The Gorgeous and Hilarious Ending Sequence for Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts

Perfection, thy name is The King 2 Hearts. What I love about watching the pas-des-deux between Hang Ah and Jae Ha is how there are no misunderstandings of the lame variety. No obstacles for the sake of manufacturing angst. They are genuinely confused about their feelings for each other – neither is what the other wants in a significant other, plus the whole North Korean intelligence officer and South Korean prince thing is a pretty big hurdle to cross. But what I love even more is that the drama lets them talk to each other, as opposed to lots of staring and moping. Sometimes they don’t say what they mean, but when push comes to shove, they do what their heart tells them.

Enjoy this little treat until the recap proper arrives. I’ve also seen some confusion about the hug scene (the spoiler pictures from earlier) – it really happened despite the jarring editing, which is why Jae Ha was pretty shook up the next day. He can’t handle it when Hang Ah is actually vulnerable and caring towards him. And finally, since I’ve been there many times, just wanted to tell fans of TK2H to stop worrying about the ratings dropping or other dramas overtaking it. This drama is almost impossible to market, and doesn’t ever capture it’s depth and emotional range. Let’s just enjoy it and be happy something came along that works so cohesively.

Episode 6 Kiss Scene cut:


The Gorgeous and Hilarious Ending Sequence for Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts — 31 Comments

  1. OMG..u’re killing me with this new post. I have been gasping for some air for days..waiting for the english subbed drama and just an antidote for me. Thank you Ms Ockoala… 🙂

  2. So yeah…this is what I’ve been doing for the last two hours. Looking at any and all footage of this make-out session. I don’t even care about how pervy that sounds, lol.

    I don’t much care about the ratings either. What I do care about is whether they’ll freak out and start doing stupid stuff to the script. This drama doesn’t seem like the type, but you never know.

  3. Omo! Omo! Omo!!!!!!!!

    Can’t take my eyes from Seunggi sexy hands!!!! Hope I can’t be the one he hugs!! Squeeeeee

    Hajiwon is super lucky!!! Can’t wait for e full recap!!!
    Guess koala will be swooning till next week lol

  4. Omo…tq so much for the sneak peak! You’re awesome. Love, love this show. Can’t wait to see full episode with sub.

  5. guys, have you seen the BTS of the kiss. the BTS is way more hotter……actually the one shown in the epi. should have been the BTS version….editing kinda ruined it a bit for me….
    only kiss done by LSG i loved…HJW….let me count…..WHIB,SG…ugh…can’t remember right now…..but there are more, i know.

    • does somebody have the links for the BTS? I want in on some of the action…was it the one that was posted in the previous TK2H post?

  6. I too agree with you koala–its perfection. They should not look into the ratings. This series is different and ITS AWESOME. LSG may not be shedding a lot of tears but when his emotions shift all I can say is that his acting is really superb. From happy, to sad, to confused and all bad his character is real. I also loved HJW she is really a great actress. LSG and HJW acting abilities are on top coz their characters shift and that they can manage to show all those emotions. With regards to other supporting actors, they are all great actors as well coz they all played their part so well. This series deserves to be no.1 for this year. They also deserve a bonus from MBC coz they have a well written, well executed and best production.

  7. Huuum… I’m totally agree with Ms. Koala (after all the thought of dropping rating). At first I was worried too, but after all of this, I know Ms. Koala is right.

    This drama is a bit difficult to follow if you like to switching channel (like what I’ve seen in the real time rating -I’m such a geeky nerd maniac, I know-). Because watch it fully is the thing that made this drama into perfection, how each detailed scene were produced, and how the actors were offering us their hard work.

    Following TK2H is like enjoying a roller coaster ride, you took the ‘up’ with curiosity & excitement and the ‘down’ with some relieve and giggle just to get surprised at the other ‘up’. And you need to fasten your seat belt, because you had warned 😀

  8. wow, can’t wait to read the recap. jae kang was hilarious when he walked in. his eyes looked like it was bugging out and he immediately turned around, when he realized what he walked in on.

  9. I just watched the raw!! Thankfully i read a recap elsewhere to know what happened after the hug cuz it was killing me! I absolutely loved how unguarded and conflicted Jae Ha really seemed to be!! Can they already get engaged?! I am dying for the GOOD stuff!!

    • As for the ratings, RTP and Equator Man are doing equally well…hence, the ratings are getting split b/w these 3 shows! LSG has been known to draw huge ratings….BL was a nat’l drama with its 40%+ ratings and Gumiho drew abt mid-teens consistently! Hope they don’t bring in the unnecessary angst ‘thinking’ it’ll make a change in the ratings….

      • just google “The King 2 Hearts episode 6 recap” and you’ll find it…i don’t want to talk about another blog on Koala’s!! It’s not detailed but it pacified my heart….haha!!

  10. GAHHHH!! i wanna know what they were sayingggggggg

    I tried to make out what i could and put my thoughts on TK2H thread on soompi (go see and lemme know what you think~ lol sorry for self-advertising can’t help it, wanna discusssssss) but ARGHHHH! i just can’t make out what they’re saying in this scene… at least not enough of it boohoooooo T-T

  11. ”This drama is almost impossible to market, and doesn’t ever capture it’s depth and emotional range. ”

    I’m confused Koala, are you saying the drama doesn’t know how to be deep and have its emotional range?

    Or are you saying people aren’t able to?

    Sorry for getting confused…

    • The marketing fails to capture the drama’s depth and emotional range.

      As far as SK audience, the time slot seems to be divided into:
      * Teens and younger watching RP with their parents. Like American Idol, it is safe and appeals to disparate age groups.
      ** Older folks watching the melo/revenge heavy EM
      *** K2H has that middle ground – young professional and college aged, no kids changing the channel over to Micky and the J4. It isn’t an easy love story. No stuffed animal to market.

      Of course this is soooo generalized. I think I am right about RP, though.
      The same audience that ate up all the pretty on MEtS.

      I am happy I can watch all three whenever I want!

  12. cola kiss, ice cream kiss, bubble gum kiss…now refrigerator kiss? ^^
    next episode is so intense, can’t wait..
    TK2H, fighting!

  13. Love the storyline~!
    The characters are just sooo real!
    I am actually confused sometimes whether JaeHa or Seung Gi is the real person~!

    Kingday come quick~! Please~!

  14. This is great storytelling disguised as a kiss, rather than,
    “HEY! Look there’s a kiss stuck in this episode so you’ll watch it!”
    Their conversation has call backs to what has transpired before, even bringing up some painful memories, his playboy past, her desperate situation now that they may have to call off the engagement.
    The imminent arrival of authority makes the audience squirm.
    “NO! Don’t intrude! Let the lovers be.”
    But, those in charge do appear, breaking the spell, and the pair now has to face a reality that could ultimately keep them apart. Even as they stand to face the music, both put their hands to their mouths, remembering the sensation of the other, savoring the connection they shared. Love it.

    • I like your analysis of the ‘parents’ bringing in a reality check.
      On the other hand, they also sort of sealed the fact that Jae Ha likes Hang Ah just as much as she likes him! There is no way Jae Ha could whine to the big bro again that what he did he did it out of the love for the country/family/king. And upon any opposition, the doting dad (just love him! especially the way he jumped up when Hang Ah declared her love in the press conference) must think back to the way his darling daughter totally submitting herself on the floor!!! Wow! what a set-up!

      • I hope THIS kiss is the seal on their relationship for both characters, which I think will end up being the case.

        Unlike some (most?) dramas where the first kiss happens, then one half of the pair acts as if it didn’t mean anything.

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