SBS Releases Stills of Lee Dong Wook Hosting Strong Heart

I’m don’t watch variety shows, probably because I already bend time and space enough as it is. Anymore and I’ll be tempting the drama fates to smite me. But I totally got interested this week in checking out April 10th’s episode of the K-talk show Strong Heart, which was formerly hosted by Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi, but will now be helmed by Lee Dong Wook and comedian Shin Dong Yup. It does feel like SBS wants to have a pair of MCs with the same characteristics, a younger good looking actor hoobae paired with a talented talker comedian sunbae. I’m just fascinated by Lee Dong Wook taking this role, because I’ve never ever pegged him as a on-the-fly impromptu kinda guy with great conversational skills.

I’ve seen most of his dramas but have never fully embraced him until recently, when he totally won me over in a easygoing and impressive performance in Wild Romance. For the inaugural episode of this new MC tandem for Strong Heart, Lee Dong Wook got two of his best friends and army buddies Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Suk to guest. Check out the massive amount of stills released by SBS for this episode. Lee Jin Wook is so damn gorgeous, even if he looked like he just rolled out of bed after living in the mountains for a week. And Kim Ji Suk, welcome back from military service!

Here’s to wishing success to Lee Dong Wook on his first foray as a variety show MC, and for Strong Heart to continue to do well after the change up in its hosts. If the two MCs have good chemistry, chances are they will do just fine.


SBS Releases Stills of Lee Dong Wook Hosting Strong Heart — 19 Comments

  1. Kim Ji Suk is back! Hurray! What a low key return though, didn’t even knew he came back until he made an appearance onscreen.

  2. Haven’t seen Kim Ji Suk in so long…didn’t know that he had returned….yet he looks exactly the same….Lee Jin Wook look so adorable

    • Same here! O_o

      I have felt sorry for her as she was made fun of for her weight constantly. She did use her “fatness” for comical purposes but it really was too much.

      I wish she would get a new haircut instead of that “kid bowl” because it would do her justice much more.

    • Kim Ji Seok is darn hawt on these stills. *__*

      I know that he is most remembered as the second male lead in Personal Taste but he struck me most in the controversial Lady daddy movie. Hope he gets new offers soon. 🙂

  3. whoa! hotness overload this episode seems to be, BUT i can’t wait to watch it. i do only watch strong heart because of the guests they have, but i might be a regular depending on the chemistry between lee dong wook and shin dong yup. fighting!

    thank you koala unni for the stills, they make me want to wish for tuesday already! ^^;)

  4. I’m going to miss Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi, but I’m also looking forward to this new Strong Heart. I heard Lee Dong Wook did a great job for a first timer, and Shin Dong Yup is just great at variety. He is my favorite after Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk.

    Jung So Min is in it too, she is sitting in the front row right next to Lee Jin Wook! 😀

  5. I’ve been watching eps of Strong Heart, but only watched eps when I liked the guests or the themes for that week. But now with Lee Dong Wook up front and center, each and every week… Oh goodness. I have another variety added on my watch list every week.

  6. Lee Dong Wook…that haircut! Moe from the Three Stooges…wouldn’t it have been interesting if Choi Ji Woo was also a guest along with Lee Jin Wook?

    • I highly doubt that CJW will ever appear with LJW in a variety show. I am more curious if the hosts will ask him about CJW and how he will respond.

  7. Lee Don Wook did well, I thought, and it’s great to see Lee Jin Wook looking so scruffy hot, as always.

    I’m a little hacked at the big stink over Kim Shin Young’s weight loss, since she was never what I would have considered obese, for Pete’s sake, maybe plump is as far as I would go, which she used greatly to her advantage in comedy roles all over the place. What really pisses me off about it is that we need idols/actresses/comediennes in all sizes and shapes as positive role models for young women … especially in the hyper-sensitive physical-perfection world of K-entertainment where every second woman has an eating disorder to stay unnaturally thin and most have far more cosmetic surgery than they will acknowledge. Natural beauty? Not to be found in K-ent. Honestly, I’m ready for a full out rant on this subject — I am waiting to see what the real truth is, i.e., what entertainment bastard told her she had to lose weight to get/keep a contract or her agency or whatever …. grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! She had a successful and dynamic career as a funnywoman and now it’s always all about her weight loss and even some of Wookie’s comments had me gnashing my teeth and wanting to punch the shi* out of him for buying into that garbage and using it for ‘entertainment’.

    Koala, you may have to edit me like crazy since I”m pretty sure I used up all my swear words in one post. OH, still hot as hell and not over the smokin’ hot guys!!!!

  8. Who is the Scruff Stud? MY Gosh, That man is HOT!! Just How I like em, scruffy. I wonder if he needs a wife. I’d seriously marry him and we can live on an island together forgetting the world. Seriously, the dude is soo haaawwwt!

  9. Oh one more thing…..WOW Kim Ji Suk is out? It’s been two years already? WOW. I cant wait to see him again. He is so adorbs. Scruff monsters sessy as shix.

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