Moon Geun Young Returns to the CF World for Vita Energy Drink

My perfect precious Moon Geun Young tests my patience so, with her going long stretches between projects and leaving me chomping at the bit for her to announce whatever it is that has caught her attention. In terms of endorsements, she’s also quite selective, so it’s a treat to see her return to the CF world with a series of ads for Vita energy drink. The first two short ads have just been released and it’s super cute. She’s one of the few actresses who does close-ups so well because she’s got such an animated and alive face. I’d buy anything she sells, but energy drinks are in fact exactly what I need these days.

Vita CFs:


Moon Geun Young Returns to the CF World for Vita Energy Drink — 11 Comments

  1. She’s a sweetheart. Her face never seems to grow old. I will also buy anything she sells. This product endorsement is just perfect 🙂

  2. Oh, pretty MGY hasn’t changed a bit, I need her energy!! 🙂

    Is she still studying? What takes her comeback so long? I need one drama, no two!

  3. Wow! Very cute still. She gain more weight but I am loving it.
    I am so happy. At atlast have something new about her.. even in a CF i’ll take it.

    Please pick a drama soon Moonie
    Yay thanks for the Banner!

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