Old Friends Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, and Rainie Yang Start 2012 by Hanging Out

New year, new ArJoe. Maybe it should be call ArJoeRain? Both Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang posted pictures on their respective Weibos today showing that the longtime good friends hung out with mutual friend Joe Cheng over the holiday weekend. They dined at a restaurant owned by Joe called Destino located in Taipei, and both ladies were thrilled to have a chance to hang out like old times. Even though Ariel has said she isn’t planning to do anymore dramas in the near future, she is looking for movie scripts and plans to release an album in 2012. Director Winnie has also announced plans for a movie version of In Time With You starring the original cast. As for Rainie, she still hasn’t settled on her next acting project, whereas Joe is preparing for his upcoming period movie Hua Yang with Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen, and Ivy Chen.

Ariel wrote on her Weibo: Tonight went with Rainie to Owner Cheng’s restaurant Destino (You are my Destiny) to test sample the Southeastern/French/Italian fusion cuisine. It was tasty! But I’m even more in love with their bathroom.

Rainie wrote on her Weibo: Tonight has a long awaited getogether with old friends Xiao Zhong (Joe) and Ariel. We’ve known each other for nearly ten years, Now everyone has grown up, but we’re still the same with each other. I loved today’s conversation mood. We have to getogether more in the future. I want to recommend Destino, where Joe is one of the co-owners. We had dinner there tonight. The atmosphere was beautiful and the food was delicious. I’m so happy for Joe. Thank you for treating two gorgeous ladies to dinner tonight!


Old Friends Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, and Rainie Yang Start 2012 by Hanging Out — 44 Comments

  1. You can’t get better publicity when you have Rainie and Ariel raving and endorsing over your restaurant for free lol.

    It’s great to see these 3 together. Didn’t know Rainie and Ariel were good friends. Joe looks hilariously cute and oh, one more thing…ARJOE! <3

    • Rainie and Ariel are good friends with each other, but both are almost BFFs with the passed on Beatrice Hsu. Rainie still cries onstage when she sings a sad song that reminds her of Beatrice, and supposedly the reason why Ariel won’t ever do a project with Zai Zai is because of his dumping Beatrice for Da S way back when.

      • woahh to the ariel never doing a project with zaizai…while i would believe that ariel would go to such lengths for friendship, i nv knew that.. they seemed qt cordial when they were doing some drinks commercial tgther in the past… and she did an mv for zaizai (although the timeline for this particular pjt in rln to zaizai and beatrice’s rln is kinda fuzzy cos it was just too long ago)

      • I didn’t know that was the reason – makes sense now that I think about it. I remember Ariel was tight with Wei-lun. They were all so cute back then (and now). Sniff sniff… I think weilun was wifey for Rainie – that’s what she called her. Can’t quite remember.

        Anyways – i’m glad that they could all get together on the holiday and catch up.

      • I can understand… Beatrice Hsu died in a car accident. (T^T). Vic ia an ASS for dumping her for Barbie.

      • Where did you read this news? I don’t remember it at all.

        I read Vic had broken up with Beatrice before he got with Barbie. The timeline was close but I don’t believe he actually dumped Beatrice for Barbie.

        Ariel is a professional, I doubt she would use such an excuse if work called for it. The BTS of the tea commercial was quite relaxed, the crew members actually said the two were the quiet types so they don’t interact as much but once they get in character they were really close.

        They also had a very good impression of each other and the press was going on about Ariel being the new girl in Vic’s life.

      • i read that ariel lin isn’t going well with mike he, she was his ex-bf, i dunno..but i hope they would be friend forever…

        i thought they have a group from the same town or else..not really sure.. but so happy looking at their friendship 🙂

  2. Wow!! This brightened up my day! 🙂 I really love that they had a mini-reunion. Yeah. It would’ve been better if Mike He was there. I fell in love with TW dramas again after MG because of ISWAK and DBY/WWL. My two OTPs in TW drama world.

    Hah. I thought Rainie and Ariel were not friends anymore because of some stuff Ive read in some forum.

    • Well Ariel did say that those articles are only 30% believable. I don’t think they’ll sever their friendship over something as ridiculous as a “haircut”

  3. eh? is it really b’coz da s zaizai n wei lun broke up? i thought zai-zai n wei lun broke up b4 mars. anyone can explain about this? im dying to know…

  4. Me toooo!!!! I really want ISWAK 3 season with Ariel and Joe!!!!! Please director give a good end to the unfinished manga, y trust you can do it well (praying!!!). Otherwise, they can do another sweet manga history, but I’m not sure that they could surpass ISWAK.

    • please make ISWAK3… It started with a kiss 3(THE LAST KISS)..isn’t that a nice title for it? We still want 2 watch the happy ending of ariel and joe’s love story in that drama.. Pls.. Pls,.pls.. Pls.. Pls..pls..pls..pls..pls.. PLEEEEEEEeEEeEeeeeEEease…

  5. ILOVEISWAK Forever!
    I Promise,I would wait for ISWAK 3 to film!
    I’m your biggest fan.Mwa.LOL
    Sooo Inspired because of you too(Ariel Joe)
    Please please please,
    I wish there can be ISWAK 3!!!

  6. ILOVEISWAK!!!!!!!!!!
    i will wait for the ISWAK 3
    im your biggest FAN

    and try to go here to have a CONCERT !!!!!!!!!!


  7. YES! please do ISWAK 3! I’m still hoping that you two (ARIEL and JOE) are going to make that because many of us are waiting for the happy ending of ISWAK. Please.


    We want that! seriously speaking.

  8. mmm..its me princess one of your big fun of its started with a kiss…..hope u make more movies with ariel lin and joe cheng i really love to watch your scenes i wish u have part 3 of its started with a kiss i hope that i can watch your movies with two of you …..i love you mx u so much

  9. how sad They Kiss Again will end…when will you featured again the next episode of They Kiss again 3? plssss….

  10. It Started with a Kiss, They Kiss Again and Devil Beside You will always be my all time favorite Taiwanese drama…hope to see Ariel and Joe & Rainie and Mike again in a drama series…

  11. i’d really love to watch ISWAK3,,, i hope there will be one….
    i miss ARJOE loveteam and im waiting for there comeback together as a loveteam…please

  12. Omg!!!I wish and I hope theres part 3 of iswak…I already watch it many tymz and I cant get over…..I realy2 lyk it….part 3!!!part 3!!!part 3!!!plsssssss…guys lets spread it out….we want want part 3…the last kiss…

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