Translation of Preview for Episode 9 of The King 2 Hearts

I came into The King 2 Hearts because of my Ha Ji Won love, and it looks like I’m going to leave it with a massive affection for Lee Seung Gi. I’m so glad I don’t have to suffer through another dud drama of Ji Won’s like her last one, complete with her worst performance to date, and can enjoy watching her in something actually with heart instead of just glibness. I feel this warmth radiating from TK2H, and it comes from all corners of the drama, highlighted by affection and concern between people who care about each other that is unrelated to politics and cultural differences.

Shit may happen, but characters deal with it with heartfelt honesty and then plow forward to keep on going. I feel like Jae Ha’s abrupt personality shift (outwardly) fit so well into the story, because he so abruptly was asked to assume the mantle of being a king. In doing so, it just pulled out that part of him that always existed but he hid away so as to always remaining a playful younger brother to Jae Kang. But its with Hang Ah where he can not be the King and just be Jae Ha, and that adds a whole new dimension to their relationship that warms me to the core. He needs her more than ever, and its with that need which leads to the understanding of what she means (will mean) to him.

I just LOVE the way Jae Ha looks at Hang Ah in episode 8. It’s with love, the kind where his eyes fairly scream “I miss you. It’s so good to see you. Can I let down my burden now?” And Hang Ah knows this, so she acts her usual self with Jae Ha, not being overly coddling or solicitous, just letting him know subtly that she’s there. For Jae Ha to ask Hang Ah to take care of Jae Shin for him means so much more than the usual romantic trifles that sound sweet but are fleeting. In his time of need, he doesn’t push her away nor does he lay down all his pressure on her. She’s simply there, she exists in his suddenly topsy-turvy world, and she’s his thanks in no part to his hyung’s love for him enabling him to have this girl in his life.

I’m neither peeved nor perplexed by the perfunctory nod to the boating in episode 8. They DEFINITELY slept together – he’s topless above the blanket, and didn’t get there that way because he was hot or needed to make himself more comfortable before taking a nap. Her nightie is simply standard K-drama fare where the girl covers up a bit more afterwards. It also makes sense because Hang Ah was awake afterwards and staring at Jae Ha, while he was finally resting mentally and emotionally, so she got something to wear. No biggie.

I think the writer could have gone either way – boating or no boating – and this scene would have worked. But another clue is how Jae Ha was flirting with Hang Ah in a very manly way earlier, when he pulled her down on the bed and teased that he was her fiancee and also the King. I was fanning myself because the scene was so potent despite how Hang Ah quickly defused his ardor. But this also serves as further confirmation that they could have slept together, because Hang Ah wanted to after she saw how much pain Jae Ha was in.

Secretary Eun’s conversation with Hang Ah afterwards, and her attitude towards him, also confirms they slept together. He chided her, saying this time (the national mourning period, Jae Ha’s transition to King, etc.) this cannot happen, even if Jae Ha wants to. To which Hang Ah replies very directly that it was she who wanted it. The implication is that Hang Ah allowed it to happen, and she’ll take the blame. The muted presentation of the scene follows from it, as it was clearly an intimacy that stemmed from sadness and need. I still think the editing was wonky not on purpose but because the editor was unsure of how much to show, but ultimately, this was a scene I actually don’t want to see. I want it to be a moment just between Hang Ah and Jae Ha.

Preview of episode 9:

Bong Goo: Can I give a present to Your majesty?

Shi Kyung: It’s a black box and a cell phone.

Hang Ah: It was dug out at the place King Jae Kang died. It appears to belong to a Northener.

Jae Shin: You killed my eldest brother. Do you really want to be Queen that badly?

Hang Ah: Otherwise we will be consumed alive.

Bong Goo: Do you like her? That Northerner who plotted to commit a crime.

Secretary Eun: There is something that needs to be done. Kim Hang Ah needs to be handed over to the prosecutor.

Hang Ah’s dad: Jae Ha can’t protect you nor is he inclined to do such a thing. You are always the one liking him and crying alone.

Secretary Eun: I’m sorry, Your majesty.

Jae Ha: Do you think that I am going to give into the people who killed my brother?

Secretary Eun: Kim Hang Ah’s needs to testify to see where your loyalties lie.

Hang Ah: I will prove it to you, until you are satisfied.


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  1. what?!?! bong goo plotted that hang ah actually killed the king?!?! nooo, this can’t happen D: and secretary eun’s just going along with it 🙁

    • I;m so disappointing in sec. Eun’s how could he do that to Hang Ah and also these accusations could cause war to erupt between these two countries, is hiding his guilt (be it he wasn’t a willing conspirator in the whole event, he just got used) that grater than the lives of the people his truth can save.

  2. Thanks for the translation! I cannit wait for the next episode!
    Oof, so hang ah is gonna be blamed for the murder? Not cool. I hope jae ha comes to his senses and she proves her innocence!

  3. thank u Madam K…. I love this drama so much it hurts…. like you I never thought I would love this immensely but i just can’t ignore the heart in this drama…. for me this drama is in such a perfect balance of comedy and angst…. the one I really look forward every week…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I just think it’s kinda weird they made a big deal out of him being her first kiss, but when it comes to being her first time ever, they show… nothing! ;( I just hope we can get a proper scene for after they get married! (maybe that’s the reason they didn’t show? it wouldn’t be “proper” to do that before the marriage?)

    I know this drama isn’t only about the romance (thank God! Some dramas are made of more than just that), but still… I miss more Jae Ha/ Kang Ah scenes… (I’m spoiled from the first episodes, what can I say)

  5. Koala, I so love you for this update and for the most beautiful screencaps that had me swooning again. I swear, the number of times I repeated these scenes…I may have lost my mind already.

    And may I also add another thing that sealed the deal for me that they did it was the way Hang Ah looked at him while he was sleeping. HJW really nailed that look of unguarded vulnerability and affection that can only mean one thing for me. And *sigh* yes…the way he pulled her and said “I am your fiancee and king” was definitely telling. (Sidenote: I had to pause that part and his expression. LSG has never looked manlier or hotter in my eyes. Rawr.)

    I am also an HJW fangirl who was obsessed with SeGa and then wondering later what the heck was I thinking. Now I can’t even bear to look at the DVD set that I bought at the height of my addiction. But watching her performance as Hang Ah in KT2H definitely brought home to me how great of an actress she is and made me love her even more. This reminds me of Damo and Bali, two of my all-time faves, with her nuanced acting.

    • I agree with you…Ha Ji Won is absolutly great actress, I love her more and more and more. And… If LSG is very good in this drama is because he has Ha Ji Won like partener. It’s the same for HB in SG, JIS in WHIB or Jang Geun Suk in HJI

  6. Thanks Mrs.Koala.
    Oooo how I hate secretary, his own mistake he transfers to KHA. Now I’m curious to see, what’ll happen when SKyung finds out, and what JH will do now.., will he stand up for her, or do what others tell him.

    • Ditto… Based on the circumstances, Sec Eun might not be in a big trouble. The king and queen didn’t die because of him. He didn’t know that Daniel Craig had any connections to Club M. His role in their death was indirect. It’s probably likely that Sec Eun will help bring down Club M in the end.
      I want to know why John Mayer became so crazy and why he believes that he should be king? What does he have against the Royal family?

      • I think that John Mayer is the kind from ep 1, who stabbed king JH with the pencil…If they were in the same school, maybe it means he’s having royal blood too. Who knows 😉

  7. Thank you for the translation Ms. Koala.
    Seems like everyone is going to blame hang ah for the king and queen’s death. What will jae ha do? Argh, stress. Can’t wait to watch it.

  8. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! Loads of hugs and kisses to you!!

    oh, that bastard Eun!! What a coward….i’m literally seething with anger!!! You cannot imagine my relief when I read JH’s line at the end….ahhhh!!

  9. omgggg just based on what the secretary is saying in the preview, i want bitchslap the old man!!!! HE of all people know who caused the death of the king and queen. Now he’s trying to play the blame game?? NAH UH!

  10. Mann, why?! I’m looking forward til they get their sweet time but next week seems to be really gloomy with all the angst and misunderstanding hhh. Do you think that in the future lee seunggi will sing an ost for this drama considering that he did those brilliant ost for my girlfriend is gumiho. I wish that he does, the producer doesn’t want to waste such a voice. But then again, it will add to his work load. I hope that he’s also taking care of his health hehhe. Thanks ockoala :}

  11. Secretary Eun is just going to let Hang-ah be prosecuted for a crime she didn’t commit. I hate Secretary Eun now. I was sad about his circumstances earlier – he didn’t mean to get the king killed and just felt so bad and guilty about it. But now he’s just pinning his crimes on an innocent person. I hate Secretary Eun!

  12. I am hoping that Jaeha will side with Hangah regarding the accusations that will be thrown her way. After all that they’ve been through, I think Hangah has already gained his trust. Wish we’ll see our new king’s wise and smart ways in the coming eps.

  13. re. bed scene….i also think they slept together, if not why do HA change her clothes after they sleep?? I guess the PD didn’t want to make it big, he just want to show that they have slept together ‘coz more important is JH put his sorrow and face it with HA

      • yes, i’ve seen it…and lots fans already protest bout it, maybe becoz the cost to rental the building already take out all their money hence they put away the heater…poor actor and crew, they have to work at such weather…but the amazing thing is they still give us the best of their work, salute them 🙂

  14. OK, they did it, and it was good.
    But that means we better get some steamy later on when all the horribleness gets cleared away, and the only thing hotter than JH/HA’s ardor is the fireplace next to the bearskin rug they are lying on.

    • jomo dearie,

      Dost my eyes deceive me, or is your new gravatar my newly manly Seung Gi? 😉

      It appears that we’ve first been hit with the Yoon Si Yoon bat, followed by the Lee Seung Gi gut punch. It’s never felt so good to have all expectations (or lack thereof) exceeded.

      • Yes, I wear this screen cap in total defeat of my previous judgement of the Puppy MAN.

        This bite is much much worser, though, isn’t it?
        I mean, YSY is cute and all, but he’s not a MAN.
        (Remember his scrawny little body in the police station?)
        It’s good to be King and it’s good, in this case, to be wrong!

      • Si Yoon has all the potential, I just need to keep feeding him some steaks.

        Seung Gi? He’s simply perfect as is. Who knew all the boy needed was a decent haircut and a snappy (Kingly) new wardrobe.

    • @ Jomo,
      You keep saying that if they did it (and many clues point to that conclusion), then it was good :-). Hum… Are you that confident in the king? Do you remember how selfish and self centered he can be?
      Anyway, I just wanted to tease you, I couldn’t resist. (But honestly, maybe it wasn’t that good 🙂 ). You guys make it sound like this king is perfect at everything. I know he has an IQ of 187, but still…We don’t know that it was that good 🙂 )

      • It was good for him to have her with him in that way in that time.
        It was good for HA to be able to help him finally let go.
        And she was his 30 year old fiance, not a young maiden, so it was good that she experienced it for the first time, finally.

        But later, he had to repay her with the night of her life.

      • Hello Jomo, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

        I still personally wished the writers and directors had waited until JH and HA got married for their first time together. I know that is my personal opinion, and I don’t expect other people to espouse it. We are all entitled to our opinion.
        I would have preferred it if they had just fell asleep together, fully clothed, this time around. I am aware that I am not writing the script and that this is not my drama. I am grateful however, that we can still post different opinions on blogs’ sites.

  15. Episode 8 showed how perfect Hang Ah and Jae Ha are together. Hang Ah is sympathetic and understands what he is going through and expects nothing from him because he has a lot of weight on his shoulder already. She truly loves him and is always there for him when he needs her. She ask’s nothing from him, she waits patiently for him while the rest of the world seems to demand a lot from him because he is king.
    I know that the story is going to become darker because this writers style. Talking about that, isn’t Shi Kyung Secretary Eun’s son? That’s definitely going to complicate things between him and Jae Shin.

    I’m sorry to keep on correcting you, but some of the translations from the preview are incorrect. Hang Ah’s father tells her that “Jae Ha can’t protect you nor is he inclined to do such a thing. You are always the one liking him and crying alone.”
    Jae Ha didn’t say that Do you think that I would concede defeat… he said, “Do you think that I am going to give into the people who killed my brother?”
    Secretary Eun tells Hang Ah that she needs testify to determine where her loyalties lie.

  16. I’m positive that they slept together…especially since there’s also been a certain rumor floating around lately….I was pretty sure it was not true but after watching ep 8, I had to reconsider but it makes me even more apprehensive now…..also my heart is still beating fast after just finishing ep 8…this drama has both, made my crappy day better and also saddened me immensely

  17. Thank you so much KOALA for bringing us an update of this DRAMA, hence we’re always looking forward what will happen for the next & succeeding episodes. Sincerely gratefuly to you, GOD bless!!!

  18. If the lyrics of the ost is indicating, JaeHa will be hurting HangAh again and badly while his own heart is hiddenedly torn into two…
    HangAh will be hurt but still continue to stay by his side, on his side and… I think she would still win in the end which I hope as she is a fighter and a very strong one, physically and mentally!

    JaeHa FIGHTING!!! HangAh FIGHTING!!!

  19. This:

    Secretary Eun: There is something that needs to be done. Kim Hang Ah needs to be handed over to the prosecutor.

    and this:

    Secretary Eun: Kim Hang Ah’s needs to testify to see where your loyalties lie.

    Oh hell no, he didn’t! That old spineless conniving bastard! He needs to kill himself and save his son the heartache and shame that are sure to come when the truth about his wrong doing is finally revealed. Argh, Jae Ha needs to look at his hyung’s diary entries (Jae Kang most likely had a few entries about John Mayer’s crazy evil self) and put 2 and 2 together…

  20. Oh no!!!! We’ve all watched enough dramas to know that it can’t always be sunshine and rainbows, but framing the fiancee for a double murder?!?!

    Ep 9 is gonna be like a trainwreck – you don’t want to see it happen, but you can’t NOT watch. It’s gonna tear Jae Ha apart to think for one second Hang Ah had something to do with his brother/sis-in-law’s death. And then to find out he’s wrong?! OH THE ANGST!!!!

    • I cannot wait to see Jae ha throw Hang ah under the bus, cuz then she will prove herself innocent and head back to North Korea. Then Jae ha will really step up his game and go after her and prove his love for her.

  21. They could have done a smoother editing… Or forgotten the scene completely if it isn’t going to play any role later.

    I’m really going to be sad if Jae Ha accuses Hang Ah like that! That will be so sad.. I also hope to see Jae Shin and Shi Kyung more..

  22. I don’t think Jae Ha will be able to make it without Hang Ah… she’s the source of his power.. she’s like an oasis in the dry desert for him.. her existence is so essential to make him trough the day of being someone that he always able to avoid ( King ). But than again, being King doesn’t mean that he can do whatever he wants. I have a feeling of nausea for seeing how powerful that old secretary is.. how come everybody listened to what he said? my wish is this drama will be end in happiness ever after.. the process to that destination, I will try as much as I can to endure it.. thanks Koala dearie, your page is the first thing that I open when my Hearties addiction start shaking my sanity… xoxoxo from The Netherlands.

    • Secret… I watched pretty much the same drama from South America called I wasn’t to much into it. But HJW from my point of view was good 😉

    • I love secret garden and all the actors.It gathers award and recognition. Best drama for 2011 considering it ended january of 2011 and there were several dramas that followed .To still be recognized means it is a great drama. I’ve never been obsessed with other dramas after Secret garden but I would consider TK2H as comparable to it.. Hope that they continue doing a good job. It has a certain appeal.Quite different from aother dramas.Hope at the end that it will gain recognition for the actors.I’m not a Lee seungi fan but on this drama,he exceeded my expectation ands I hope that he’ll be recognized for it. TMETS is a good drama but the plot is so simple, what makes it appealing were the children that played the parts. The adults that took over were alright but I think that their performance were lacking especially the lead actress.If it will be recognized,it should be the children that deserved it.I I love Ha ji won.She’s a very talented and versatile actress.She doesn’t need to speak her lines, her face said it all.Quite an expressive face.

      • Oo Em, thank you, my thought as well (for TMETS). Only watchable was KSH, he was great 😉

      • I was commenting about Koala’s line that Ha Ji Won’s performance was worst in Secret Garden which was such a dud…I don’t know what her standards are when it comes to PERFORMANCE, but in my book and most people, her acting and overall performance is good.

        and about seunggi, I never liked shining inheritance and i’ve also seen gumiho…his acting is not just decent, they’re superb. You see those eyes? he doesn’t need to talk to communicate.

    • Secret Garden SUCKED? seriously are you for real? U need to google it ‘coz I won’t waste my time here for your statement..

      • I watched every bit of it. Are you for real too? I just stated what the author was implying..that the drama sucked so therefore her performance sucked as well. Seriously.

        And since we’re at it, yes..Secret Garden wasn’t all that good. The story began with awesomeness but went spiraling down but the actors were still superb.

    • That is a good question.
      Sometimes the second leads end up together and sometimes they don’t, so there doesn’t seem to be an acronym for them.

      I think when they do, people spell out the whole word as second lead pairing.

      There are also times when supporting characters hook up – as in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, or What’s Up Fox, or Personal Taste, or even BOF. I don’t know if there is a name for that…

  23. Everything that the otp do is just like dynomite ready for combustion, one glance and BOOM!! The world is blank with only that glance remains, its rare that there is a couple that you love as a whole and not because of their individual magnificence

  24. Way ta go, Capt Koala ! You’re draw d fastest gun for K2H !
    THX for d subbing of epi 9 preview even, dear.
    Urghh!! So much for me thinkin’ that I had successfully gone thru rehab for my addiction to Kdrama & to the K ‘who’s who’ ! Then , this comes along & sweeps me offa my feet! Waddya know ! Of all pairing , its Seunggi & Wonnie! To Me ,LSG was never memorable in his past dramas nor cookie-cut handsome like his KD compatriots . Suddenly! WHAM!
    I can’t get the mental pic..d lovin’ way LSG makes his character, JH, looks at Hang Ah!
    It totally gets at my gut ! Seunggi babe , you got K2H ! Finally , I see you!

  25. The MBC TV entertainment program “Section TV” broadcast on April 15th, 2012, Lee Seung Gi was troubled when facing with the question of “Among Han Hyo Joo, Shin Min Ah and Ha Ji Won, who is most closet to ideal type?” He chose Ha Ji Won, attracting attention.

    When asked if “It’s because of currently working together in The King 2 Hearts?” Lee Seung Gi said, “May be.” He went on to speak his mind honestly, “But Ha Ji Won is really attractive as a person, no matter as an actress or as a woman.”
    Oooo, so cute..but LSG sweety, there’s no maybe, it just be 😉

  26. Finally caught up on this drama… Was sitting on the fence on this one but as usual Koala’s recaps convinced me to give it a try and damn glad I did.

    Love the OTP… I agree that in TK2H, LSG and HJW complimented each other, unlike in SG, HJW was overshadowed by Binnie.
    And LSG surprised me… Never watched him before and he wasn’t hot like Binnie or SSH (i’m shaloow that way) which was part of the reason for being lukewarm about this drama. LSG is so good in the drama, so far he hit all the right notes.

    I do feel that the OTP’s relationship as engaged pair is moving faster than the development of their love for each other, whichever may be understandable, given the circumstances. I just hoped that Jae Ha’s feelings and trust in Hang Ah is strong enough to withstand the accusations hurled at Hang Ah. I’ll be royally pissed if Show goes the way of mistrust and misunderstandng etc just to create angst.
    I have faith for now… There should be a point to Jae Ha shooting Hang Ah before, how he was proven wrong and how hurt Hang Ah was by that incident.
    I hope that he will be the only one standing by her when the whole South Korea turn against her.

    • Hello Madqueen,
      I liked your interpretation and your explanation of the show. It made sense. And I agree with you, the OTP development as an engaged pair seems to be moving faster than the development of their love, at least from what we can see. I wouldn’t be surprised however if the show goes the way of mistrust and misunderstanding from JH towards HA in part because they have 12 episodes more to fill and the material needs to be as solid as it has been so far, not just fluff. 12hrs or so of script is not an easy task. We also know that it is a common Korean drama trope to put some angst in the story, to separate the OTP, so there can be a more meaningful (and maybe heartfelt) reunion between them. It would be hard to fill the next 12 episodes with only lovey dovey acts between our OTP.
      I also think that because JH is still not sure about his feelings for HA, it would make sense that he would distrust her and become very upset and angry, especially because he is still mourning his brother and sister-in-law’s deaths and has to see his sister in pain and potentially paralyzed for life, and the effect all of that is having on his mother. I can see and understand where he would be coming from if he distances himself from HA and for a while thinks the worst of her. The foundation for their love is not totally built and it is not solid. I would also venture to say that they don’t know each other THAT well, and he also has to deal with the pressures of his daily life and his responsibilities.

      • What I meant to say is that he (JH) doesn’t know her that well yet to FEEL in his heart that he can fully and totally trust her.

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