Dream High 2 Holds Press Conference and Releases 4-Minute Trailer

My general take away from the press conference for Dream High 2 consists of two main observations – why the bleeping bleep are there a billion cast members attending, and why are almost every single one of the ladies dressed like a skank ho ready to show her lady goods to a few million drama viewers? Neither of my points affect whether the dream is potentially any good, but do leave me rather visually exhausted and turned off by the cast. I get that this is an ensemble piece, and that DH2 may have some hella awesome secondary characters, but less is more would be my suggestion for this event. Unless we’re talking about hemlines and bustlines for the majority of dresses (or scraps of clothing that calls itself a dress) worn by the female actors, in which case I would say – cover yourself up ladies, because a nip slip or a crotch shot is about a snap away, and this is a family event. If you manage to scroll past the fugly, have a look at the four minute trailer for DH2. Like I said, I don’t know any of the six young leads for this drama, so I won’t even bother identifying most of them, but you can judge the outfits for yourself.

The extended trailer doesn’t seem good or bad, with a bit of cheekiness, some self-awareness, and plenty of trying very hard energy going on. I’ll reserve judgment until I watch a few eps, since it took me that long to fall for the original Dream High’s charm.

4-minute trailer for Dream High 2:


[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


Dream High 2 Holds Press Conference and Releases 4-Minute Trailer — 42 Comments

  1. Yeah, those dresses are very short and not so flattering either. Still, can we please not equalize young girls with whores?
    Those are some weird outfits all around… But I really like the teaser, even though I have no idea what´s going on!

    • Agree. Why do the Korean stars wear such short dresses ? I dont see the Taiwan, HK or China stars doing so … or Korean men love legs …

    • I also don’t like the association of young girls with whores, first because the girls can wear whatever they want (and still be pretty, if that detail matters) and second because it’s offensive to the girls and to the whores to be labelled negatively only for the way they dress.
      I found everything in the 4 min trailer excessive, even the veterans did no favor to us in this, BUT I’ll certainlly check, because a little bit of fluffliness from time to time do no bad to me.

    • I didn’t equate the ladies with whores. I said almost all of them were dressed “like” a skank ho. It’s a style, I didn’t call it their profession.

      It’s like me saying “why are you dressed hobo chic today?” and then have someone claim I equated the dresser with a beggar.

      I am critiquing their style, which may not be offensively indecent, is nevertheless trashy in my opinion. They are lovely girls, have the figure, can theoretically wear whatever they want, but then in that case, why not wear something pretty and doesn’t require them to cover their bosom or legs when they bend down or step up.

      Just my opinion. I wouldn’t go around equalizing young girls with whores. But I can critique their fashion if I think they are dressing in the style of one.

      • Yes, I understand you weren´t insulting them, even though a simile does express a certain parallelism between the two, doesn´t it?
        I didn´t want to be rude, I was just bothered by reading this sentence, or well that expression in particular.
        I´ve long given up trying to understand idol fashion, it´s even worse in dramas sometimes, e.g. Full House. *shudder* But when it comes to these girls I don´t think they have much of a say in what they´re wearing for these kind of events unfortunely.

      • Wow….. I am speechless.

        Hey, they ARE dressed like skanks. I don’t think Koala should have to explain herself for stating a fact. You’re an actress/idol so you’re going to be judged by your appearance and image. If you don’t want people to think you look trashy, then don’t leave your pants and tops at home. I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve here, but I don’t know who any of them are and seeing these images makes me not want to watch this. Hopefully they’ll get to wear some clothes in the show, since it’s winter in Korea.


      • I totally understand what you’re trying to say, but some of us are just not comfortable with how they’re being judged.

        Shorts skirts and revealing tops do not equate to “skanks.” You could just say their outfits are inappropriate – it’s too shorts, revealing, etc.. You have to take the person out of the outfit. I know you can say whatever you want, but just wanted to point that out because we (society) jump too quickly to call a woman a “hoe/skank” or dress/act like one base on her appearance and demeanor.

        If you want to use skank, then say skanky outfits, which can be synonymous to hobo chic. If you said dress like a hobo, it’s saying that the person is homeless, poor, lazy, etc…, which is also bad because we’re equating people who are probably down on the luck as second class citizens (we treat them that way).

        I scrolled down and saw some of your examples. I don’t think you can compare “like a skank” to “like a librarian.” Both have different connotations. A librarian is known to be respected, while a skank isn’t – they’re not at the same level.

        I don’t want to write an essay so I’ll just say that it’s all about the language that you use. I wish people would just pay more attention to the words they use and how that perpetuate the stereotypes and society norms.

      • just my two cents… i don’t find koala’s expression as something insulting at all because it does not mean to be insulting. it is a fashion style she was referring to. not that i don’t agree with her tho. i find it hypocritical for girls and ladies to be dressing short shorts, very short skirts and and cleavage/boob revealing outfits and them cover them up. aish, what’s the point eh?

        @koala sis, i loved dream high since episode 1 and never faltered till the end… i just wish they had put in here someone who is a real actor, well, among the kids, to give some credence in the acting department. but i still reserve judgement, i want to give this one a chance coz its predecessor is my all time favorite.

  2. Kahi looks gorgeous! Everybody else’s dresses are pretty, but needs to be a couple of inches longer, how do they even go up steps without exposing themselves?!

  3. Who is the one in the fuchsia dress? Sorry to say this but at first glance she looks like a transsexual. She’s very pretty, but I don’t know if it’s the way she posed or her smile.

  4. The trailer is… humm strange. Like a package full of different things : what are they trying to convey ? What i don’t like : the sitcomesque sound effects, the clothing style and the colors palette on the sets : Just ugly for me.
    But i’m interested in the story and the characters.
    PS : A Secret Garden reference is always appreciated, but if they already use that kind of stunts to grab viewers in the trailer, as micro-skirts, my gut feeling is : I have a bad feeling about this. Wait and see.

  5. Oh, the skirts keeps getting shorter. Remember the teaser poster with their backs turned? One inch shorter and I would be confusing this show to be advertising for something else..not PG that is. The first cast was much more wholesome, at least in promotional stills. This one seems to be going for some lolita-theme with the girls teasing and competing to see who can rock the shortest hem-line. The teaser clips are ok, it’s just the posters and now the fashion at this press-con that are questionable.

    Anyway, I chuckle looking at the guys. They are so fully clothed compared to their female counterparts.

  6. Ehh, I say flaunt it while you got it. I wouldn’t wear that, but then I am not 20 any more. They covered all the X-rated bits and that’s all that’s required. If wearing skimpy clothes makes one a whore or a slut, then most college girls out partying on weekends in every place I’ve lived in, qualify.

    The trailer looks like cute candy, which seems par for the course.

    • You said it @dangermousie. I’m all on board for commenting on fashion, and while many of the female cast are wearing dresses with plunging neckline and/or a short skirt, they’re fully covered and there isn’t anything indecent shown.
      I’m re-reading my comment before I post it, and I’m a little worried my reply might come across as mean or an attack on something that was said in this post. That wasn’t my purpose: I’m really excited for this drama and I love reading the posts and comments here on Playground everyday. I have to say, I LOVE the playfulness of the cast in these photos, their smiles give me hope that they’re really excited and enthusiastic about this project. I guess I’m just upset to see some of them referred to as whores and sluts.
      Okay, I’m re-reading this again. Man, this post is getting long! Ha ha, but after staring at these photos so long, I can criticize some of the outfit choices… especially in the men! Gotta appreciate these guys who can take some risks and try parachute pants, an a-symmetrical cape/suit jacket, or cheetah-pattern kicks. This said, they’re all so happy and smiley that they make it work.
      So excited for this drama! 🙂

      • Your post isn’t mean or an attack on what I said. 🙂 Don’t worry, I appreciate your thoughts.

    • It’s definitely true that you can get away with more with you’re young. However, I think there’s a time and a place for everything. This look is fine if you’re heading off to a nightclub or stage performance, but this is a press con for a drama. I’m assuming none of these people have acted before, so you would think it would be in their best interest to draw attention to other things, rather than legs and busts. I want to know about the drama and potential acting talent, not who is most skilled at sitting in a short skirt without flashing the whole town. Save that for a different occasion. I blame this on the stylist/PR person who designed the look. Actors (and probably idols?) usually don’t get to pick their own outfits for press conferences.

  7. How do these girls walk around without exposing certain areas. I would never feel comfortable wearing such a short dresses/skirts. I guess in a way it’s also a skill….

    Some of the dresses could have been quite cute with just a few extra inches.

    As for the trailer, it’s alright but I’m not feeling it. Anyways, I’m still anticipating the drama.

  8. If the girls top is covered, the bottom has no clothes, and if there is a pant, the back is open. what the hell is the dressing? not good.

  9. I’m actually surprised that you are admonishing the female cast for what they wear which is such a norm now-a-days. You covered so many dramas and award shows with females wearing similar or more risque clothing but I had not seen you call them out.

    Although you are not calling the people wearing those supposedly inappropriate clothing shanks/harlots, by calling them out for dressing like one, in a sense you are associating them as being part of that crowd.

    • You are really projecting here. Saying someone dresses like a librarian doesn’t indicate the critique comes with the assertion they are one or they hang out with the librarian crowd. It simply says exactly what it says on its face – they dress like a librarian. Anything beyond that is projecting the fashion critique for more than what it means.

      I don’t recall an entire press conference or awards show with the majority of the female attendees dressed in super short dresses and/or revealing cleavage valleys. And it doesn’t matter if I didn’t call it out before, I can still call it out now. It’s called a pointed observation directed at a singular object without any point of reference. I’m purely critiquing this particular press conference and what I wrote before or after doesn’t matter.

  10. WTH… is that a tail on the dress with polka-dots? No comment on the fashion, other than to say I agree with you, Koala.

    Not too excited for this drama, because it seems even more processed and full of idols than the first one, which I really liked eventually, but it took me about 7 episodes. I think it depends on whether the writing has as much heart as DH1, and if the actors can actually act. The only ones I have confidence in are the awesome Kang Sora and Kim Jung-tae.

    I thought Lee Yoon-ji was confirmed for this, does anyone know why she’s missing? I’ll be so sad if she’s not in DH2. I love her, and she’s super underrated.

    • I think it’s supposed to be a bustle plus tail, but on that slip of a dress, it just looks like it wants the viewer to train the eye to her ass. I’ve got no expectations for this cast, so that ought to make it easier to impress me.

      • I am surprised. Normally, you are fair, understanding and accepting on even the most unusual things. What happened on this day ? I feel you are channeling your frustration on this particular article.

        If something did happen, I hope all is well now.

  11. Haha I think I’m used to seeing all the short dresses and such from pictures of kpop events and music performances 😛 Actually, the first thing I noticed was how WHITE some of them are….Not trying to sound racist or anything haha but their skin is so SHINY and so white….it kind of scares me 🙁 Besides Hyorin, who looks more normal compared to a lot of the other cast….Am I the only one actually expecting a lot from the cast? I like most of the main leads so I’m hoping for a lot…I guess we’ll see.

    Also, who’s the guy in all black with the blondish hair? He gives off a mix of all of 2PM’s members and a bit of Kim Soohyun (in my opinion)….

  12. I stopped following kpop a long time ago so I have no idea who any of these people are. At first the trailer reminded of a commercial to a concert, then it became a short mv and then finally the trailer itself. Uhh, commercialized much? The cast is definitely filled with pretty boys. I just hope they can act and sing. The guy at 2:35 gives off the next-gen SamDong vibe so I’m guessing he’s the main character. I’m glad he can sing at least. I just hope that girl who appeared on the scene on the walkway above the highway was drunk singing. Because if that was her real singing voice, then I’m worried haha.
    I’m not Korean but I’m guessing it’s another elite vs underdog story. I just hope they can provide a new spin on that one since DH1 already covered it.

    As for the outfits, some of the ladies are definitely flaunting what they have. I’m also getting the skank ho vibe but since they’re idols, I’m not surprised they dressed like that to the press con. I’m just wondering how some of them are able to sit or bend without flashing the world.

  13. I agree with you on the more “processed” part Laica. When I saw the pictures, right away I started thinking is this really a drama press conference? Although I actually really liked the dresses (except that bright pink one) but have to agree that they need an inch or so at the hem. This isn’t a nightclub ladies.

    It seems like after the popularity of the DH1, they got a bigger budget, thus were able to hire more idols and do more mv-esque scenes. And that’s what I’m afraid of. I don’t want mvs that just showcase JYP’s talents. We need a good story that will highlight talent. Not necessarily the talents trying to piece together a story for the sake of their bands and management companies.

    And you’re right…where IS Lee Yoon Ji? I don’t see her name under the dramawiki list of actors. Perhaps she dropped out?

      • oops, meant that as a reply to Celest.

        @ockoala Really? That makes me sad. I thought she would be coming back for Season 2. 🙁

    • Yeah, you can really see all the money they threw at this… and more money is always a good thing. It mostly hangs on the writing, I think. And hopefully the main lead can carry his weight in the acting department. I hope we see something new in the story, too, otherwise what’s the point?

  14. Maybe I’ve lost my critiquing touch, but these ladies look fine to me. Sure their outfits are short, but IMO Asian women’s high fashion tends to have high hemlines in general. (The women in Office Girls rocked the booty-cutter shorts as workwear!… Maybe I was the only one who thought that was a bit much for the office?) Anyway, 20 bucks says their school uniforms will be just as short as these skirts. They sure were in Dream High 1 and they were paired with thigh high socks too…but sneakers instead of heels. (Are school uniforms really that short? What happened to the “2 fingers from the knee” rule?)

    Point is, I think the real issue is not necessarily the length of these outfits, but that they look really mature for promoting a drama with high schoolers. Then again the guys aren’t dressed like high schoolers either. Whatev. Some people seem to think the fuchsia dress Choi Ye Jin is wearing is atrocious, but she’s rocking the heck out of that. I think she looks good. I like the navy blue jumper too. It’s really easy for a jumper to go wrong, but this one works. It needs to be tailored though because it’s too long on her… Ironically, wearing her jumper she looks like a grown-up amongst the kids.

  15. man for some reason i feel like this show wont be as good as the first. anyways the trailer looked like it was everywhere and the acting was just not up to the standers that this drama should be at. but im HOPING that somehow the drama does good.

  16. LOL I’ve been in kpop so long those dress lengths are normal. sigh I remember the days when I thought “Woah so much leg and I thought they were the conservative ones”. But I’ve chalked it up to kpop style that’s what they wear. It’s the trend just like skinny jeans are making a comeback in the states short dresses are whats trendy in kpop/korea right now.

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