The King 2 Hearts Releases First Military Themed Stills

Wai so cute, cutie pies? The upcoming painfully namedย The King 2 Hearts has just released its first batch of official stills for the drama and I continued to find it such a tempting and tasty morsel just waiting to lure me in. I’m been in a drama drought lately, thought it’s mostly my own fault since I simply have no inclination to start anything, as opposed to the dramas I watch all sucking. Some are indeed terrible, leaving me even less inclined to take the jump. I’m loving Ha Ji Won with more feminine locks, and Lee Seung Gi has got the royal arrogance down pat even in the stills alone. My biggest worry with K2H is the scriptwriter/PD combo, but I’ll give it a whirl to try it on for size before deciding if it fits my style.


The King 2 Hearts Releases First Military Themed Stills — 14 Comments

  1. Not a fans on the PD/Scripwriters combo too. Haven’t been able to watch any of their drama from beginning to the end without dropping them half way.
    On another note, have you seen Fondant Garden (TW drama)? It has been a while that I actually watch an episode without fast forwarding parts ๐Ÿ™‚


      Psst, will be writing about it. XD

      The samgetang scene. Forever swooning and giggling and reminiscing about how perfect it was.

    • Woo… sounds like I need to pick up this one. I also picked up the Tammy/Amber one and love it!

      Ok – I am looking forward to this one cautiously but I do love the leads. Honestly, I haven’t loved any of LSG’s drama yet – but I think he’s a hard worker and can pull this character off. I just hope the storyline is good and doesn’t fall to pieces as the show goes on. I’m also feeling the same about the competition in RP… both seem very promising. Drama Gods – make it happen. Good acting + good plot + good script

  2. I love LSG with the straight hair. It makes him more look more mature (older). He has the
    cutest smile and I hope we get to see a lot of it. HJW looks gorgeous.

  3. That name sounds trouble. Urgh. I hope the plot and story-wise will overshadow the title like hey, who cares about the title when this show is good! Something like that. Yeah. :/

    But why the scriptwriter/PD combo is a worry? Havent watched any of their works. Not good?

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