Roy Qiu Goes Formula One Driving and Wins Second Place

Watching Roy Qiu race car driving is almost like cosplaying him in the role of hot race car driver. And then it’s even cooler to realize that this isn’t cosplaying at all, it happened in real life and he had a blast. Roy raced in this past weekend’s Formula One race in Zhu Hai, China. He actually came in second, which surprised everyone, but goes to show how serious he is about this more-than-a-hobby of his. His rumored girlfriend Tang Yan posted a cryptic message on her weibo the morning of the race. Get this: the race was held on 3-18, Roy was driving car number 18, and Tang Yan posted her message exactly at 3:18 am saying “Be safe! Good luck!” Awww, cute. Also, Roy in a racer’s uniform? So hot it rendered me speechless. Oh, and just in case folks are wondering why his car has the name “Roy Chiu” on it, Chiu is the Wade-Gilles anglicization while Qiu is in Pinyin. Since Roy is Taiwanese, his last name is spelled Chiu but I’ve chosen to go Pinyin in my blog for consistency purposes. 


Roy Qiu Goes Formula One Driving and Wins Second Place — 14 Comments

  1. I think of him as James Dean of Taiwan. OG was a great drama except it got draggy in the end. I really liked Roy in EFHL and was glad to see him finally as a lead in TW drama. Mainland Chinese dramas don’t count ….they just don’t appeal to me.
    He is gorgeous but I prefer him serious. His smile is cheesy. Mike He has a cheesy smile too. I couldn’t stand his real girlfriend in that mainland drama but I am sure she’s perfectly nice in real life. I don’t care for this hobby of his. It seems like he likes to live life on edge. I thought he was serious about music at one point. I wish he had struck to music as a hobby instead of car racing.

  2. I dont think this is Formula One. There is only F1 series and they are now in Malaysia for the race. This is Asia Formula 2.0.

    Anyway, Roy looks handsome, as always.

  3. HOT, indeed!! I need to remind myself that this is REAL and not from some upcoming drama… Wow and he is pretty good to win 2nd place!! And cute message!!

  4. Really hot man + Race Car Suit = Major Drooling! It’s adorable how his gf posted up that message at 3:18 am 🙂 Congrats to Roy for winning second place!

  5. I’m a gooey mess just to see Roy smiling from the bottom of his heart! And TT is sweet like her nick.

    What’s up with the cosmo when our pretty boys either be awesome as a real racecar driver or be cute faking one?! just a few days and not even an hr drive apart?! (fr you esp!)

  6. i hope and pray that roy will always finish the race safe.and hope too that after winning the first prize, he would soon realize that he needs to focus on his acting career which comes firs before his dangerous to his girlfriend tang yan, i hope they would be together as married couple in the future.i see tang yan as his ideal girl as brave and gentle and naive.

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