Ivy Chen Lands the Cover of February Vogue Magazine

I don’t quite know what is going on with Ivy Chen‘s performance in Skip Beat. I know she’s a good actress, though she is hit or miss depending on the role. By all accounts SB ought to be perfect for her. Just look at her! She is literally a manga character come to live, with her wide-eyes, tiny face, and mega-watt smile. I don’t think she’s overacting beyond what the character calls for, but I do feel this disconnect with her performance. Regardless, I still adore her, and Ivy makes the cover of Chinese Vogue‘s February edition featuring the Chinese acting world’s red hot talents, which include Ivy, Michelle Chen, Crystal Liu. and a few others. I like how Vogue styled her for the shoot – she looks an spritely ingenue. She owns the modern prairie girl look and not the other way around


Ivy Chen Lands the Cover of February Vogue Magazine — 7 Comments

  1. Ooo, thanks for the pic! I just finished Black and White and came out with a major girlcrush on Chen Lin, lol. Nice to see Ivy again 🙂

  2. Such a cutie!! She looks like a sweet doll in these pics.
    Perhaps she is a good actress. I didn’t know her.
    But she is a completely miscast in SB!! It’s a pity!! For her and the drama :(.
    I think whoever did the casting is to blame. Ivy Chen is zero Gong Xi/Kyoko.

  3. i like her in SB so far, maybe because i have not seen any of her previous work.
    I think right now shes acting rough but she will be a lot more refined later..like a rough diamond right now.

  4. Can you believe she’s almost 30??!

    I’m glad I saw her kickass self in Black & White first instead of Skip Beat or else I wouldn’t have liked her as much. In Skip Beat, she really reminds me of Amber Kuo’s role in Invincible Shan Bao Mei.

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