Video Preview for Episode 5 of MoonSun

I’m a little too seasoned to suffer a bout of tears and snot over the smallest sad plot development in a drama, but watching Yeo Jin Gu cry in the preview for episode 5 of The Moon that Embraces the Sun got me right there in the gut. He’s truly a phenomenal child actor, and the same is true for every one of those precocious and precious young ones bringing the MoonSun story to life. Of course there is going to be pain, but hopefully the angst will feel real and raw, setting the stage for the adults to take the story if a whole new level of awesome after the children take the bow. Whatever happens to Yeon Woo, we know that some shaman magic plus political backstabbing are at play. It’s hard for mere mortals to contend with that.

Preview for episode 5:


Video Preview for Episode 5 of MoonSun — 37 Comments

  1. Just watching the preview breaks my heart. Yeo Jin Gu really is a phenomenal actor… I’m going to miss him so much.. and other child actors T.T

  2. Thanks much for this video preview. I totally agree with you Captain. I just finished watching the early episodes of Giant. Yeo Jin Gu’s awesome performance in those episodes blew me away. I look forward to your recap for this episode. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  3. My heart is ripping. I was crying by episode two because I knew what was coming. And the teenage actors, what big shoes they have left for the adult actors to fill. It’s making me sad to let them go. But we must, other wise we will never see Kim Soohyun and Jung Ilwoo. ;D And Lee Hwon’s tears, gah!!!! I’m more hurt for Yang Myung! I heard that the book is different, that Wol/Yeonwoo doesn’t have amnesia. Let’s just hope the drama doesn’t focus 10 episodes on memory loss. Gosh, the angst!

  4. sob sob…
    Darn those are awesome acting kiddos! Bravo!
    Cannot wait to watch this moonsun… This is currently my new crack kdrama 🙂
    Yayy. Bring it on Babies 😉

  5. Yeo Jin Gu just made me want to cry after seeing that… just too horribly devastating. I rarely cry while watching dramas – only a few have really hit the heart – usually ones that involve mommy’s & their children. Coming into this – I had zero expectation that I would be that moved by any of the kids performances. Kudos to all of them!

    Hmm… I don’t know much about the details except what I’ve read here and there, but all I know is that I am an anti-fan of any kind of memory loss plot line in any kind of drama – regardless of the reason. As for the fantasy elements – I turned off the mind of the crazy fantasy antics in SG last year, so hopefully, the fantasy elements will be better here. Ultimately, I don’t think I will care all that much as long as I’m satisfied with the ending.

  6. I saw this preview too many times in different places and it still make me cried…. =( The young cast should be award on the best child acting award as they are really great in this drama… Bring it on ep 5.. I am ready with my kleenex box. Thank you Koala unni. How is London???

  7. this is saddest scene ever..losing your first love to death….its expected but still heart wrenching…but i lok forward when they meet again as an adult..i guess the lettuce will play a great deal in the future for hi to remember her nad also the umbrella and the falling petals…
    great child actors….

  8. Am I the only one who think that the way these children act is a little unbelievable -especially at 0:15 ? I mean they are what twelve? Fifteen? And they act like some grown-up people who already experienced life, the depth of love or whatever. Maybe they were too precocious before…

  9. Do you think she’ll get back her memory before the end of the drama? And do you think she’ll end up will Hwon? Please Drama Gods, have a happy ending :)! Thank you Ms. Koala for all this MOONSUN stuff, it helps feed our addiction. Can’t wait for the recap tomorrow:)!

  10. O. M. G.! I think I will just be camping at this site for the recap. I don’t think I can bear to watch this tragic episode. These kids act so well, my heart was breaking just watching the preview.

  11. thanks so much for posting this sis! i watched it last night and re-watched it several times,,, yeah, i am torturing myself and cried several times already… how much more tears will be shed from the episode tonight? such a good drama from very good child actors… the adults will have a bigger expectations awaiting them.

  12. Oh dear …. I still couldn’t see not ONE episode – stupid connection!!! So my fix is wat u feed me Ms. Koala so I was so happy to at least saw d preview!! Safe flight n rest – and we’ll see you when we see ya! Agreed with all of d above comments abt d child actors btw – brilliant!! Does anyone know how many eps this supposed to go to? I hope it’s not like jumong or jewels … I opt for shorter dramas these days – don’t hv d energy to watch over 24eps …. Adios …

  13. I have a feeling they have already extended the series with few episodes. That’s why the preview isn’t matching the actual episode (e.g. no coffin scene yet). I’m pretty sure we will see the adult actors at the end of episode 6 (like last 5 minutes) than the middle of the episodes. Whatever the company decides I hope it will not ruin the sizzling fun/angst of the series. IMO it’s better to prepare for the extension early than late so we can avoid those annoying fillers.

    • Just finished watching episode 6. I’m so glad I was proven wrong. The episode wasn’t slow, although I still believe the series will be extended but so far it seems like it will not be slowed down.

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