Roy Qiu Allegedly Dating Tang Yan as the Press Unearths New Evidence

Since news broke last week that Roy Qiu had a picture of Tang Yan in his race car as his good luck goddess, a slew of inside sources and sleuthing have emerged to pretty much confirm that the two are likely dating. And have been dating for the past year. Awww, another real life couple have emerged for the RL-shipping fans. I wanted to hear what either side said before I posted about it, and yesterday Roy’s manager said “He has a crush on her, that is why her picture is in his race car. But they are not dating.” Oooookay, manager-nim, please go back to PR school. I take that as a “they’re totally dating but don’t want anyone to know about it so back off.” Late last year, Tang Yan’s good friend Hu Ge (my adorable White who is pretty spacey during interviews) accidentally let slip that Tang Yan has a boyfriend and it’s someone Hu Ge approves of and likes. This coming from Hu Ge and Roy just doing Invincible together. Sigh, another one off the market. Koala be feeling bittersweet.

Here’s the incriminating race car picture, and that is clearly Tang Yan’s picture. There is no way Roy could deny it. Heh. And get this – he was the one who put it on his website. I can only shake my head and laugh. Either they want to go public, or Roy is even spacier than Hu Ge. I don’t dislike Tang Tang as his girlfriend, even though I’m not a fan of her acting, and I hope they are happy and make it work. Unnamed sources claiming to be Roy’s friend have told the newspapers that he refers to her as his “girlfriend” to his friends in private, and that his career took off like a rocket since he did The Daughter and Waking Up Love with her, hence he also sees her as his good luck charm which is another reason why her picture is in his race car.

There have been rumors for quite some time that Roy and Tang Tang have more going on than just co-stars, so this comes as no surprise to me. Especially since Roy has a track record of dating his co-stars (Rainie Yang, Chen Qiao En, and now Tang Yan). And Tang Tang is totally his type – the sexy yet aegyo sweet girl. Check out their real life chemistry when they did a skit when promoting The Daughters.

Roy and Tang Tang “kissing” for a variety show:

[Credit: Now news]


Roy Qiu Allegedly Dating Tang Yan as the Press Unearths New Evidence — 40 Comments

  1. I thought it would happen cause tang Yan reminds me of rainie yang except much taller lol. I wondered when it would come out since I watched a promo show for the daughters and Roy shyly said tang Yan was def his type

  2. *sigh* and congrats to the luvbirds. Here, Mrs Koala. Some tissue to wipe your tears.

    Surprisingly or maybe not, I kinda miss Office girls. I feel like i was waiting for your weecap to get a real closure on this story and dramas in general. I guess this will happen when i least expect it.

  3. awwww! how sweet. I hope it last! ^^ They look good together. I actually liked waking up love with the two of them. 🙂 They sure have the chemistry together…kisses— HOt!

  4. What is in the waters./seabreeze?!?! I wonder if the subculture/ now norm of mostly cute and insanely rabid CP shipping amongst netizens subliminally gets into the heads and blood of these pretty people and have a lot of things to do with it, esp they r the gen. of weibointerwebs. We must admit Roy has never been this earnest about his acting and the biz for the longest time, and he is sparklingly GLOWING! Love is the best face cream.

    So, work hard at it darlings, keep Roy in this business for the love of mankind and pretty, ok?

    • Heck, if Yu Zheng has a brain in his slimy head, he oughta cast Roy and Tang Tang for Yun Zhong Ge. Yun Ge is pretty fluffy, it’s not hard to play her, TT can do it in her sleep. I never expect “wow” acting in any YZ production anyways. But then he can lure Roy (*___* perfect perfect Roy) to play Liu Fu Ling (or Meng Jue, I don’t care). And bank on their RL chemistry to boil over. See, so easy to make a good drama.

      I agree Roy is glowing and happy. If it takes TT to make him this happy, then I will pray they get married and have babies forever as long as he doesn’t stop acting.

      • So in ways we’re not even processing being swarmed with TT’s OTTness and our heads desking nonstop in all the WTFery writing, we actually witnessed the babies FALLING IN LOVE! And the Daughters trilogy and the painful PrinceFrog remake and even ShampooAd have a combined higher purpose except wasting time.

        This makes me extra happy. Like I hopped on Tardis, robbed back those 100+ hrs! YAY!!

  5. I get to know tang yan and Roy after watching love wake up, thereafter, wanted to watch more of their drama. They have good chemistry. Found tang yan is very lively girl. I think is good match.

    • I thought I couldn’t be tang yan in that article since the article said tw-actress, did he really say he liked a tw-actress or was it a mistranslation?

    • No, Roy claimed last Summer he had a crush on a Taiwanese actress, which immediately X-nayed Tang Yan.

      His clues were:


      His crush was “Taiwanese”, “in the industry”, “Single and cute type”, “known her for quite some time.:”

      • Is Tang Yan from Shanghai, China instead of Taiwan? So can it possibly be Alice Ke instead as there were rumors of that Alice was attracted to Roy too during OG casting.

  6. GOSH. she is one REALLY pretty girl.. in a way she kinda looks like Victoria from F(x)…but like her older version obviously.. but I guess if all is true, then there is one really pretty girl + One really hot looking guy = one great looking couple.. and nothing will stop them from dating.. even the media..

    But nice to know this piece of information.. I didnt know who she is until you made this post and Roy is dating her.. Thanks!

    • I heard on weibo from a supposed insider say that Liu Shishi already has a boyfriend back in Beijing. This”supposed “inside source” is close to Tang Ren and she’s an entertainment industry reporter. The boyfriend doesn’t directly work in the entertainment industry, but something related. A day after she made that post declaring that Shishi is taken, she deleted it. So, we can take it with a grain of salt or believe it.

  7. Awww… Another happy news of Qiuty Roy. Well, if Tang Yan is his lucky charm, then I wish them both be happy together forever as long as he is continuing producing more good dramas. :0).

    • Yeah. I think Roy and Alice Ke more compatible with each other. Maybe Roy has feelings for Alice but dared not show it yet because of Tang Yan.

      • I think Roy and Alice have MUCH better onscreen chemistry with each other in terms of “acting”. Whereas it’s clear that if Roy and Tang Yan fell for each other when acting in those turdy dramas, their chemistry came from real life and not necessarily compatibility in terms of performing capabilities.

        I doubt Roy likes Alice, she is really really not his type in real life. I think they get along famously, but that’s the extent of it. Even if Roy wasn’t with Tang Tang, I don’t see him with Alice. But Roy and Tang Tang as an onscreen couple do nothing for me. Their “chemistry” is real but not reel, so onscreen I just see Tang Tang’s OTT acting and Roy trying his best but not having a comparable female co-star to take his acting to better heights.

        Let me say this, Tang Tang doesn’t make Roy a better actor. In that sense, I don’t need to see them pair up again. But their chemistry from real life does make their poor acting synergy seem somewhat palatable.

      • @ koaloa, sadly but true. i still would rather see Roy dating someone else other than Tang Yan.

      • Haha, wouldn’t we all? 😛

        He could do a lot worse, so I’m perfectly at peace with it.

  8. Yesss so excited! I hope this is true. They seem to get along really well together. Love the little bit you put in about Hu Ge — he and Roy had great chemistry in that drama. ;D

  9. The comments here seem pretty dumb. I’ve watched my daughter and waking love up. These two clearly have a lot of chemistry! I’m so so happy for both of them. I knew this was gonna happen!

    @callyYeah. I think Roy and Alice Ke more compatible with each other. Maybe Roy has feelings for Alice but dared not show it yet because of Tang Yan.

    disagreeee! sure, they look ok onscreen…but i don’t sense the chemistry between them
    he seems clearly in love with tang yan 😀
    also alice ke is taken for quite some time! snicker**

  10. Because of the fact that he often date costar I get the impression that he is quite sentimental. Seem like when he acts, he really get into it. So much that it carries into real life

  11. Though I do agree that TY’s acting in many of her modern dramas were OTT, I do think still she has talent as an actress. Her performance in CP3- while has nothing that especially notable- was quite understated and well-done. Nothing on par to Roy’s and Alice’s but decent and pleasing.
    In any case, I’m a fan of the shippycouple. Squee.

  12. She never once outshined him in WUL however Alice has shone brighter than Roy in OGs. As long as he’s extensively happy, then it’s all good but I prefer a guy up for a challenge.

  13. Alice Ke is very elegant looking. Tan Yan looks more like a “Chinese” trash… (sorry about this description). Rainie Yang, nothing to write home about… and never out-grew her “poor little me” role. Chen Qiao En is cute and very good actress. If Roy enjoys literature and reading, Alice is definitely more his type… she used to be a teacher.

    “Office Girl” should have invested more on Alice as changing her hairdo and an elegant wedding gown. Alice was lovely in “Zhong Wu Yen” cameo.

    Something did happen to Roy Qiu in OG compared to his earlier dramas… he was amazing in “OG”… excellent acting and sooo handsome. Loved OG because of Roy.

    That lucky actress who played Mom to XR in OG and Yie Jie in “Inborn Pair” which I absolutely loved too. Now have “Fondant Garden” to keep me dreaming…

  14. georgie young’s description of tang yan is quite harsh.she is typed cast to an ordinary girl thats why she is seen wearing like trash.but every drama made her appear in her formal outfit like in the waking up love and my daughter.there were scenes where she wore elegant attire which makes her shine from her usual shabby outfit.but she is really a cute ,cheerful girl who any man couldn’t help but fall for her

  15. Roy Chui is a very good actor. He has a very expressive eyes!!! Hope he will do another drama with Tang Yan.

  16. I really think Tang Yan and Roy are a good couple than Roy with other short girls.

    But it seems they hit hurdles now…..Hu Ge is also after Tang Yan………

  17. i just watched ‘waking love up’ & i really love the couple. tan yan is so pretty & roy is so handsome. wish them the very best in their relationship. roy look very good looking with short hair. beautiful couple, love you

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