Rooftop Prince Releases Perfect Long Trailer and Holds Press Conference

Ahhhhh, Rooftop Prince, you are so diabolical! How can you release this fantastical and tempting long trailer and then tell me I have to wait 10! more days to sample your delicious goodness? The cast held a press conference yesterday where the main leads showed up looking dashing and fashionable, with the ladies continuing the now extended trend of going for shorter than short hems. At least Jung Yumi is wearing shorts under her dress, whew. I love everyone’s outfits (especially preppy rocker Yoochun and playful and chic Han Ji Min), trendy and fresh but still all very pretty to look at. But I can’t get over how amazing the preview looked, with the sageuk scenes intense and moody, while the modern scenes were so funny I bust a gut and spent a better part of the morning chuckling randomly.

I think this Joseon F4 will blow the MoonSun quartet out of the water. I never knew that Yoochun could be so darling and pitch-perfect. The boy’s acting actually made me widen my eyes in awe. He’s good, he’s really really good. And Lee Min Ho! Baby, can I adopt you? Could you be any cuter? He probably nails the fish-of-water aspect with the greatest amount of comedic timing. And Han Ji Min just looks like she fits right into her character and this story. Sadly Lee Tae Sung seems really one-note villainous and I worry he’ll be wasted as a cardboard antagonist. Other than that, everything else gets get an A from me. I can’t wait! *counting down now*

Seven-minute long preview for Rooftop Prince:


Rooftop Prince Releases Perfect Long Trailer and Holds Press Conference — 58 Comments

  1. Cute pictures :)! I really like HJM’s dress. It’s so pretty and chic. I would totally wear that. Yoochun is looking pretty good as well :)! I’m really excited for this drama :D! Thank you Unnie for the pictures and everything.

  2. OMG!!! I didn’t understan a single word but love the trailer, I’m gonna wait for this drama. Counting the days!!! ^^.

  3. I can’t wait for the drama!!!

    I LOL watching this trailer and fell more in love than I already was with the drama, but if (or when) it gets to the angsty part, I’m sure I’ll be just as in love, because YooChun = yummy angstiness x)

  4. I was a little concern, because time-travel dramas are a little hard to manage. However, based on the preview alone, I’ll say this one has a lot of potential to be really good. I like that at first glance, there’s a little bit of every w/out being over the top (comedy, romance, action, mystery, drama, you name it).

  5. lol that was so cute. This is totally 100 times better than expected. We see a lot of time traveling back to the past, it’s nice to see one where they travel to the present. Can’t wait

  6. I’m having flashbacks of Yoo Jin-Gu crying while watching Yoochun. Haha!
    Other than that, yes…definitely looks like a riot. And Lee Min Ho is adorable. I want to put him in my pocket. 🙂

    Also, love Ha Ji Min’s dress!

    • No, Yoochun’s princess in the Joseon period was Jung Yumi’s character, Han Ji Min played Jung Yumi’s younger sister.

      • Oh ok, thanks :)! So he loved Jung Yumi, right? Or did he love Han Ji Min? Sorry. I ask a lot of questions.

      • ooooo no…I like Yoochun with HJM not Yumi….

        I also have high expectation Ms Koala~!

        Hope it really rocks~ ^^

  7. haha!! lookin’ all kinds of awesome!! did i hear an Indian (song) beat when they’re lost on Seoul streets? Very cute that Yoochun’s character saves the 3 in the Joseon era. btw, during those times if a girl isn’t from the same status as the prince looks like she’s doomed, eh?

    • Thank you for the subbed trailer, I will definitely tune in, can’t wait. I’m getting goose bumps right now and this is a good antidote for my coming Shut Up Flower Boy Band withdrawal.

    • Thank you so much pika13! Enjoyed it so much when you can understand what they’re saying. Love this drama esp. Han Ji Min and Youchun.

  8. I’m liking this more and more. Must. Not. Get. Expectations. Up (so it can pleasantly surprise me later, lol). But where’s the cutie-pie Choi Woo Shik in the press conference? 🙁

  9. OMG – I’m soo happy that non-chunnie fans are also digging it!!! 🙂 i love him for his singing 🙂 SSKS was crack but I thought his acting was a little eh, just cause of the role he played. But I thought this seemed to fit him well and am so glad after watching the trailer that it seems like he’s coming through. Yippee. I’m trying not to get really addicted as I don’t want to be disappointed. But it’s hard not to be excited.

    • I’m with you here. Being a fan of both singer and actor Chun, I am really glad that non-Chun/DBSK/JYJ fans are tuning into this one.
      I’m trying hard not to be excited, but I just can’t! Haha. Waiting for 14th!

  10. OMOOOO am gonna LS this one… am so excited… I just love all the casts… I think this is the first drama where I like all the casts even the antagonists…. yay!!!

  11. The preview looks so good. The modern scenes totally cracked me up. This drama has a little bit a everything: sageuk, comedy, romance and action. Han Ji Min is spunky and adorable. The F4 has already stolen my heart already. Like you, my only concern is that the second leads might turn into your run-of-the-mill villains. Lets hope not; I really like Jung Yumi and Lee Tae Sung.
    Because I have seen many old DBSK videos, I have always known that Yoochun could do comedy well, but I am still quite impressed with his acting in the first scene. The boy can turn on the angst.
    Let’s hope that this drama lives up to our expectations.

  12. this preview really blows me up!!!
    Anyway now counting days for the premiere…. be patient… be patient… be patient

  13. Awww please hurry up next week, I’m ready to see my Oppa Yoochun already.
    I’m so excited for this show to come. YAY!!! Thanks Kdrama gods, you have looked upon us with favor 🙂

    K, that is all ^.^

  14. Being a fan of Chun, I am so happy with your words for Chun Ms. Koala! *big Chun fan here!!*
    Anyway, although I know that he has potential on being an actor, I’m not really expecting an explosive performance from him as a dramatic actor. But with the first sequence..OMGS..I was moved. Well his members describe him as a really emotional person so maybe showing some deep emotions isn’t so hard for him. I believe he’ll nail the comedy part. He’s made for comedy haha.

    Is it me or they all look glowing during the presscon? Their faces are so radiant, and their smiles are so beautiful. Trying to be patiently waiting for 14th to come!! ^^

  15. I don’t watch long previews because I feel like it spoils the first episode for me (an also makes it harder to wait, like you said) but I’m excited to hear it’s looking good! I’m all for a good funny drama at this time full of assignments and midterm stress.

    Time travel looks like the next big kdrama trend after musical dramas. I’m loving Operation Proposal; hope this one fulfills its potential too.

  16. Han Ji Min’s shoes are great but she looks so awkward in that outfit. Fail.

    I’m eager for this drama despite not really liking Yoo Chun in Sungkyunghwan Scandal.

  17. This is going to be my summer love drama, I know it! And that dress from the press-conff. – I must have it (or make it).

    • Hmm…so saseng fans are fans that invade their privacy? Okay, yes, it sounds really bad, but I’m pretty sure that if there are fans that don’t leave them alone and stalk them like crazy, I’m pretty sure they will cuss and yell at them. I know that other people will bring up the argument and say that since they are celebrities, they should endure this, but really, I think they need their privacy too. I really can’t blame them for being like this because there are really crazy fans out there. I just think that actual fans should care about their well being and leave them alone when they want their down time and not badger them stalk them like crazy. That’s my opinion. Something like this would not get me to not like them anymore, I would still be their fan either way.

      • I was mostly wondering where is their security/bodyguards/managers to deal with these fans: every major celebrity has them. I do understand the members’ frustrations, but lashing back hurts only the celebs, really.

        And maybe someone can tell me, what do the police do about all of this? Surely most of that behavior is borderline or crosses the line into illegality? Copying someone’s keys, trespassing in their home, damaging their property, et cetera …..

      • I think people who support Yuchun should bring everyone’s attention back to the drama itself. Micky works really hard on this drama, don’t forget that he also needs to do concerts in Peru and Chile. Though we need to wait until 3/21, this delay actually can buy SBS more time in shooting this drama. May be worthwhile waiting.

    • But these talkers have copy’s of their house keys
      try to physically assault them
      tap their phones
      go into their homes
      have caused car accidents in the past (2007) because they were trying to follow them
      attempted to kiss them
      a few months ago they even leaked their social security numbers
      throw used pads at them
      spend money hiring taxis so they can follow them aorund

      • “I am so disappointed that this was how he chose to address this. They should have reported the sasaengs. They both need psychological help.
        TVXQ has the worst sasaengs. Jiyong doesn’t even know what a ‘sataek’ is even if Big Bang is really popular. But if it’s dongbang there are 15 taxis following their van during performances and the drivers get 80 manwon a day. These ahjuhsshis have made a business out of others’ private lives.

        For 9 long years fans have copied their keys and gained access to their dorm, caused car accidents, stolen their stuff, given them or placed used napkins/period blood/panties/lubricant in their bags, used their SSN to register at sites and PC rooms, hacked their hard drives, stole a kiss while they were sleeping, caused minor injuries to the boys, made them cry, stalked and impersonated even their families, touched their bodies, know their numbers not even 5 mins after they’ve changed it… Sasaeng fans come and go through the years… but the boys never have get the chance to have a breather. But why did it have to reach that point? Where were the people who should have made it their responsibility to stop this before it got this bad?

        I’m sorely disappointed that the boys made this mistake so many times. Why do you think this is the best way to deal with this? Did you exhaust all other options? I really want them to explain themselves. But more than that, they all need help. Abuse needs to stop. Whether it be physical or mental.”


  18. My only reaction: HAHAHAHAHA!! I’m still laughing that that trailer. I mean, I was thinking it was going to be quite comedic because they are going to be in the modern era with Joseon era clothes, but it I didn’t think it would be that hilarious. I was wondering how Yoochun fits into this era….ohh….there was one that looked just like him…I see….I wonder if the modern day Yoochun really died. Either way, I’m excited to see it, but really worried about the ending. I keep thinking it would be it would be bad because doesn’t Joseon era Yoochun have to go back? I really hope I’m wrong. So, I guess he will fall in love with Jung Yumi’s character first because she looks like his deceased wife, but realized later that he actually likes Han Ji Min’s character more. I wonder if we are going to know how his Joseon era wife died. Ahh…too many questions!! Can’t wait for the series to air!!

  19. Thank you so much to pika13 and izuka for the eng.subbed trailers. I enjoyed it much better when I can understand what they’re saying. So excited to watch this. Daebak!!!

  20. The trailer cracked me up. I want this right now! and I think I might like Yoochun more in this than when he was in SKKS.

  21. Fail to the person who said Han Ji Min dress is ugly when it’s actually gorgeous.She usually is more conservative. I hate her new haircut but soon I probably will learn to love it since I’m such a big fan.I am excited for this drama even if I miss her with Jung Woo Sung. Her chemistry with Yoochun is romantically funny.Yay it premieres next monday. Also Yoochun’s character was in love with Han Ji Min character in his past likfe but he had to get married to her sister.In the future they meet and fate takes over and they fall for each other. I want more laughs then tears.Koala are you recapping this?

  22. Wait, did the 4 of them just fall into the “dark side of the moon”??? (LOL) Favorite part: when Yoochin yells “YA!” at Han Ji Min while she’s driving. I laughed through this whole thing…cannot wait! This looks hilarious!
    Oh, and those fans aren’t fans. They’re stalkers, plain and simple. If this was happening to a celebrity in America, they’d be in jail and a restraining order would be issued ordering them to stay 500 yards away. If they keep it up, I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys move OUT of Korea. (the same way Johnny Depp moved out of America to Paris to escape the stupid paparazzi) If they keep it up, they’ll just drive the boys out.

  23. I thought Han Ji Min was the reincarnation of the deceased Crown Princess… but it turns out that it’s Jung Yumi… Ah!! I’m gonna love this all the more! I so cannot wait for this to air, I’ll be counting down as well!

  24. lol.. OMG so hillarious i hope the story won’t disappointed. most korean drama are really good in starting story but the end meehhh.

    talking about ssaeng they deserved to be yelled, even jailed. they are so annoying . should you stalk your fave star anywhere, everytime ??

  25. What a LOL trailer…. Luv the part where the guard tried to stop a moving car (does he think he’s a Joseon superman or something?) and their fish out of water faces behind the truck while cruising down the highway. Can’t wait to see the drama for the hijinks that will ensue!

  26. I’m excited. The trailer was great. It does look like it has a bit of everything. Very enticing. This is bad… going to be addicted to a new drama.

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