Son Ye Jin Rocks the Shades for Vogue Korea

Gulp. Son Ye Jin is so pretty she sometimes renders me speechless. Clearly I have a girl crush on her. I might lament the Heavens for making something this beautiful, since it’s so not fair, but then she’s a fantastical actress so she just adds enjoyment to my screen that makes me totally cool with the unfairness of it all. I can’t believe it’s been so long since her last drama, the risible Personal Taste, but I’m thinking it’s time she got back in the game on the small screen. With the recent resurgence of sageuks, I think it’s high time Son Ye Jin did a sageuk, since her last one was Daemang almost a decade ago. Until she figures out her next project, let’s all swoon over her in the latest edition of Vogue Korea.

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Son Ye Jin Rocks the Shades for Vogue Korea — 11 Comments

  1. God, I loved her in A Moment to Remember. Her pairing with Jung Woo-sung made it into such a success… and into one of my absolute fave movies!

    I just watched her movie, White Night, which totally creeped me out. She played such a demented character that it still gives me goosebumps. However, it has somewhat corrupted my image of Go Soo, especially after loving him in “Will it Snow for Christmas?” (mind you, he was the only one I loved in that drama). But I’m still in love with Go Soo….

    • love her best at A Moment To Remember! It captivates us to a different level with the superior acting of SYJ and JWS. Hope they would do another project, be in small screen or movies. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. The first time she really capture me was also A Moment to Remember. I had seen her before, but wasn’t captured. AMTR was it. I couldn’t escape after that. I sat through all of PT just to see how on the small screen again.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if she was paired up with JWS in a sageuk? I know I would watch it. 🙂

    • The first time she really capture me was also A Moment to Remember. I had seen her before, but wasn’t captured

      Me too!

      It was only AFTER AMTR that I was captivated by SYJ.
      In AMTR, it was refreshing to see her go beyond the frail goody girly-girl image (Summer Scent, The Classic) which I had been exposed to as early intros to SJY.

      I found her terribly insipid in Summer Scent, and was wondering why both guys needed to fight over her.

      • Haha. I think Summer Scent was the worse of the Endless Love Series, Even though I really like Song Seung Hoon. Son Ye Jin is really pretty though.

      • I first saw her in Summer Scent, and I was already captivated by her. Loved her even more in A Moment to Remember. I can die happily if SYJ and JWS work in a drama or film (preferably drama please) again. I actually like Summer Scent but maybe it was because of her and Ryu Jin. Not Song Seung-heon. I will never understand the appeal of SSH. I would like it if SYJ and Jo In-sung work together again, because they weren’t too lovey-dovey in The Classic.

  3. I must have watched everything that SYJ did I even watched April Snow yuck! Still waiting for her film with Lee Min-ki. How could an actress be this lucky to be paired with the hottest men in K-ent.

  4. She’s one of those actresses who look gorgeous and can act, a perfect package.
    She definitely needs to do a historical drama or a cable drama because some of them have really been excellent.

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