The Patriot Yue Fei with Huang Xiaoming and Ruby Lin Releases Jawdropping First Teaser

Ever had the vapors from watching a trailer? Yup, it just happened to me. The just released hot-off-the-mixing-room teaser trailer for one the biggest budgeted period C-dramas of 2012 just hit, and I almost swooned from the intensity mixed with the shock. Huang Xiaoming has officially stopped being smirky and smarmy and decided to forget that he’s one ridiculously gorgeous man and focus on the acting. The rest is sooooooo amazing I started fanning myself when I watched him in action in the upcoming epic The Patriot Yue Fei. You can’t be Chinese and not know who this man is, it’s like being American and having no clue who George Washington is.

I was completely wary when Huang Xiaoming was cast of a certifiable national hero, but he fairly jumps out of the trailers with his charisma and gravitas. I spent all of Return of the Condor Heroes laughing at him for his crazy eyes overacting, so it’s with great pleasure to be able to appreciate his pretty face without wanting to mock his bad acting. The drama itself looks kick ass, with money spent on all the right places and cinematography that makes the story come alive. Gallen Lo does what he does best, play a loathsome villain, while for the first time Ruby Lin doesn’t annoy me, because she’s not pretending to be a teenage bimbo and is for once playing her age as the wife of Yue Fei. The drama will also be the first C-drama ever broadcast on HBO. Woo hoo, from the early looks of things, it’ll be deserving of that honor.

Teaser for Patriot Yue Fei:

I can’t even begin to explain Yue Fei’s legend and place in Chinese history. He is one of the most famous national heroes in Chinese history, and if you’re interested just check out his English wikipedia entry which is already extensive, so imagine how much more in depth the same entry is in Chinese. History classes devote an entire day or more just to discuss his life and his legend.


The Patriot Yue Fei with Huang Xiaoming and Ruby Lin Releases Jawdropping First Teaser — 24 Comments

  1. Oh man this is just awesome. I originally fell in love with Huang Xiao Ming when he played Liu Che in Da Han Tian Zi, but have been really disappointed with all of his projects since then (oh the horrors that were summer’s desire and condor heroes). This drama is like him going back to his roots…but even better!!! I think I’ll be swooning for him all over again when this airs 😀

  2. You know my HXM obsession so I am so ridiculously excited for this I have no words. Also, the HBO thing makes me so happy, because for once, there is a period cdrama that looks amazing, where I won’t have to freak out about the possibility of no subs.

  3. wow…can’t wait to see it…btw who’s the girl in the last picture???…at first I thought she’s LSS…has little resemble of LSS but I know it’s not LSS

    • It’s Liu Shi Shi. She’s in a cameo type role as the blind wife of one of Yue Fei’s loyal subordinates. Hilariously she looks more eye-alive in that still as a blind girl than she does in her Da Mo Yao stills.

      • wow…took me by surprise…she looks mature and elegantly beautiful…I love the costumes and hair due in this c-series…look like the production actually put budget out for the outfits and professional hairdresser 😀

  4. Gallen Lo is always the protagonist in my TVB childhood memories. I thought he’s always been the caring Big Bro and businessman? Or are we not talking about the same person? O.o

    • Gallen started off his career playing villains. AWESOME villains. He’s great as the protagonist once he became a certifiable leading man. He stole the show in Cold Blood Warm Heart from Adam Cheng, Chilam, and Louis Koo.

      • my very first evil role I watched from Gallen was in The Legend of Condor Heroes where he played Yang Kang…but the most memorial role of all would be Tsui Ka Lap in Cold Blood Warm Heart…TVB series back then was amazing…from the acting to the storylines…TVB now is just a big disappointment…throughout the whole 2011-2012…I only watched and finished 2 full series from TVB are The Rippling Blossom and Ghetto Justice

  5. Well, at least he look way HOTTER than in Summer Desire… =D Hrmm.. OMG.. I did not even recognize LSS. Hrmm… I went to the HBO and they do not have that yet. I think probably maybe late 2012. I read somewhere that it is 60 episode.. 0_o I also wonder that it will be in english sub or they dub it to english when they will show it on HBO. Regardless, woohoo… =D I love my cables dramas… ^^ Even though I am ABC girl and a lil bit of CBS girl too…=D

  6. I fell in love with HXM in LOCH cos of his hot bod and glorious mane of glory so much so I willingly overlooked his manic acting plus he had great chemistry with Crystal Liu there.

    This trailer looks so promising! Thanks for posting this Ms Koala!!

  7. Yue Fei is one of my heros and it’s about time they devote a drama to him. Read books about him when I was 10. Can’t wait.

  8. Okay.. so this is co-produced by Fan Bing Bing..

    Looks very impressive so far!

    You can’t be Chinese and not know who this man is, it’s like being American and having no clue who George Washington is.
    ^ .. oops.. *runs away* lol

  9. I still see the exact same old swarmy hammy pervie cult leader Hiuang TM since 2005 when he’s in motion and shouty. A tiny bit toned down when I’m distracted with his toplessness! But yup, our same old XiaoMing.

    Everything else looks extremely good though (not that I’ll be watching)

  10. I love Yue Fei but not sure I can bear watching a drama about him since it’s going to be so sad …Trailer look epic, though. Thanks for posting it, Mrs Koala.

  11. Ha… I have so much prejudice against HXM as an actor, and I was mostly indifferent with Ruby during her whole career, so I think it’ll take actually watching the drama for me to get excited about this.
    I hope you are right and it’s going be daebak. I’ve been hungry for an exciting drama lately. I can’t seem to get into any drama lately. ^^”””

  12. Daang, that looks awesome. I better do my homework and read up on Yue Fei before this premiers. Though, HBO…. Really? That’s great, I guess. *sigh* Gonna have to subscribe 🙁 to it to watch. Hmmm, I might just do it for Yue Fei and my love for Asian dramas.

  13. The trailer looks amazing. I had some reservations about Huang Xiao Ming playing Yue Fei actually. From what I learnt about Yue Fei I just know it’s going to be great. Everything seems promising so far hopefully he won’t disappoint.

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