Rainie Yang and Show Luo Pair Up Again for Online Movie Plus Snappy New Song

Rainie Yang is one of those actresses that has chemistry with any of her leading men. ANY. One of her more famous pairings is with Show Luo, who is a singer and MC more than he’s an actor. They were cute in Hi My Sweetheart, even if the drama was wack. I heard Rainie and Show were in Australia last month and I knew they were cooking up something. Turns out they were making an online movie which will be released next week. It’s called Once More Heartbeat and the preview looks so cute. Rainie mistakes Show for a gay guy which is quickly cleared up but then they fall in love in the lovely Down Under. In addition to this online movie, Rainie collaborated with Show in a new track for his 9th studio album. It’s called “When the Queen meets the King” and I absolutely love it! It’s a sub-theme for the drama I Love You So Much, and it kinda hurts that such a great song is wasted on such a crappy drama. Check out for the pretty stills and preview for the online drama and a listen of Rainie and Show’s new song.

Once More Heartbeat preview:

Rainie Yang and Show Luo “When the King Meets the Queen” CD version: I love love love this new collab between Rainie and Show




Rainie Yang and Show Luo Pair Up Again for Online Movie Plus Snappy New Song — 21 Comments

  1. Oh lord, I demand subs for that movie (when it’s out, of course)~~
    The song is really nice *sneaks away to find download links*
    Yeah, I do miss long-haired (think devil beside you era) Rainie… she’s got such nice hair~

  2. Wahh, it’s so nice to have rainie back on screen. Btw, how does the online movie work? So do we have to wait a while for the distributor to post it up on yt and other online player, or we can watch it on the day it’s released on yt tudou or ?? Thanks

  3. Love Love Love this pairing!!!
    Can’t wait for the online movie to be release.
    Desperately wanting to see Rainie do another drama.
    Does anyone know if she’s got plans this year for a drama?

  4. Showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;AAAAAA;

    Ngl, their adorable chemistry was the only reason I made it all the way through HMS. That drama was, well, less-than-stellar. ><;

    I have to say, I love this song. So catchyyyyyyyy~~~~~

  5. They WERE in darling harbor dat day ???
    I was in there !!!! Must be at the wrong time .,. U r kidding me !!!
    Sigh … Sigh … Sigh …
    Can’t wait for her come back and oh my goodness they go back way way back in 2004??
    Why aren’t they going out yet ???? ^_^

  6. It’s true that Rainie has chemistry with all her drama co-stars… Ken Zhu, Mike He, Show Luo and Joseph Chang. Not sure about Wilbur Pan though.
    I really like Rainie and Show’s pairing, maybe cos they have such close friendship in private (I kinda ship them a little).

    They recorded a duet “In your eyes” for Show’s album in 2010. This year’s duet is better.
    Love it too!

    Can’t wait to see their mini-movie, partly because of the Aussie scenery… Australia is one of my favourite countries. 🙂

  7. Awww i miss my hometown melbourne…luv the background of southern Cross station(flinders street) looking fwd to this drama 🙂

  8. Hello. I’m dying hard Fan of Miss Rainie and Mr Show. Last last week i Bought a Cd entitled “Hi My SweetHeart” Actually I’m super duper fan of Miss Rainie. I love her Movies/TV SERIES. I’m from Philippines. I idolize her very much also Mike He. They called “IdealLover”. But when I watched the “Hi My Sweetheart”. I’m so shocked. And I realized I’m so crazy in their Tv series. I like Miss Rainie to Show Lou. And I’m asking if they can make another TV SERIES. I’m so inlove about their movies. I’m downloading the Once More Heartbeat on my computer. I’m so excited to watched it 🙂 please give me a FanSign. Please please. My name is Junissamarie. Thank you. I love you Rainie and Show Lou

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