Rooftop Prince Releases Cute New Stills and First Teaser

Rooftop Prince might be the surprise of 2012 for me thus far, what with the inexplicablye ascent from meh drama prospect to salivating over every little tidbit of juicy goodies. I love how the drama seems both slightly serious but more just charmingly goofy. Yoochun and Han Ji Min continue to be so cute they give me cavities, while the Prince’s three retainers just might steal the show with their sure to be side-splitting antics if stills are anything to go by. The first video teaser has also been released, so check it out and giggle along with me. RT premieres on March 14th on SBS following the end of Take Care of the Captain.

Rooftop Prince Teaser:

Rooftop Prince Poster Shoot:


Rooftop Prince Releases Cute New Stills and First Teaser — 21 Comments

  1. LOL at the pic where all of them are wearing tracksuits. I dont know whether to watch this drama or Lee Seung Gi’s … **headaches**

    • As an international viewer you can do what i do
      Drop the mon/tues stuff and watch rooftop prince and King 2 hearts instead


    • its “the two of us”. LOL.

      this drama looks good! excited for a new rom com. all the last few rom coms i’ve seen start off great and have disappointing endings or middle eps.

  2. I’m actually more excited for this drama because of the stills. I like Han Ji Min and Yoo Chun separately, but didn’t think they could look SO ADORABLE together πŸ™‚ I really hope this drama is good. I’ve been in a slump these days and need something bright to make me smile. Thanks for posting the stills!

  3. haha, I saw the first still before and kept giggling. It’s just hilarious. I really like LMH and JSW and comin’ to like Yoochun!! oh, and the other guy from “Playful Kiss” is also in this one…shaping up to be a good one!!

  4. I wish it was Moon Chae Won up there, I love her more but HJM is pretty good also. I hope this will be good. Praying for Chunnie to have a hit.

  5. Just drop by to say, as someone who followed the whole DBSK/TVXQ debacle, WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, SM???!! The three JYJ boys’ careers are going fine while SM seems to be storing the other two in the stinker bin lately (poor them but then again…)

  6. Really looking forward to watchng this drama. Yuchun can be very funny but at the same time charming and cool. I think Han is older than Yuchun but still looks cute and lovely. Hope Koala will do the recap of the Rooftop Prince!!

  7. Tooooooo freaking cute this whole drama and cast.

    We haven’t seen enough of the bad guys, though. I hope Lee Tae Sung’s character is well written. He is delightful to watch in everything he has done.

  8. Been looking forward to this drama since you mentioned the premise. I love time travel and the fish out of water stories (oh my poor BBJX heart). Also, haven’t watched a k-drama in months so I’m looking forward to it.

  9. This drama is gonna be so fun. And I can’t wait to see Yuchun in hd twice a week.XD I have been waiting for his new drama and miss him so much.

  10. oh noes. they look so freakin good together! yoochun, don’t fall for her for reals, please? PLEASE?

    but yeah, can’t wait for this drama! X)

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