Alice Ke Celebrates Birthday on the Set of Office Girls

You know a drama has been filming for quite a long time if both leads manage to celebrate their birthday on the set. Office Girls has been filming for over half a year now, and first Roy Qiu celebrated turning 30, now he’s followed by his leading lady Alice Ke celebrating turning 27. I can’t image a better way to notch another year off than to have Roy Qiu present a cake and wish you happy birthday. Alice Ke, perhaps the luckiest chick around these days.

The production released these pictures of Alice happily accepting her cake and presents, though she confessed she needed to hold her tears in as to not ruin her make up for the next take, which would cause the crew to have to work even later to get the shot completed. The girl’s got Shen Xing Ren’s professionalism deep in her bones. Happy Birthday to Alice! I hope her birthday wish was that the scriptwriter throw in some massively overdue making out scenes in OG with Roy. OG is veering so far away from the SETTV playbook I’m wondering who the real producers are at this point.


Alice Ke Celebrates Birthday on the Set of Office Girls — 6 Comments

  1. alice and roy both looked tired, they must be of course filming 24/7. me too am waiting for the long overdue make out scenes in OG.

  2. Yeah where are the talked about TW making out scenes? It is rivalling the most sedate Korean family drama for the family rating.

  3. Omg! Massively overdue making out scenes in OG with Roy??? Ockoala~ U r pulling me back into watching OG…i ve been only following the recaps for d past few eps. I would not want to miss d make- out scenes of this perfect couple!

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