Yoon Si Yoon Cast as Lead in C-drama Happy Noodle

When I heard this news I let out a bloodcurdling screech. Yoon Si Yoon has been cast as the lead of an upcoming C-drama called Happy Noodle. Normally I’m all for K-actors heading overseas to make dramas in China or Taiwan. It’s never going to be a cinematic masterpiece, but it’s good for their careers and a welcome change of pace from the grueling K-drama production routine. There are very few actors I would abduct from the set of such a drama, but Yoon Si Yoon would be one of them. The reason? It’s a travesty, a cardinal sin against nature, to dub his voice. Yoon Si Yoon’s voice is…..incredible. It sends shivers down my spine and does weird fluttery things in my belly. I think I fell for his voice before I even noticed his face.

Co-starring will be Li Fei Er, who acted opposite Joe Cheng in the Tudou web drama Welcome Love. Happy Noodle will be about an aspiring noodle chef and his journey to success, which is all sorts of ironic considering Yoon Si Yoon got his big acting break starring in Baking King Kim Tak Gu about an aspiring baker. At this point I have to accept that Yoon Si Yoon must love flour. The drama is scheduled to start filming in May, with an eye towards broadcast by the end of the year. Word is there might be other K-actors joining the cast. If anyone needs a reminder of the velvety purr of Yoon Si Yoon’s speaking voice, check out a cut scene from Me Too, Flower! below.

Me Too Flower! Episode 6 Kiss Scene Cut:



Yoon Si Yoon Cast as Lead in C-drama Happy Noodle — 23 Comments

  1. Oh miss Koala, i so agree with you. Why? Why dubbing his wonderful voice? He is not just a pretty face… He can act too, and when he cries my heart breaks. My Sunshine!!! Dubbing him while he cries on the screen? Now i want to hide under a rock… and cry. Can’t we abduct him?

  2. I’m watching Me Too Flower right now and loving him. His expressions, and those eyes are killer. So young, he’s going to go far.

    Plus – that just means more time away from us!
    Seriously, it’s unfair. He surprises us all with his mature man performance with the sexy, then goes away? He doesn’t follow up with something else?

    I’ll be pouting over here in my corner.

  4. Watching the kiss again, I still don’t know how they got away with that kiss. It wasn’t even on cable.
    PS the image is flipped. I couldn’t figure out why it felt off at first.

  5. That was a cut scene? I swear I saw it on the actual episode…

    Anyhoo, I’m bummed, too b/c I have no interested in non-kdrama so even without the dubbed voice, I wouldn’t watch it. I was really looking forward his next project. 🙁

  6. .one more going to China??….and yes, he must absolutely besotted with flour at this point…tbh, I’m not particularly excited about the projects that any of these K-actors have picked to crossover (except for the new one with Siwon which sounds fresh) because they all seem to have some variation of the same plot….which I already felt was being overused in T-dramas…the plucky girl, pissy /perfectionist -rich/career guy, complications that force them together etc etc etc…this one doesn’t sound too bad in comparison..but Happy Noodle sounds awfully similar to Smiling Pasta…which is never a good sign to me considering how it made me run away screaming and pulling my hair……so I’m not sure how I feel about this either

  7. What?! Not a single off-color joke about YSY’s “happy noodle”…. not even from Jomo??? Not even with a clip of one of the most erotic kisses in the history of (network) K-drama to set the mood???

    Ah, falling in love with YSY during Me2,✿… those were the days. *sighs* I’m not sure I can stand watching him dubbed.

    • Sometimes it’s safer to just stay away
      And NOT say the things that you want to say.
      Cause once you start in about one dirty noodle,
      You’re in for the kit and the whole kaboodle.


  8. OMG.. While I am thrilled to see him in a new drama (seriously, I love him. So much.) I don’t want them to dub his voice.. 🙁

    I really miss Me Too, Flower! Sometimes..

  9. seriously.. why do they keep doing this? why bring korean actor to do chinese drama? they only want them as an eye-candy. Yoon shi yoon’s voice is then going to be such a huge waste. I was hoping to hear his voice in his upcoming project, but why has he decided to take this and be dubbed instead? gahh. I really2 hope that his next next project is something where it involves him to talk fully with emotional just like what he did in M2F. his expression and tone of emotional is just a perfect combination, such a good actor. Anyway, thanks ms.ockoala for posting this 🙂

  10. Oh my the first thought I had after reading the article for going back to the last episode when he was screaming for her. Man, I am one fan who actually doesn’t like his looks. I like him because of his voice. Really. He is too boyish looking but his voice is to die for.

  11. I don´t know about english or chinese but in my native language “noodle” is a (very childish) euphemism for “penis” so I´m kind of mocking the name of this drama..

    I have nothing else to add other than: That is a very nice picture of him… *happy sigh*

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