Yu Zheng Picks Han Dong to Play Lead Meng Jue in Yun Zhong Ge

You know, I just might have to accept that Yu Zheng is a flat out insane drama producer. His loco casting choices for his adaptation of The Swordsman have been causing extreme cases of laughter and spitting up blood in C-fandom, but he doesn’t seem to do it to drum up publicity or whore out his projects, unlike Ladyboss over at Tangren with her casting shenanigans. I think he’s just flat out a weirdo. With many months to go until he starts filming the drama adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge, the man has been happily leaking out his casting choices, and with today’s weibo, the three leads have pretty much been confirmed.

Joining Zhao Li Ying as Yun Ge and Chen Xiao as Liu Fu Ling, Han Dong is Yumama’s choice for lead Meng Jue. For once he’s casting a guy with onscreen presence up the wazoo AND he can act his pants off. I heartily approve, despite Han Dong not being how I imagine Meng Jue, but I know he’ll bring it. On a funny Tong Hua tangent, this will make it Han Dong’s third go around as a character in her novels, having first played ruthless 9th Prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin and is now playing Li Gan in Da Mo Yao. Don’t worry about looks, Han Dong was uglified to play 9th Prince, but in real life I find him very good looking. 

Currently both Chen Xiao and Han Dong are filming The Swordsman together, but they pretty much have zero scenes opposite each other since the former is playing Lin Ping Zhi and the latter is Tian Buo Guang.

For the rest of the cast, Yumama’s latest weibo picture shows his pick for the six leads – Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying up top, Han Dong in the middle next to Deng Sha (who I think will play Huo Cheng Jun), and the bottom is Zhang Tiang Yang who will be playing Liu He and Huo Si Yen next to him as Xu Ping Jun. All relatively newer faces that I have no problem with, so I’ll wait to see how they look in character come November.


Yu Zheng Picks Han Dong to Play Lead Meng Jue in Yun Zhong Ge — 14 Comments

  1. I generally skip over these kinds of posts due to lack of interest, but I thought, what the heck, there’s probably some kind of pretty face to look at. Boy was I not disappointed! Hellooooooooooooo Mr. Beautiful!!! (I promise to not let the Chinese names scare me again…)

  2. awe, the nasty 9th prince! hardly recognizable in that picture. they better pretty him up good cuz MJ is suppose to be supper hot!! 😛

  3. Haha.. love your comment: “Han Dong was ‘uglified’ to play 9th Prince…” I guess that is the aura he gives off in playing the venomous snake.

  4. I have been droolzing at his official still as Monk/Rapist Tian @Swordsparakeet for good 2 days. I join the chant fr the rest of the netizens, he’ll be eaten alive like meat of Tang SanZang near any lady who will flock to him. Where’s the time for him to be lecherous?! AND how Lucky is YiLin? And WHAT a pity to u know make him into a Monk without a… PLUS we r locked in for some sizzling Bromance shipping of the 2 pretties.

  5. i donno i cant imagine anyone else playing Meng Jue beside Yuan Hong. But I like the rest of the cast, especially Zhao Li Ying. I think she got that natural cute and innocent look down.

    • Yuan Hong IS Meng Jue personified, no doubt. No one does the half good/half bad, torn/tortured soul roles better than him ~ YK in LOCH, YLX in Yang Warriors. His brooding eyes, deliberately slow gestures, devil-may-care charisma…..I can go on and on about this man.

      Not to say Han Dong won’t do a good job, but YH is the epitome of MJ in my heart.

  6. Surprisingly, YZG is shaping up to be pretty decent and it would be terribly epic if Han Dong gets casted in 曾许诺 if that’s ever going to be made into a drama

    • ooooh….I still think 9th prince looked good in BBJX. Vibe wise, I think he does look the part.

      Hopefully he won’t really become a permanent Tong Hua man. 3 and counting.

  7. now i have a face to my beloved MJ… when i’m not done with the book. i don’t know if that’s a good thing.
    no problems with han dong, i think he’s a fabulous actor and oh so pretty even if he is a little over-aged. but ah, MengJue, I’m not qt sure anyone can act the MJ in my head, but i shall wait patiently. Unlike DMY, where I was so excited about the drama adaptation, YZG is a story where I can’t quite imagine coming to screen just as well….. maybe because of the narrative complexity which would mean alot of it would get overtly simpilfied in the translation. So i shall take a wait and see approach rather than chasing down every little news nugget on it and going bad-shit insane if things go awry.
    i like the actress doing YunGe.. she’s got that naturally cute look down that hopefully YG in the drama won’t be one of those atypical irritatingly cute leads.

  8. ha3 the venomous snake 9th prince ^^. I think he could pull up the acting, although in my make shift casting imagination, I actually see him as da gong zhi ( IDK why.. i just do. weird I know) but let see… haish meng jue.. in my head I cant picture anyone to play him.. Yuan Hong does come close but I doubt it will happen. Are those the final casts?

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