Dream High 2 Releases First Cheeky Teaser

I would have never checked out the original Dream High had some first impressions not been so positive. Even with the original cast including Kim Soo Hyun, I was totally rolling my eyes at the premise. Of course I ended up loving it, but for the sequel Dream High 2 (Dream Higher – okay I made that up), I’m dialing my expectations way down again. The new casts consists of Kang So Ra, 2AM‘s Jung Jin Woon, T-ara‘s Jiyeon, and Sistar‘s Hyorin. I do not know any of these people, wouldn’t be able to pick them out of a photo array for you, so clearly I have no clue if any of them can act or not. Good news is that Kim Jung Tae, who can act his pants off, is taking over Eom Ki Joon‘s teacher-mentor role in DH2, which pleases me to no end. Apparently Park Jin Young will be back as well, so that ought to liven up the joint since he’s funny in small doses. Word is that a few of the original cast members will be making a cameo appearance, and I don’t care about anything other than Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy showing up to let me know that Hye Mi and K got married and lived happily ever after. That is all.

Here’s the first look at lead Kang So Ra in her school girl incarnation, and in her girl group get out as a member of the fictional group HerShe. I wonder if there is someone whose job is solely to come up with these punny and inane names for Korean pop groups, whether fictional or real.

This first teaser is so hilarious it defies describing. The voiceover guy needs to lend his magical line readings to more Kdramas. And Kim Jung Tae doing the air pistol? Priceless. DH2 premieres on January 30th on KBS. As stupid as this teaser is, hearing the DH theme song automatically brings a smile to me face. Oh I love those adorable hardworking kids of DH!

First teaser for Dream High 2:


Dream High 2 Releases First Cheeky Teaser — 34 Comments

  1. I just marathoned Dream High (yeah…I’m waaay behind drama schedule…) and absolutely adored it. And I totally agree with you on needing to know that Sam Dong and Hye Mi got hitched and are now living the life. It wouldn’t hurt to have Sam Dong sing a few songs while he’s there. I luuurve Kim Soo Hyun’s voice.

  2. LOL. I’m so definitely watching this now. At first, I was a little skeptical with the cast, but the teaser has given me confidence.
    It’s gonna be awesome!

    Hopefully, it won’t disappoint me.

      • And to answer to your question about who in the bunch could act (okay, there wasn’t any question but I needed to answer that hehe), Kang Sora is actually an actress just like Kim Soo-hyun was an actor with no official musical background. She was in the movie Sunny and I personally really liked her performance there. Great movie, by the way.
        Ji Yeon (the one in the middle of the HershE poster) has had a certain number of cameo roles in the past, if I remember well. She was pretty impressive in Miss Ripley playing the lesbian teenage daughter to a Japanese Minister. But then, she’s supposed to play a Hye-Mi type of character in DH2 (meaning, a singer that can’t act/emote) so… we’ll see. As for the three others (Jin Woo, Hyorin, and 3rd membre of HershE Ailee) I have no idea of how their acting will be but one thing’s for sure, that all have amongst the best voices of Kpop entertainment. Especially Ailee, though she’s still a rookie.

        Finally, regarding the cameos : according to dramawiki, only the 5 original idol leads have confirmed their cameo appearances, and not Kim Soo-hyun. Must be because wuri Soo-hyun oppa is busy with MoonSun, I guess T_T Whatever, let’s not lose faith ; I’ll pray the drama gods for him to show up somewhere in DH2. HE’D BETTER. ‘Cause I was okay with Sam Dong leaving for the U.S. ONLY if he was to come back after a while, ya hear me ?

      • (that being said, I’m not a huge fan of the mood of the teaser. It feels very… kitsch and glittery. I liked the wintery, stlightly eery and fresh feel of the first DH’s teasers better. But that’s just my two cents)

      • @mirabeau Thought I should add a bit more about Jiyeon. Actually, besides cameos, she has actually had starring roles such as in God of Study and Hon/Soul?/Something. Can’t say that she ever really impressed me in that “wow she’s amazing” way, but she is not a bad actress and is actually quite enjoyable to watch on screen. She’s still young so she has a long way to go. She was especially cute and endearing in God of Study. I also think her acting abilities should be noted in one of T-ara’s latest music video “Cry Cry”, she was pretty good.

        We all wonder if the rest of the cast who are acting for the first time can act but hey maybe they’ll surprise us. More than half of the season 1 cast were newbies too.

      • Jiyeon played female lead in Jungle Fish 2, second lead God of Study, and second lead Soul(Hon) the horror drama, cameo in Miss Ripley. First lead in Death Bell 2, and she was trained as an actress first before the company thought it would be better to debut in a group. she was a child actress in various dramas too.
        Out of all the cast in this Kang Sora and Jiyeon are the only ones that can act i think XD I look forward to them the most ahah =D

  3. *giggling* So fun, glad they’re not taking themselves too seriously! And I love Voiceover Guy! “Dream High!” *still giggling*

  4. I’m excited to see Kim Jung Tae the most and of course the cameos 🙂 I like the sound of Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy coming back as a happy couple! Please make it happen heh I try to dial down my expectations for just about every rom com or comedy regardless of cast and production team lol Thank you for the stills!

  5. I really have no idea who the leads are for DH2 but oh my god, I’m secretly excited about this drama because I’m really hoping that the old case makes an appearance… especially our milkly couple!

  6. I would love it if Hye Mi and Sam Dong were married & taking the K-pop world by storm, but since the whole “K” thing was in the future (the year 2018…I think) wouldn’t the original Dream High cast still be at the Kirin school as students??

    I’m keeping my expectations low for Dream High 2, since it will have a different cast and storyline. It doesn’t really seem like a new season (since they aren’t continuing the story of the original cast, like in North American dramas), but I will view it like a new drama and hopefully it will capture the spirit of the drama with all the fun, drama, and youthfulness of the first DH.

  7. I sooo want to see Hye Mi and Sam Song cameo in DH2 too. Even though I really like Kang So Ra.. but I’m not that much interested in this season like the first one :S *sigh* will look forward to the first episode though. Patiently waiting for SooHyun and Suzy 😀

  8. I’ve read from Soompi that all of them have confirmed for a cameo except Kim Soo Hyun. So I guess they wouldn’t continue the story of Sam Dong ang Hye Mi? Heehee. Sorry guys disappointed HyemGuk shipper here. (*.*)\/

    I missed that “Dream High” voice at the end of the teaser! Hoping that this would be as good as the first season. I dunno any of the leads as well. Hee. Well, in the first DH, I dunno any of them either but I still loved it! 🙂

  9. OMG, I had a cognitive dissonance moment there with the English VO. Like, my brain couldn’t parse that it was the promo for a kdrama? LOLOLOL

  10. Aw. I want to get excited but I’m keeping my expectations low like I did the last one, so that I end up pleasantly surprised again. I confess I did get giddy when I heard Voiceover Guy do “Dream High!” at the end. It also looks like they got an even bigger budget to play with this time around since it looks sparklier than ever. Please don’t suck, please don’t suck, please don’t suck . . .

    • The voice-over guy who says “Dream High” at the end, I think, is 2PM’s Taecyeon who was one of the leads of the first season (if I’m not mistaken). 🙂

      • ooohh I think it sounds like him too! didn’t notice until you pointed it out and had to go back and rematch the video

  11. I’m excited to see Kim Jung Tae and Sora
    I only know her as an actress, so she will sing in DH2 right? can’t wait.
    LOL what the heck with English voiceover? It feels like a movie teaser than drama

  12. the only legit actress among all the students is kang sora.. she was so AWESOME in last summer’s box office hit ‘SUNNY’… and after seeing her on variety like strong heart, im a hugeeee fan.. she’s got such a charming personality… and maybe jiyeon wouldnt be too bad- she has some acting credits in her resume at least.. the rest.. well, i’ll wait to be surprised.. i just wonder who the other two male students will be.. there hasnt been any press on them yet as far as i know….

  13. Much as I love the fact that Kim Soo Hyun is playing the lead in MoonSun, it’s really not going to be the same if Sam Dong doesn’t do a cameo:( For me Dream High was all about HyeMi+ SamDong. The teaser looks very polished, I might check it out; but it does seem that they’re catering for a male audience this time. IDK who the other guys are, but for me to continue watching, they better be eyecandilicious:) Btw, I wonder if they are going to explore Hyemi’s younger sister’s story…

  14. Sora is also the other half of the Dimple couple in WGM. It’s weird that in WGM she is married to an idol, and now in DH2, she is an idol herself.

  15. The English voice over doesn’t finish his sentence. “The most powerful leaders in the world call on one man, because only he…” cut to singers “I know you’ll be a superstar…” cut to original ending voice “Dream High”. Eh?

  16. I really like Kang So Ra. While she isn’t as big as some other female actors, maybe its because I’ve only ever seen her in movies. She was a lead in SUNNY where she played a tough girl excellently. She was also in a movie called 4th Period Mystery with your Yoo Seung Ho. She did really well with a Sadako (kimi ni todoke) type character.

    She is a new actress but so far she hasn’t shown me any reason to believe she can’t act.
    Currently, I don’t know what she’s doing other than We Got Married as wife to Suju’s Leeteuk.

  17. Oh Koala… you still haven’t seen the movie Sunny? What are you waiting for 😀
    Maybe you should learn more about Sora (currently filming We Got Married where’re she’s adorable, and Dream Higher)… She’s the most girl-crush-worthy I’ve encountered, even more so that kim so yeon, jung so min, ariel lin, and all that. If that girl doesn’t become an A-list star, I’m going to eat my mother’s pie. (trust me, not a good idea.)
    She’s a really diverse actress with charisma and charms abound. Even as a person, she’s so lovely.

  18. Kang Sora is ADORABLE…she usually does movies though she’s in a daily drama and We Got Married on the small screen.

    She was in the epicness that was Sunny…how can you not know her Koala? *sad*

    The HerShe girls are Hyorin, JiYeon, and Ailee…Hyorin and Ailee can SING…and JiYeon can act as she was in God of Study, Hon, and Miss Ripley (I’m a Eunjung fangirl but I support her T-ara bandmates).

    Jinwoon is in 2AM so he can definitely sing plus he’s done solo work in the rock genre…he is adorable but I don’t know about his acting.

    I don’t know who the other two guys are so…but anyway I’ll give them a couple of episodes for Kang Sora and Jinwoon alone.

  19. i was expecting jung tae to sing the song in one of his movies…which he did over and over during his 1n2d stint… do you guys remember what it was?

  20. I strongly suggest you watch Kang Sora’s movie “Sunny”. It’s a very heart-warming film revolving around friendship. I loved it so much.. that even I cried and rewatched it again. Kang Sora didn’t win a Rookie Award for nothing. My cousin also fell in love with it.

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