The King 2 Hearts Releases Official Posters and BTS of the Shoot

Okay, seriously? Who switched out puppy Lee Seung Gi with omomomomo-hot-hot-hot-seksi Lee Seung Gi? Huh? Cuz it’s not good for my health or concentration to have the latter popping up randomly and making me squeal. Between The King 2 Hearts (yes, ANOTHER title change for this drama) and Rooftop Prince, I’m pretty much eating crow left and right for not finding those two leading men attractive before. Whereas now I want to do things to them that are best left in the recesses of my own imagination. Back to TK2H, which now has its premiere pushed back one week thanks to the non-airing of the MoonSun finale which was scheduled for this week, I really just love the inexplicably steamy combination of Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, despite being all no-way about this coupling when it was first announced. I was definitely miffed that Jo In Sung couldn’t do it, but now it’s all cool with me. I posted the first trailer for this drama already, but the production released a BTS look at the poster-making session. All I know is that I actually gasped out loud when Lee Seung Gi forcefully pulled Ha Ji Won closer to him. *swooning forever* Also, it should be illegal to have someone look as hot in his royal kingly attire as Lee Seung Gi looks.

The King 2 Hearts Poster Making:


The King 2 Hearts Releases Official Posters and BTS of the Shoot — 29 Comments

    • I dunno…LSG is gonna have to show me more than that to make me drool. However, he does look good in the kingly garb…maybe a shower scene?

      • Maybe so, but Jo Jung Suk is looking smokin’. Wow. Who knew Byung Gun could look good in uniform?

  1. nonono. I find these posters ridiculous and over photoshoped. And Ha ji won’s last pic is absolutely dreadful!

    • Maybe but I still love the trailer 🙂
      This drama I will watch! But tonight was suppose to be moon/sun drama, I’m sooo sad I can’t have my fix!

  2. Awwww……Seung-gi/Ji-won, why so cute? At first I was on the fence about K2H but now I’m looking forward to it. They have a suprising amount of chemistry together. Hopefully the story won’t suck.

  3. You know Koala I didn’t find them hot, let alone cute either, until now. Perhaps b/c they are a year older, more mature, playing more mature roles?

  4. HA ! That BTS footage. They look so good together… Hello Chemistry goddess !
    I can’t understand how people couldn’t picture them as a couple. Ha Ji Won is a great actress, and she actually looks like a healthy sexy woman (i’m not fond of anorexic girls). About LSG, i only saw him in MGIG, but i suppose you can’t be a MC of variety shows without a good dose of comedy and some social skills. The quality of the script is the last mystery to solve.

  5. The way you wrote sexy as “seksi” is the way it is spelt in malay. Just some trivia 🙂

    Thanks for all the blogging. (Appreciate the translation projects of the chinese books)

  6. Hi ms koala,hope you feel better today. First,OMG!! Lee Seung Gi…he’s more mature than when i saw him in MGIG,maybe because the king uniform. Ha Ji favorite since HJY with her adorable gisaeng hanbok. LSG&HJW…FiGHTING!! Please dont make us waiting any longer. Thank you ms koala.

  7. Too much PS on the posters aiks, or otherwise they’re a WIN for me. 😀

    Seriously, March is too much to handle. Rooftop and K2H? Yoochun and Seung Gi? I can only say I’m lucky I don’t have to choose btwn the 2. ^^ (it’ll be agony for viewers in Korea)

  8. Omo, the same actress who played Shin’s older sister in Goong is now going to be Jae-ha’s older sister? I like her, hope she has a bigger role in this drama than she did in Goong.

  9. It’s the uniforms. I swear it. Well, that and HJW seems to bring out the hot in every one of her co-stars. When this was announced I thought she was going to eat the puppy alive and it was just doomed. So I just swore on a stack of k-dramas that I had no interest in this, and then the BTS proved to me that I was going to at least see episode 1.

  10. If you are going to photoshop, at least make it look like it is NOT supposed to be real, you know? The sizes of everyone in the whole cast are out of proportion to each other.

    As far as these chemistry combos, a smart casting director must screentest the leads together before making a decision, I would guess. Wonder why they skipped that step with HGI and KSH in MEtS? Ha!

    Oooh – I would like to see screen test videos for pairs that don’t make it…

  11. Omo Koala, I definitely gasped too when Seunggi suddenly forcefully pulled Jiwon closer. I’m getting dirty thoughts watching them. but once Seunggi smiles, he’s back to the cute puppy he is.

    Anyway, i’m really loving all their costumes. And from the stills and fanpics, the locations are cool and beautiful as well. Whats left now is really the writing.

  12. LSG, to me, looks boyish. His chubby cheekbones make you want to squeeze him, like you would to a chubby baby.

  13. LOL at all the puppy, baby-faced LSG comments. Never forget this is a full-grown 25 year old hot-blooded male. And being that close to HJW (who looks stunning) is probably making him insane. He is a man after all.

  14. I never thought this pairing would work and they look good together! And he’s 25? I though he was a tad younger and noticed that HJW didn’t really look much (if at all) older. I just wikied her and she’s 33! Wow, I must find the miracle Korean youth serum. She looks no older than 27 at most.

    • If you find that Korean youth serum, you gotta let me know. (LOL) I want some too. I guessed they were both 24 or 25.
      They do look great together, this drama just might surprise everyone!

  15. I think it’s the winning combo of that regal uniform plus the haircut. I never really thought of LSG as attractive but when I saw the poster and pics my first thought was “the boy can clean up well”

    And I must say, HJW’s hair looks immaculate to me. It seems like there’s not a hair out of place and I think it really works for her.

  16. gosh I’m going nuts!!! I can’t see the video due to some shitty copyrights!!!! Grrrrrr I want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    Anyway thanks for this post and yes Lee Seung gi is sexy rrrrrrr ^_^

  17. Lee Sung Gi is not really photogenic and his lovableness usually comes out after one watches him on screen – rather than looking at his pics.

    I never understood why people love him until I watched Brilliant Legacy – and later MGIAG. But I still don’t think he is hot (you know hot like So Ji Sob or Song Seung Hun etc.) but he is one of my favorites and I’ll watch him in anything – even if it is not that good.

    • I had the same reaction when I first saw his picture, but in BL I was so swiped by his charm (I still can’t explain it).

      I hope the plot will be as good as this beautiful actors, and I promises to watch K2H ( did you hear how they pronounce hart? so funny:)))

  18. Can’t believe there is a 9-year age difference between them!
    The chemistry is much better than I thought!

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow, I wasn’t going to tune into this at all, but then I found out Jo Jung Suk’s in it….so now I’m totally on board. 😀

    That man blew me away in What’s Up, both with his acting and God-gifted pipes. *swoon*

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