you read about BBJX2? I read that Kevin said it is scheduled to film in Oct 2012!

  8. Every time I move away from BBJX and back to my real life, things like this keep pulling me back in. AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! Just hearing the first few notes immediately took me back to everything I loved about BBJX. I *almost* hope LSS gets her real-life 4th prince.

    Yes, I’m that much of a fangirl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. squeeee!!!! there goes like a pig really.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    can’t get enough of nicky and shishi. they just melt together.

    more more more

  10. Aw, Liu Shi Shi has matured so much compared to her Mu Nianci days…love her ^^
    Hm, they kind of seem more like friends, but it would be nice if they could find happiness with each other : )

  11. For those who want to catch the whole segment of the performance: Nicky sang one song before the duet.

    A side titbit:
    LSS wrote on her WB just the day before to Nicky saying: I hear they (Hunan TV) wants us to do something different for our performance.

    Nicky replied: Are you filming in Hainan? How about this: you singing while wearing a bikini?

    He was teasing of cos but the funny part later is how his fans turned it to their advantage. See, after the New Year’s Eve concert, they were seen at the airport the next morning boarding the same flight ! to Hainan, Sanya. Fans caught them and again it was a huge buzz on WB. (LSS is filming there right now with Ming Dao it seems).

    So that’s where he spent the last two days at Sanya, Hainan whilst his fans were bugging him for a photo of him! in bikini. (hahaha he might have just regretted his teasing a little bit).

    Okies… anyways sharing the titbit just for fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy New Year all. & wait for confirmation.. .BBJX 2 ~~ !!!! (might be movie, might be drama, might be set in modern times… no info yet) ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nah. He went to Sanya to do a photo shoot and interview though the team took some time out for fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ but before that was clarified, many thought they arranged to go off to Hainan together. That’s because this particular photo shoot and interview wasn’t on his official list of events. I think it’s a private invite by a yacht club.

  12. 2:30-2:51 OMG, the way he looks at her, and then those interlocked fingers!! gaaaah!!! how can they be so cute together?! seriously, they need to just keep their hands intertwined, walk out the auditorium and into a chapel to get married. they are tooooo cute.
    …and he really deserves a good girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Love it!!! It feels like Nicky Wu has been around forever and it’s only now that I’m going gaga over him. Btw, the background dancers are weird, why is the girl not wearing pants???

  14. Liu Shi Shi and Wu Qi Long are very matching as a couple. The reason is that Liu Shi Shi’s Chinese horoscope is Year of the Rabbit whilst Wu Qi Long’s is the Year of the Dog. In Chinese astrology Rabbit is the Dog’s secret friend and also a good marriage partner. Will Liu Shi Shi and Wu Qi Long become a real life couple? I wish Wu Qi Long great happiness in his new marriage if he does have plans to remarry. I wish all the best to Liu Shi Shi as well. May they become a real couple.

  15. Scarlet heart ended here in Singapore yesterday(March 6,2012).The ending was really very Sad and Heart Breaking:((…4th prince never see Ruoxi b4 and after she died,i felt sorry and sad on them:((.But anyway,at least they appeared together in the modern world only just that 4th prince like he doesn’t know her..Indeed i love their loveteam together and im quite insane on them too:))!!How i wish they are lovebirds in real life too!!To rate their show,i will give them 10/10!I really love it:)))!!Hopefully,have part 2!

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