Upcoming Time Travel K-drama with Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na Releases Stunning Teasers

Since time-traveling is apparently a contagious plot device that has since migrated from C-dramas over the K-dramas, Rooftop Prince is just the first one out of the gate. Next up comes TvN‘s Queen In Hyun’s Man starring Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na. I wasn’t very interested outright, but like the two leads generally that if the drama turns out to be good, I’d totally check it out. The first teasers have been released and my interest is now piqued. I love how presentation in the teasers, stylish and evocative. Plus I’ve never ever seen Ji Hyun Woo look this smoking hot before. Whatever he did, and I think it’s the haircut, it’s like I’m seeing him in a whole new light. This drama involves a Joseon scholar official who time-travels three hundred years into the future and meets an actress who looks just like the Joseon Queen he served and was secretly in love with. Beyond that I’m figuring there will be a conspiracy in the Joseon era to add some narrative, and plenty of fish-out-of-water antics in the modern times to add humor.

Queen In Hyun’s Man:


Upcoming Time Travel K-drama with Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na Releases Stunning Teasers — 31 Comments

  1. Woah, the trailers are actually really good, very intriguing:) I had low expectation for this drama, but now it stirs curiosity out of me. Put it on a list to check out once it is on air.
    Thanks a lot for sharing Mrs Koala 🙂

  2. I really, really hope this drama is a good one. My poor Ji Hyun Woo is a good actor, but he has been too much typecasted in noona love stories (i personally love him in those, but as an actor he must feel bored of those). The guy is smocking hot if you ask me. If the script uses his comedic talent and his sexiness, it can be a hit. *Praying Dramagods every night before going to bed*. I’m always a bit scared when i see great visual teasers, because i know they are not designed by the drama PD and writer and it generally ends being a different animal. Anyway, they are beautiful.

      • Hi jomo! How are you? I first saw him in My Sweet City (good), then in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (very good). The 12 first eps of A Thousand Kisses are memorable just because of his chemistry with the mum and her kid (seriously, i would rewatch this anytime just for the cute).
        His recent movie Mr Idol completely wasted him, and got me angry.

      • Doing well. Hope the same chez vous.
        I’ll try the 16 ILPK first. I like Seo Do Yeong who was sweet in Thornbirds.

  3. I wish there would be a kdrama where girl/guy from the future goes to the past, instead of past going to future.

    Will be checking this out anyway since I love time-traveling stories.

    • I think Song Seung-Heon’s new drama (whenever it comes out if it does) – Dr Jin or something – is about him being a doctor that travels from the present to the past (back into the later Joseon era) – so there are dramas going in the other direction too. Time travel is in – that’s for sure.

  4. Just based on the trailer, i’m loving the music and mood of the drama! Well, at least with time traveling, he can get with the girl in the future? You can’t possibly be with the queen in the Joseon era, can you? :\

  5. For once I would like to see a kdrama with the girl time traveling backwards! Or forwards! (wouldn’t it be cool for the girl to discover modern day freedom? and discover that she can hold down a career or something instead of depending on her father/brother/family/extended relatives/marriage etc)

  6. wow at last this girl made it into a lead role:DDD yay~~~

    i dont know why i have an unknown bias towards this guy i cant even memorize his name (even though i am good at names^^) but i love his dramas:D and i think he is good at acting:D

    it’s a rom-com and have a time travel! oh yes that’s a call for me:D i will definitely give a chance to this drama:D hope it will be good and then popular:D ( sometimes meaning faster subs:D)

  7. I love the poster pic but I find the Ji Hyun Woo pose a bit awkward. I know he has to bow down a bit but i dont like how it is executed. lol it looked weird to me

  8. I like the teasers, but I wonder why are they all making this kind if drama this year? It’s like a school competition with a given subject. Last year was the year of illness / princesses men / prince Sado/king Sejong/music schools.
    I hope this one has subs, I still can’t understand more than 40% of the dialogs.

  9. I forgot to write: I like the music from first teaser, it has the same line as in Heartstrings witch I watched mostly (90%) because of the music.

  10. I like these time travelling dramas so unless this gets uber angsty or melodramatic, it looks ok enough to watch. I miss BBJX clearly, but yeah, it’d be good for a girl to time travel once in awhile too!

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