Written Preview for Episode 4 of MoonSun

C’mon, you know you want it. More The Moon that Embraces the Sun, that is. All I know is that this drama is going to make us all hurt so good, in the way that only a gripping sageuk can do. I figure that if the Hwon-Yeon Woo-Yang Myung love triangle is going to give me heart pain, at least we all have the cuteness that is the Yeom-Princess Minhwa insane crush to give us some happy along the way. Yeom may be bright but it’s clear he’s clueless about matters of a romantic nature. I can’t wait to watch Princess Minhwa unleash her full aegyo to land herself the man of her dreams. Ah, to be young and in love.

Written preview for episode 4:

Because of Head Shaman Jang’s prophecy, Yoon Dae Hyung and his cronies are pleased beyond belief. Preparations begin to make Bo Kyung the master of the Middle Palace [i.e. the Crown Princess and future Queen]. The Crown Princess selection is underway and Hwon tells Yeon Woo that he wishes to add her name to the list of candidates. Hwon discovers Yoon Dae Hyung and Queen Yoon’s plan, so he goes to King Sungjo to ask for help in making the Crown Princess selection a fair process. Princess Minhwa’s love for Yeom is fast becoming ever greater and she begs the King to quickly let them get married.


Written Preview for Episode 4 of MoonSun — 16 Comments

  1. thanks! can’t wait until wed/thurs to read summaries!!

    i really wish they show the drama everyday just like BBJX did. but then it will hurt when it is over with. this waiting period is the hardest! patience patience!

  2. but what about poor seol?? drama gods, please at least let woon end up with her!!!
    im crossing my fingers and my toes.

    • Waaaah! I’m getting all sorts of giddy about that potential pairing!

      Lowborn but best warrior in Choseon <3 the slave-turned-shaman-bodyguard. 😀

      Can they have a couple of swordfights first before we let them be together?

    • me too me too , princess MH is ADOOOORABLE and I love the way she is in love wit yeom
      I’m all for this one sided love untill just to see how Yeom’s heart will melt for her <3<3<3
      ockola thanks for the preview

  3. I am fully cracked out of this drama… dying of anticipating… first time that I wished I could read korean so I could read the book.

    I am so torn about Princess Minhwa and Yeom. I don’t know which direction the drama goes, but if minhwa is involved in (by accident or not) the plot to kill YW, I will be really sad. 🙁 I hope she’s not evil or anything… not like Bo Kyung.

    • In episode 3’s written preview, it’s said that Princess Minhwa luuuuuuurves Yeon Woo too (after she finds out that she’s the sister of Yeom). So hopefully she’ll be supportive of Hwon-Yeon and I would really like for her to try to foil Bo Kyung’s plans if, in the future, she finds Yeon Woo again.

      *hoping for a Princess vs Queen showdown in the future*

      • from the characters chart * spoilers ahead * seems Princess MH will be part of all the kill woo’s plot but seems she didn’t know that her childish doing will lead to the killing of Woo , so that’s why she will feel guilty for that and try to make yeom’s family happy in order to ease a bit her guilt , and I’m sure that I read somewhere that Yeom will know about that but he will never say a word ( I can’t remember where did I read this )

  4. Koala unni,
    just to let you know that we will be seeing the adult on episode 6 then episode 7. from what I read, they have rewritten it due to that HGI has done her movie and went to set to start filming the drama…. I am happy but very sad at the same time.. thank you for episode 4 preview.. Unni, you are the best.. XD

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