Army Update: Lee Jun Ki is Discharged in Korea while Ming Dao Enlists in Taiwan

Being so busy these days was a good thing, since it kept me from chafing at the bit for Lee Jun Ki to get released from the army. And before I knew it, he was back! Jun Ki completed his army service yesterday and was happily and honorably discharged. Fans and the media swarmed the army base to capture his release, which was celebrated with cake and lots of excitement over his upcoming scheduled entertainment activities. I’m only interested in his upcoming drama choice, and there are early rumors starting to emerge that he might take a drama with either Moon Geun Young or Moon Chae Won. Seriously? So stoked about that. I’ll let my boy get his bearings first and shed those fatigues before checking back in on what he’s up to. For now, I feel like I finished a marathon, and really extend my sympathy to fans who are still awaiting their favorite star’s release from military service.

When one comes out, another goes in. From Korea to Taiwan, the same day had two different events happen. Yet another Taiwanese drafting dodging star caves to public pressure and civic obligations. Ming Dao, at 31 years old the oldest ever to enlist for mandatory army duty, finally shaves his head and checks in at Cheng Gong Ling. I’m sure Ethan Ruan is totally stoked to have a buddy around. Ming Dao has two dramas that he finished filming which will air this year while he is serving: the ridiculous looking King’s Woman with Chen Qiao En and An Angel’s Happiness with Liu Shi Shi.


Army Update: Lee Jun Ki is Discharged in Korea while Ming Dao Enlists in Taiwan — 27 Comments

  1. I am simultaneously ecstatic (Lee Jun Ki) and devastated (Ming Dao).
    At least in Korea they spread the pain, but it’s looking more and more that there’s going to be a situation where most of my favourite Taiwanese actors are going to be doing their military service at the same time.

  2. I was waiting on you to post this, only because I knew how happy this would make you.

    Sidebar: Has Vic already completed his military service?

  3. I must admit I didn’t even notice LJK gone… maybe because I was watching his dramas while he was ‘indoors’. When Gong Yoo was in, I was stalking all news about him.

    Glad to see LJK has joined the civil society (as opposed to military) and am looking forward to his new drama. He has not aged a bit; still exuding his boyish charms. And what flawless skin he has! Wait till we see his new military abs 🙂

    Thanks for posting these photos, despite your professional busy-ness.

    As for Ming Dao… what’s with the mask?

    And yes, has Vic served his military duty?

  4. Yippee LJK is back!!
    Wow – I had totally forgotten that MD hasn’t served yet. I thought that he had served before he entered the entertainment industry. Yikes 31 – he definitely should have served before. Who’s left… Xiao Mei and Xiao Zhong… they haven’t served yet either right?

  5. Auntie K

    YAY for Lee Jun Ki, welcome back. I like him, he’s funny, cute and an excellent actor ( hopefully he can sign back up and do Faith like he was gonna do)

    Idk if I could handle having both Ethan Ruan and Joe Cheng in the military at the same time, I mean is that even fair or right to do that to us fangirls.

    And I’m still waiting for my two favorite Oppas Binnie and Rain to get out. Im suffering over
    here, hurry up Oppas and come back to the land of Kdramaland please*tear.

    K off to go watch a Kdrama movie.
    Cya mates later ^.^

  6. The brave men of KOREA AND TAIWAN- simply says we are all people inspite of all that glitters, we still shine at our most ordinary circumstance….kudos! 😉

  7. I can feel the sympathy unni. My ILU won’t get discharged not unti Feb 16 next year. I’m happy your Jun Ki is back though! And remember our casting dream for him in his next drama? YEH!

  8. Huzzah for LJK! One of my classmates went to his welcome-back fanmeet yesterday, and got a handshake. She was gushing in class. 😛

    And thanks for the sympathy.. I can wait 9 months for my KDW ahjusshi, right? ;_;

    Random, but MD actually looks pretty decent with the shaved head. That’s not a bad look for him.

  9. Hey Ms. K,

    I want to say that I realllyyy luv your recaps and reviews for every drama.
    I’ve been stalking your blog since the LIE TO ME madness until now!
    You are one of my important highlights everyday!

    Haha. LOL.
    Enough with the small talk.
    This is really out of topic.
    Actually, I would reallllyyy grateful and happpyyy if you can do recaps for Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I really love this drama and since you are the BEST reviewer/critic in the whole dramaland, I am really glad to relish my everyday life with your recaps of my fav drama!
    Pleaseee Ms. K!! Please3333…

  10. Omg! If LJK and Moon Geun Young get cast as romantic leads in a new movie, I will absolutely die of anticipation! It might happen as if my memory serves me right, LJK was seated at the same table as MGY and chatting with her at the Baeksang awards show where MGY won award for Best Actor for her role in Painter in the Wind. Both of them are amazing actors with great emotional depth and coincidentally both can play gender-bender roles so convincingly too! Hope the stars will align for this one! Anyone know when MGY will finish her studies in NY??

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