LOVE Holds Star-Studded Movie Premiere in Taipei

Director and actor Doze Niu‘s star-studded and long awaited movie LOVE finally gets its release this weekend just in time for Valentine’s Day. Six out of his eight big stars attended the lavish Taipei premiere to add some glamour to the proceedings. Only Vicky Zhao and Ethan Ruan were missing, with Eddie Peng, Mark Chao, Amber Kuo, Shu Qi, and Ivy Chen walking the red carpet along with Director Niu. The cutest part was actually offscreen, as Ethan sent his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu to the premiere in his stead since he’s off fulfilling his military service, and she was escorted by none other than Ethan’s good buddy Joe Cheng. The movie looks great and seems fun. Can’t wait to check it out when it’s available Stateside, where we’re currently stuck with overripe junk movies like The Vow for this V-day weekend.


LOVE Holds Star-Studded Movie Premiere in Taipei — 11 Comments

  1. How sweet! Honestly, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Tiffany and Ethan were to marry since it’s pretty clear that both of them are very invested in the relationship. On a side note, is it just me or does Tiffany’s dress make her look preggers?

  2. OMG! How did they manage to get soooo many pretty people in one movie?! I have no idea how I’m going to get my hands on this movie but I just have to watch it.
    Pretty pictures aside, Ivy needs a sandwich, or two, or ten ASAP .

  3. the movie looks great koala…just got back from seeing the Vow. And you were right, this movie, LOVE, will probably be much better. The Vow is based on a true story but I felt like it needed much more substance and a deep love story. It was too emotional I cried the whole time!! Please LOVE, be better!!!!!!!

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