MBC Releases New Stills for Episode 5 of The King 2 Hearts

MBC really dragged this out until the very end, finally releasing new official stills of this week’s episodes of The King 2 Hearts. Jae Ha in military uniform is yum, but Jae Ha in a suit is mind blowing levels of good looking. While I love watching Hang Ah and Jae Ha bickering, because they each dish out as much as they receive, seeing their quiet moments together just melt me into a puddle of goo. These new pictures of them playing the piano is sooooo perfect. I wonder who is playing for whom? I am going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs for the next 10 hours or so until the episode airs. There is seriously nothing I don’t love about this drama, even ridiculously insane villain John Mayer. Because a big bazooka storyline about North-South reunification obviously needs a villain with some cojones. 


MBC Releases New Stills for Episode 5 of The King 2 Hearts — 31 Comments

  1. As much as I try to prevent myself for being obsessed with great loves in Korean drama, I have so say I need to find a new word that could describe my beyond obsession with this drama. I keep checking your blog to find info about this drama.
    I love the goofy love yet serious love that Jae Ha and Hang Ah have. Why cant there be more Wed/Thurs so I could watch this drama >.<

  2. This drama will be the end of me..and you, Koala Unni as the best crack dealer that ever was or is…sorry to be cheezy..u just totally made my day

  3. woah, his stare to hang ah when playing the piano is just too sweet. *melting here* by any chance, do you know why MBC block every source on youtube that uploaded their drama? this sucks so bad. I have no other source, does anyone know any source that uploads it right away after each episode? (eng&chin sub preferably but raw would be fine heheh) Thanks!

    • Hi! If you are part of soompi and read the thread for K2H, people usually posts RAW videos and youtube links for every episode. Earliest is maybe an hour after the episode airs! Check it out!

      And thanks koala unni~ i can’t even wait for Wednesday anymore!

    • Everything Lee Seung Gi is so up to date for raw videos (it’s like after an hour or two after the airing) . check it out!

  4. I tried, and obviously FAILED miserably, not to obsess about this drama. These stills just sealed the deal for me – official drama crack of the moment! Whoaaaa, I’m having heart palpitations just looking at the way he looks at her. And HJW, seriously is so gorgeous! I love, love, love that she is growing her hair long again. 😉

  5. I don’t think Jae Ha really means when he confesses at the podium. I think he did it for the sale of peace. Only until many episodes later, he will realise he really loves Hang Ah.

    What do u think ?

  6. Thank you!

    I have a feeling, towards the end of this show, I’ll be leaving work early to watch it.
    When is the finale? I will request that Thursday off NOW!

    • See this is the problem with crack dramas. I was just thinking the same thing. Or at least taking a 1/2 a day.

      Gah…the stills are great. It looks like he’s teaching her how to play. Cute…and sexy.

  7. Oh King2Hearts, you have my heart and time.

    I freaking heart this show so badly, I wanna hug it and kiss it and keep it to myself ( I don’t wanna share :)-

    I need this show never to end like ever!!!

    YAY I love Wed/Thursday Nites ^.^

  8. My smile just won’t leave my face since I saw the first still. Jae Ha/Lee Seung Gi is gonna kill me if he keeps looking at her like that! And the suit….He can certainly wear a suit. Also, much love for Ha Ji Won. No other actress could do this role so well with LSG. Never thought I’d feel this way when the cast was first announced.

  9. HJW is keeping really well, for she doesn’t look like 9 years older than LSG! They actually look so hot together hahahh!

  10. Ah, zee crack it is here! Anyway, speaking of YUM! Can I hear a double YUM for Jo Jung Suk? He was adorable in What’s Up, but so handsome in that uniform. I now have “I love a man in a uniform” as an earworm for saying that, but well….YUM!

    • Okay, I take a little of it back because the hat in the white formal uniform makes him look like he’s auditioning for the Music Man….but other than that….YUM!

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