First Action Teaser Released for The King 2 Hearts

This is not what I was expecting. The first teaser for The King 2 Hearts is out and it appears action-packed more than comedic. I think it’s really hard to do an action thriller drama, and the carcasses of so many failed such K-dramas litter the landscape. It’s also claimed as victims many an actor I love. On the upside, the teaser showed that Lee Seung Gi appears to be rocking his kingly role, Ha Ji Won continues to be kick ass when asked to play tough, and they seem to be nursing some seriously potent chemistry. I want me some angst, but it better come with a story that doesn’t make me want to undergo a lobotomy because it is so stupid.

First Teaser for King 2Hearts:

Lee Seung Gi: King? And not during the Joseon era, but a royal family in the 21st century? Do you know what this is? We are just for show.

Ha Ji Won: That is correct. I teach the soldiers how to assassinate.

Lee Seung Gi: A woman?

Ha Ji Won: Even if I’m like this, you still like me?

Unknown voice: Let the man leave and kill the woman.

Ha Ji Won: Right now, the moment your eyes lock on it, you shoot.


First Action Teaser Released for The King 2 Hearts — 20 Comments

  1. WOW. I did NOT expect the teaser to show that kind of tone. I definitely thought it was going rom-com style.

    That said, although this makes the success of the story a lot more up-in-the-air (Ha Ji Won can of course be fierce, but though I’ve seen LSG do some good melodrama acting, I don’t know if he can do the gravitas and action), I may possibly be more excited than ever. This is the chance for LSG to stretch his wings. Would make sense career-wise from him, especially when paired with his decision to leave strong heart and 1n2d. If the story isn’t dumb-as-bricks, but awesome realistic political and military action in this totally fantasy world… God, the king-in-modern-Korea set-up got SO much more interesting.

    Also, LSG being all intense? Sign me up.

  2. Very surprising. It gives me the IRIS feeling. But i think this will be just for the intro, and we will have something lighter in the trailer. In a way, it’s not stupid : It’s a way to differentiate the drama from all the rom-coms going our way. Plus i suppose most of people won’t come to see HJW gently seated on a chair. I don’t want to be mean, but she’s more convincing as a legit bodyguard than an other recent one…

  3. This has disturbing shades of the last North Korean-South Korean action-romance Myung Wol the Spy (*cough*trainwreck*cough*), but I’m still going to hope. Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won are totally rocking it. Just please, let the writers not go crazy…they’re the ones who did Beethoven Virus, right? That’s a little iffy.

  4. LSG still looks like a little kid playing dress-up to me. Even though he’s only a few months younger than I am. Not that I don’t like him, but I’m leery about his ability to bring it opposite HJW. I’m willing to eat my words if he nails it, though. I hope this is awesome. I feel like I say that every time, and every time I’m disappointed. *cough*IRISAthenaHanbando*cough*

  5. Oh, I am liking this trailer. I was not expecting it to be so badass and action-packed since the new title was giving me a nosebleed (seriously, producers, wtf?). I found the other “action thriller dramas” Iris, Athena and Hanbando boring and kept falling asleep on the first episodes, but I actually ended up enjoying the first few episodes of Myungwol the Spy (before the plot went down the drain) when it was still about the North-South contract marriage hijinks. I’m not sure which this will be. It looks quite intriguing though so I might check it out. Thanks for posting!

  6. Love it love it love it!!! OMG I so want it to be on right now! 🙂 but I’m seriously afraid, I would love to see a badass action/thriller drama right now, instead of a room com, but if it’s poorly done a romcom might be better ^^

  7. now I think the rumors I’ve heard are right… King 2Hearts is definitely not a rom-com. though some people I know have said that there will be some funny rom-com elements in the story. it’s a bit like Hanbando, Iris and City Hunter, though based on what I’ve seen in the trailer, it promises a lot. Ha Ji Won is good in melo, action, rom-com. About Lee Seung Gi, I think we’re going to see a new side of him as an actor.

    And good, good, GOOD chemistry on HJW and LSG. The trailer lessened my regret about MoonSun not having an extension! Go MBC!!!!

    [MBC’s producing a lot of good dramas lately. It’s like in 2011 when SBS dominated the scenes with 49 Days and City Hunter.]

  8. Oh, the teaser really picked my interest! I thought it will be a slapstick rom-com “My Princess” type, which I already planned to run away from! But the teaser seems to have a dark site to it, plus the chemistry of LSG and HJW that is almost palpable. I am in! I hope I won’t have to bail out halfway. Finger-crosses! 2012 has quite some awesome treats already, considering it is only March now.

  9. This feels like what the really intense successful moments of Spy Myung Wol…
    you know those three moments?
    when you really felt like someone could kill someone else.

    I am curious to see who the bad guys are. The compelling stories deliver us a credible threat from a nasty source – someone we fear and respect – like in Time Between Dog and Wolf – I hope this baddy isn’t a manufactured North Korean entity that we never see. Or the netizens. LOL!

  10. I’m disappointed. I was hoping for a more mature kind of Goong style rom-com with action-political elements. Instead it looks very serious. However, I will keep and open mind and give it a shot when it comes out.

  11. Love it! But then I loved Myung Wol the Spy so clearly I am a very biased audience when this type of drama comes up.

  12. Hmmm…..I’m intrigued! I’ll stay with it as long as it doesn’t go off to CrazyTown. Been burned by too many dramas that started off great but then went all makjang sprinkled with nonsense.

  13. If it’s going to be intense, they need to keep it intense. I too, shall wait before deciding whether or not I’ll like it. I’ve been too scorched before by bad action Kdramas.

  14. This is not what i expected too but much better.

    Since City Hunter, i think i like my dramas to be a mix of everything. I love rom com, but with a dose of action, thrill and heart, thats basically the perfect entertainment for me, when done right of course.

    My biggest worry about this drama is the writing aspect. I’ve never seen any of the writers’ previous works and the comments i read were not positive as well. but I seriously hope this is the ‘it’ drama from the writers. I’m in a drama slump right now. i’m watching TMETS and HOS but not that obsessed with them. I adore Seunggi and Hajiwon, so i hope to be addicted again through this drama.

  15. Meh..I am kinda sick and tired of Ha Ji Won playing the same thing over and over again, being a badass tough chick in her dramas and movies. Nothing new, she’s been playing the same characters over and over again…she only plays either a cold depressed chick in her dramas or also action flick roles. The only drama of hers that I praise her for is Hwang Jin Yi but even that is a cold character.

  16. Hmm…I also thought it was going to be Goong like. I never really thought it was going to be this intense. But, it still looks promising. I really want to see how they are going to pull the story off. Probably have some big underlying storyline amongst the romance saying that someone wants to assasinate the crown prince/king or something. Either way, I still want to see it. Hope it won’t disappoint me!

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