Kwon Sang Woo Follows up Two C-movies with C-drama with Wang Ya Jie

The Korean trickle towards Chinese dramas has become a flood at this point. If your favorite K-actor or actress disappears from the K-ent news cycle for some time, chances are that he or she is making a C- or TW-drama. No joke, I can count over a dozen dramas being made or airing right now with K-stars in the lead. Kwon Sang Woo has actually been in China for quite some time, having been filming two C-movies over there recently. He’s doing a rom-com movie with Cecelia Cheung called Repeat, I love You (Shadow Lover in Chinese), and also a Jackie Chan fantasy period movie Chinese Zodiac. Now add to that a new C-drama he’s filming called Feng Hua Xue Yue (Wind Flower Snow Moon), Kwon Sang Woo might as well buy a house over in China.

For FHXY, his leading lady will be Wang Ya Jie, who at 33 years old is the perfect age to be Kwon Sang Woo’s leading lady. I didn’t watch Daemul with Go Hyun Jung, but I’m still traumatized seeing Kwon Sang Woo with Yoona in Cinderella Man. Some pairings ought never to happen. Ever. FHXY will be filmed in Yunnan Province (ooooh, super pretty) and is about an Asian-American Broadway producer who comes back to China to stage a musical production in Yunnan and falls in love with the leading lady of his stage musical. Sounds curiously interesting.


Kwon Sang Woo Follows up Two C-movies with C-drama with Wang Ya Jie — 12 Comments

  1. Intriguing. But darn there such is a flood of Korean actors in Chinese dramas. It’s fondant garden airing which I’m looking forward to. The only issue I have is the dubbed voices of the Korean actors/actresses. That’s my only gripe


    Goo Hye Sun is doing Absolute Boyfriend with Jiro Wang, honestly, I’m watching for my hottie Jiro. plus, Fahrenheit did the opening song, and Jiro did the ending. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for anything Fahrenheit does, and since they’ve been dangling their never coming album in front for so long, I have to watch the damn drama just to get my Jiro fix.

    also, the drama is funny as hell, it’s hilarious how Taiwan tries to stick to the manga, but knowing it’s a taiwanese drama, they can’t help but throw ridiculous amount of snark for the robot Night to say with a complete straight face

  3. All this is good, but the question arises why are they invading the Taiwanese/Chinese movie/drama market. Apart from broadening their range, what makes it more appealing with this influx?

  4. Also – actors can inject a sense of zing into their careers by going overseas and being popular in such a huge market (and that can/will lead to more $$ overseas and back in Korea, probably) so win-win for everyone.

    I am watching FG… and loving it! 🙂 PHH – step it up and prove yourself! 🙂 I am looking forward to that. Sometimes, I think the episodes need some sound editing tweeks, but otherwise, his dub for chinese isn’t bad, at least it’s not as horrible as some of the others that I’ve heard. AB’s GHS’s dub is terrible fit for her IMO. Made it hard for me to watch.

    • I find the men’s dub voice harder to handle than the girls, probably because I really don’t care who the female lead is, I watch Fahrenheit’s dramas for, well, the boys, and the songs.

      Mr. Perfect gets suck in your head, and you find yourself humming to it nonstop…

  5. I watched Pain/Pained this week and the pangs for the missing Kwon Sang Woo were evident. But I’m glad that some of Korea’s best talent, along with some of their not so best (sneeze: Dennis Oh) have taken to sprucing up China’s entertainement market with a bit of diversity.

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