Hong Sisters Land Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Suzy for Upcoming Soul Switching K-drama

You can give this to the Hong Sisters, they have yet to do a drama that flat out sucks. I’m iffy about half their projects, but its more along the lines that it doesn’t work for me cohesively, but I can see why others love it. Every time they announce a new project, I find myself intrigued and excited, even if the cast doesn’t consist of my favorites. I’ve only been rabid about one of their dramas prior to its release, and that was Best Love due to my love for Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin. Summer seems to be the Hong Sisters favorite season recently, so its no surprise to me when they announced their next drama titled Big would be premiering in June on KBS following Love Rain. Starring Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, Suzy, and Jang Hee Jin, this drama is a body-switch caper with one Gong Yoo and three ladies. Lucky lucky him. I like this cast so I’ll definitely be checking this out, especially since I’ll be in the mood for a wacky rom-com after The King 2 Hearts ends.

In the drama, Gong Yoo plays two characters, the teenage boy and the adult man, whereby hijinks ensue when their souls switch bodies. The teenage boy finds himself in the body of a thirty year old man, who so happens to be the fiancee of his high school teacher played by Lee Min Jung. Suzy plays the teenage boy’s current high school crush/girlfriend, while Jang Hee Jin rounds out the cast as the ex-girlfriend of the adult man. I’m not sure how believable it’ll be to have Gong Yoo, who is past thirty and a few years out of the army already, playing a high school student. But hey, the last Hong Sister’s male lead was a forty year old Cha Seung Won playing Dokko Jin like he had the EQ of a twelve year old. I’m always game for their dramas, so I’ll definitely follow along with the production and see what interesting new tricks these two ladies have up their sleeves. It’s quite a coop to land Gong Yoo, who left for MS right after the ratings success of Coffee Prince, and returned to do some really well-received movies.


Hong Sisters Land Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Suzy for Upcoming Soul Switching K-drama — 17 Comments

  1. Wohoo, I’m a huge Hong sisters fan. I know a lot of people didn’t like Best Love but I loved it. CSW was hilarious, Dokko Jin was such a manchild.
    But wouldn’t it be more logical to cast another actor to portray the teenage boy, Gong Yoo looks great but he can’t pass for a 18 year old anymore.
    Lee Min Jung can do comedy so I hope there is a lot of hijinks when her “fiance” starts acting all weird ^^

  2. I’m not really a fan of the love… err.. I think we can call it a love dodecahedron at this point, but I will check it out solely for the Gong Yoo factor.

    From what I had read before, I hadn’t realised that it was a soul-switching plot, rather it was something along the lines of Big, where the same dude just grows up overnight. So will Gong Yoo be playing a student, as well as an adult that looks exactly like said teenager, at the same time? Or will they be in different time frames? The mind, it is confused…

    • Gong Yoo will not play the teenager role bt he will play the part of 30 year old possesed by a teenager’s soul so he doesn’t have to look 18 he just needs to act like one.

  3. Def. there will be another casting news. It doesn’t make sense for Gong Yoo to play “high-school boy” part…never mind the age and if he can pull it off- but wouldn’t it be strange for the teacher , Lee Ming Jun, not to notice the fact that her fiance and her student look the same…like exactly the same… so def. another cast for the boy part.

  4. I always look forward to a Hong sisters drama! While I have my favorites (I’ve seen them all) they always entertain me. GY and LMJ? Icing on the cake! 🙂

  5. My Girl was the only Hong Sister drama that I actually liked, but then it was one of my earlier k-dramas. Not sure if it was a lack of comparison back then or their style changed, but none of their newer dramas really captured me into their fandom. Honestly, when I first read soul switching I panicked. I thought it’s another guy and girl soul switching, but instead it’s a younger guy switching into the body of a older guy. Now, that’s pretty interesting and it’s Lee Min Jung! I can feel they’ll have chemistry by that pic. lol Now I wonder who the young guy’s body is?

  6. I would think the teenager is played by someone else and Gong Yoo playing as the adult wherein the boy’s soul enters Gong Yoo’s body. According to DB, “the adolescent doesn’t turn into an adult; he enters his body.”

  7. I’m skeptical but hopeful ….. they can usually deliver enough laughs and angst to hump our way through 16 episodes, but PLEASE pull it together better than you have the last 2, dear Hong Sisters.

  8. I just finished rewatching Coffee Prince this morning, and it’s left me head-over-heels for Gong Yoo all over again… and also yearning for summer. Can’t wait to see him on my small screen again!

    I tend to like the first half of Hong Sisters’ dramas more than the second half, but they’re always fun. Like you they don’t always work for me, but I can see why people are crazy about them. I think the HS do the comedy part of rom-com better than the romance part though.

  9. I love every Hong sisters drama they have some unique humor sense i think. I love gorgeous Lee Min Jung and I love my perfect guy Gong Yoo! this drama should be good but the only thing i didnt like for this drama it’s ‘body-switching’, i think if it is not well conveyed to the audience it can be disturbing and repulsive, especially if the switching bodies are not same age people! Let’s wait and see what Hong sisters are up to this time:D

  10. I like this cast so I’ll definitely be checking this out, especially since I’ll be in the mood for a wacky rom-com after The King 2 Hearts ends.
    I can´t think of the day when TK2H will be completed!!! I am already feeling sad knowing that the story have to come to an end! 🙁

  11. can i hv gong yoo and yoon eun hye in a drama again? will definitely watch it!!! miss them muchhhhh…sighhh…

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