C-drama Fairytale with Lee Joon Hyuk and Janine Chang Releases 30-minute Trailer

I want now. Okay, that was a bit rude. How about this – I really need this please, good sir. The upcoming reunited-twins-C-drama Fairytale starring Lee Joon Hyuk, Janine Chang, and Peer Zhu released a 30-minute trailer that had me glued to the screen. It wasn’t good, per se, it was just drama crack. Complete with a horrific Cousin It wig on Janine’s older twin sister character. Thank god she ditches it halfway through. Another bone I have to pick with this drama is that it dang stole the OST from Buzzer Beat, and not just any song off the BB OST, it stole Riko’s 彼女の夏. I recognized immediately because the BB OST is always on my iPod rotation. Grrrrr, that theme belongs to Riko and Naoki, not some wacky C-drama.

Then again, I’m totally hooked on Fairytale already and hearing the familiar violin refrain doesn’t help, despite knowing it’ll be crappy plot wrapped in shiny happiness. This drama has a guest star roster that appears to consist of half of C-drama land. I’m not joking, look at the faces of the people below the four leads. I know I’ll be LOLing at half the craziness in this drama, plus second male lead Peer Zhu is a terrible actor (and needs to lay off the PS) that I already snorted my way through his scenes in the preview. Regardless, I’m totally psyched about this double dose of silly fun with Janine and Lee Joon Hyuk, both of whom I adore. Fairytale premieres in late June on Hunan TV.

I really like the voice dubs for the elder sister Ting Xuen and for Lee Joon Hyuk’s character Du Yu Feng. The younger sister Ting Yu has that slightly plucky voice I find annoying, and Peer Zhu’s character Jing Wei has the generic smarmy voiced dub which suits his character. But in general this is a good dub job all around.

30-minute trailer for Fairytale:



C-drama Fairytale with Lee Joon Hyuk and Janine Chang Releases 30-minute Trailer — 8 Comments

  1. Yeah I did recognize buzzer beat’s OST now that u mention it but since the first trailer the OST that I first recognized is the one from Tsuki no Koibito/Moon Lovers of kimura takuya. Maybe the music director likes Jdoramas just like me lol

  2. I dont understand at all this trailer.. But i watch it patiently because of Lee Joon Hyuk!!
    The actor and actress are eye candy to watch.

  3. waaaa~~ now I watch it and can’t wait for it .. ooo June, come quickly..

    yes so true.. this music ost belongs to Naoki and Riko..
    I found a bit weird to hear this music in C-drama.. every time the music play, I always have a flash of “Riko’s playing her violin” in my mind

    at the beginning of the trailer, I feel like it almost have the same plot with “my Princess”.. (finding the princess then teach her everything in order to prepare her to accept the position)

    thanks koala for your info & introduction 😛

  4. I’ve been waiting for this drama since autumn last year.

    I stopped halfway into the trailer though, too much info.

    Lee Jong Hyuk’s character reminds me of Seung Song Hyun’s character inside My Princess. I think I’m gonna start liking Janine more and more. Fairytale and her upcoming Secrets.

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