Lee Min Ho and Yoona are Fierce and Fit for Eider Sports

Anyone missing some Lee Min Ho? I don’t mean the hot new one that is about to cute-me-to-death in Rooftop Prince, but the original flavor Lee Min Ho. Oh yeah, and Yoona as well, because the come as a package for the latest set of Eider sportswear pictures. I actually like these more than the previous ones since Yoona’s is switching it up with a fierce look and Lee Min Ho looks like he’s enjoying himself. Since City Hunter he has been busy, just not with acting. He does tend to take quite a long time between projects, so I’m not surprised if he doesn’t pick his next acting gig until the latter part of the year. He’s been quite active with his Chinese fans, so a part of me wonders if he’s potentially checking on the China market. In the last two years alone the number of K-actors doing C-dramas and C-movies have been so numerous I can’t even count. He’s red hot over there, so now may be a good time. I hope he comes back with something that once again pushes his acting range.

Eider CFs always make me laugh, and not in a good way. They guy who does the voiceovers sounds like a nutcase, and the CFs are always so overly dramatic it borders on parody almost. But Lee Min Ho does look pretty in the rain.

Eider Waterproof CF:


Lee Min Ho and Yoona are Fierce and Fit for Eider Sports — 18 Comments

  1. Oh Lee Min Ho, please come back soon! and in a kdrama please, because I want to hear your voice and not some other dubbed voice.

    • Anyway, I wonder. How’s the reaction from the general public towards the k-actors who act there. Are they becoming more popular? If yes, then I guess now Its a good time for LMH then. I heard he’s becoming more popular in China because of City Hunter.

  2. Lee Min Ho sure has loads of fans in China, the studio was overloaded when he was a guest in Happy Camp especially. He is a naturally with audience. And wow when he is smiling, so sweet.

  3. Hihi, you’re so right about the CF . They did shooting together last year too, as I remember. I don’t know her, so she’s just a girl who look like PMY (in the pink blouse) and he is too skinny (please, is embarrassing for a man to be this skinny!!!!!!) so I wouldn’t by this products.

  4. He is actually like the most popular superstar in China right now…He doesn’t need to do any Chinese drama to increase his fan base.I read that the variety show he appeared on got the 10th highest rating ever in Chinese TV history.I know all of this because i live in Hong Kong.

  5. “Eider CFs always make me laugh, and not in a good way. The guy who does the voiceovers sounds like a nutcase”, and he totally does.

  6. These photos are very cute, but they so scream, “look at me, I’m posing for the camera!” It would have been cool if they were posing outdoors with all that sports gear instead of in a studio. Still lots pretty going on there.

  7. i find the pairing really cute and hot as the same time. seeing as they are going to endorse innis free together as well, i really hope that goes further and she acts in a drama with him

  8. LMH I am putty in your hands.
    It doesn’t matter what you do, I will watch it.

    He and his skinny buddies – Bummie and JIW – need to EAT A bunch of SANDWICHES.
    As sexy as he is now, imagine if he had a build like Lee Sang Woo, THT or Lee Byung Hun.
    Maybe when they are all away at MS, aka abs camp, together, they will bulk up.

  9. I miss him more in BOF than CH, I know, I know… forgive me. Yoona does nothing for me… meh! He does look dayum good in the rain. Some people got it, and some people don’t.

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