Gong Hyo Jin and Ha Jung Woo Playfully Grace Vogue Korea for Love Fiction

Gong Hyo Jin has had a really balanced career, dividing her time between dramas and movies almost equally. Since wrapping Best Love last June, one of her most high profile and popular dramas, she headed back to Chungmuro to make the cute modern dating movie Love Fiction with the always reliably brilliant Ha Jung Woo. What a great pairing from an acting perspective, but visually they also have this off-beat, charming and real vibe. Together they graced the pages of the most recent edition of Vogue Korea, churning out a photo spread that evokes a big city couple lounging in their loft. I found the pictures wonderfully done, with a bit of edge wrapped in pretty. Read on for more pictures, as well as the latest trailer for Love Fiction, which premieres this month.

Have a poster and preview for their upcoming movie Love Fiction. Ha Jung Woo plays a timid novelist while Gong Hyo Jin is a confident career woman. The movie chronicles their relationship in a funny, frank, and sure-to-be sensible modern way. I think this movie will be elevated by the acting of the two leads, both of whom I adore as actors. They are chameleons with vast reservoirs of talent, blending into any role so completely I’m always in awe of how every character from them is something completely new.



Gong Hyo Jin and Ha Jung Woo Playfully Grace Vogue Korea for Love Fiction — 14 Comments

  1. What is that third outfit on GHJ? I can’t figure out if that is supposed to be a wedding outfit with the veil? Just weird…a veil, a cape, a pantsuit that is not zipped and the huge chunky bling. Like a reverse vampire meets queen elizabeth…just wrong.

  2. Jung woo’s voice reminds me The Voice:D

    btw, isnt the man on the plane right next to Jung Woo is the father from PTB? LOL

  3. Ever since watching Ha Jung Woo in The Chaser, I can’t imagine as anything other than a mild-mannered yet violent serial killer…

    • I was going to say something similar…
      After watching HJW in his films where he is one or all of:
      1. running 2. sweating 3. bleeding 4. murderous 5. covered in grime
      6. lying 7.being chased 8. desperate 9. confused 10. sexy

      It is soooo nice to see him still sexy but cleaned up and just a human with a pretty girl.

      No matter what, though, he is HOT.

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