Upcoming K-drama The King 2 Hearts Releases Script Reading Stills

The upcoming K-drama The King 2 Hearts (formerly known simply as The King) finally released pictures of its first script reading. Starring Lee Seung Gi as a South Korean Prince turned King who falls in love with a North Korean agent played by Ha Ji Won in a fictional Korea setting. Second leads will be played Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Suk, plus the usual array of established character actors in the industry. Since Lee Soon Jae is the cast, I hope he plays the Papa King, just cuz he’s always perfect as the head of the family or head of state. I have reservations about this pairing, but it’s not anything substantive enough to deter from me from checking out this drama. The superficial similarities to Spy Myung Wol actually make me more wary. I’m excited Ha Ji Won has longer locks again, and Lee Seung Gi is looking adorable as always. King 2Hearts will be directed and written by the PD-writing tandem who did Beethoven’s Virus.


Upcoming K-drama The King 2 Hearts Releases Script Reading Stills — 13 Comments

  1. I am sooo excited for this (HJW) and double now that LYJ is the second. I adore her too!

    How I wish Eric had waited and play this w/ HJW but oh well!

    Still looking for their collaboration!


    any new chappy of DMY???? *start rereading from chapter 1 again while checking the blog for new one*

    Have a wonderful day — daydreaming about HQB!!!

  2. So this is really happening??? Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Ki and everything??….hmmmmph…..also woah! Lee Yoon Ji??..wasn’t expecting her here

  3. ooh, this looks good. I was actually wary of the pairing but they may actually look good together… anyone know when this might come out?

    • It follows The Moon that Embraces the Sun on Wed-Thurs. Depending on whether MoonSun gets extended will determine its premiere date.

  4. As much as I like these two main leads… I’ll be watching this for Jo Jung Suk cuz he won me over in What’s Up 🙂
    Please please be good Show!!

  5. I’m a bit wary about this drama, and am I the only one who doesnt feel Lee Seung Gi’s acting? He seems to overact sometimes and most times I can see him acting. Maybe its just me, but I feel like his acting is more contrived than natural.

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