Lee Seung Gi Picks Ha Ji Won as his Ideal Co-star and Woman in Section TV Interview

I think its safe to say that a Lee Seung Gi wave of love is about to be unleashed here at the playground. Despite his busy filming schedule for The King 2 Hearts, the baby boy of endorsement deals in South Korea continues to squeeze in time for his various other gigs (though he’s no longer doing Strong Heart or IN2D). Section TV managed to tuck in a quick interview with him on the set of his latest CF filming, where he was asked about the good reception for his performance and character in TK2H. Seung Gi was taken aback at the fan attention to his kiss scene with Ha Ji Won, and how folks saw it as an erotic kiss what with all the whispering beforehand and slow kissing afterwards. For his neck kiss scene in episode 2, Seung Gi teased that the PD had to pull him off Ha Ji Won since he tried to embrace her from the back, thinking that the kiss seemed rather sudden so there ought to be some hugging leading up to it. So sneaky, m’boy. And finally, for the grand finale, when he was asked about his last three co-stars Han Hyo Joo, Shin Mina, and Ha Ji Won, Seung Gi candidly chose Ha Ji Won as his ideal co-star and ideal woman. Talk about raising the temperature for the SeungWon shippers lurking out there. Watch the cute interview below.

Lee Seung Gi on Section TV:


Lee Seung Gi Picks Ha Ji Won as his Ideal Co-star and Woman in Section TV Interview — 52 Comments

  1. He, he…I post this couple minutes ago…Among Han Hyo Joo, Shin Min Ah and Ha Ji Won, who is most closet to ideal type?” He chose Ha Ji Won, attracting attention.

    When asked if “It’s because of currently working together in The King 2 Hearts?” Lee Seung Gi said, “May be.” He went on to speak his mind honestly, “But Ha Ji Won is really attractive as a person, no matter as an actress or as a woman.”

    LSG sweety there’s no maybe, it just be. So cute, he’s really shaken, because he knows how good they are together 😉 He really, really has crash and a blush…

  2. Reading his interviews notice, he never talk about what he felt when he kissed HJW.., he’s always like, they say, public said… Just admit you had blast, and you’re enjoying every step of the road 😉

  3. Well wasn’t the kiss. hot? It wasn’t just a physical connection but also the emotional overtones to it.Talk about a double hit to the female senses.

  4. If people thought that that kiss was erotic, what will they think of the kiss after Ja Ha confesses his undying love for Hang Ah?!?! Lol. It’s going to be one epic kiss!

  5. Thank you for sharing.
    By looking at the BTS, and how he talks about her, seung gi seems so comfortable working with Jiwon.

  6. I am literally smiling from ear to ear!! Seungi-gi’s totally fanning the shipping rumors. All those years as MC for Strong Heart…..this boy has done good!! I like that he’s kinda uninhibited vis-a-vis the PDA….he doesn’t get intimidated that HJW’ll will be on the receiving end of said PDA!! “….embrace her from the back” —> he’s lovin’ every minute of it!! Niceeee

  7. Awww…at “a wave of Lee Seung Gi love about to be unleashed”. People knew he was good at variety, singing, and MC-ing… We knew he could act, but this drama has just put him to a higher level. He is seiously amazing! Very very rare to find someone so talented in all fronts!

  8. Watching the interview, then re-watching TK2H episodes and BTS, I’m really amazed how Seung Gi can be like one adorkable puppy or a heodang (like with that BTS nape kiss) then turn into one hot tamale the next minute. Not that I’m complaining…

    With the 3 actresses mentioned, I believe HHJ is his closest lady friend from showbiz as they are of the same age & see/talk with each other more frequently. I do wonder what HHJ will say of his kissing scenes now…hahaha. For SMA, he is really struck by her beauty. For HJW, even before, he really admires her as a sunbae actress (and was vocal on how he wanted to work with her) but now it seems he admires her even more as a woman 🙂 I remember in 1n2d he re-enacted that foam kiss, who knew in the future that they would have their own memorable fridge kiss!

    On a side note, if they do get to hook up in real life (imagination going wild…) they’ll be the richest couple in showbiz. Since they both know how to save their earnings…both having received the award on saving’s day last year. Aside from hot sizzling couple on screen, they are good role models in real life.

  9. This guy is super smart. Not only did he just fan the flames of speculation (which he understands is part of the biz) but he also might have raised the ratings for K2H by floating the idea that he and HJW are a real couple. Genius.
    Is this the next “power couple” in Korea? *hee*

  10. Love love lovin’ Lee Seung Gi at the PLAYGROUND!
    This is the first K2♥ update of the week. Looking forward to the rest of them.
    HJW is so very evasive on her end about dating and marrying even at her age.
    Do you think she would lose endorsements if she hooked up with someone?

    Has anyone figured out why LSG’s King has taken over their brain? Because while I am living it, I haven’t really tried to understand it yet. I’m just enjoying the heck out of this infatuation.
    Maybe LSG LURVE = sum(+ deep voice + that fake out head move he did to her at the end of ep 2 + shoulders in the wet suit) ?

    • Omg. If those two hooked up for endorsements sales would fly though the roof. I’m sure that Dunkin Doughnuts sales have increased since the doughnut episodes. I wanted a Kripsy Kreme after watching the doughnut episode. Hahaha.
      I’m so head over heels for K2H. This drama is well written and casted… What are we all going to do after its over? I don’t think that even rehab will cure this addiction, not that any of use really want to be cured LOL!

  11. Oooh thank you for this!

    I try not to ship drama couples in real life because it hardly ever happens, but OMG I cannot resist with these two. I totally want them to get together in RL and live happily ever after.

    Also, I used to think LSG was cute. Now he’s SMOKIN’,

    Is it Wednesday yet?

      • We should ask Yoochun for the secret, he apparently knows how to get to the future. 🙂

    • Time traveling does exist, just go to sleep for three days. Three days will seem like a minute and it will be Wednesday. I’ve never done it, but I assume that is what it will feel like :). Or one of us can switch souls (secret garden)with the writer and get a hold of the script and make copies then switch back, but it appearently isn’t as easy as it sounds 🙂 because there are so many risks involved.

  12. if this drama wants to be end .. pls end it like SG…cause i think SG had a perfect ending ever after!!!!!..plss .. pls…

    • I am actually hoping the King sacrificed himself for Hang Ah and maybe baby in the end. Not a happily ever after person haha.

      • What John Mayer said on episode 5: “the man leaves and the woman dies”, gives me a goosebump. I hope the writer will somehow writes a happy ending for Jae Ha & Hang Ah. Jae Ha is in a very difficult position as he has to choose his love for his country or his love for Hang Ah. I hope in the end, Jae Ha will choose Hang Ah and let his sister, Jae Shin to take over the throne (okay this is like Goong’s storyline :D)

      • My problem with the Goong ending (as cute as it was 😉 ) was that it was almost as though Shin took the easy way out of his responsibilities and left the palace to his sister. For Jae ha, his journey is not only to forge a wonderful relationship with Hang Ah despite all odds, but to become a real King and be his brother’s successor. I really hope that Jae Ha’s love for Hang Ah will become the unifying force for the country and that it will make his reign all the more powerful and important to the fictional Korean society of K2H.

      • Oh, and I forgot….I would love to see the kids that Jae Kang wanted them to have!!! 😛

  13. it just pop’s me
    I’d like to se JONG DONG GUN on KHA and JH wedding.
    Seeing his face would be priceless.
    please make it happen!

  14. Seungwon …..he picks pretty Jiwonie as his best partner boosting the rating pts! I love the way the kiss…gentle and as sweet as honey, best 2012 honey bees…..Ooolala!

  15. K2Hs entirely change my perseption of the cute LSG to the manly LSG.OmG!!!! my hearts just skipped a beat just watching him in a uniform n as the King..if i were a man i would too fall for Ha Ji Won…i dunno but there’s something bout Ha Ji Won that makes you wanna hug her..she’s looks so warm,calm, collective & COOL to her co stars n even the crew productions..fighting!!!!! SeungWon..

  16. I just can’t help but wonder what would Hyun Bin do when he’s discharged from military. Will he maybe take Ha Ji Won back? Bwahah xD I’m rooting for both though.

  17. Lee seunggi is really like shin mina and he has cruch on her and also stuck by her beauty not only lee seunggi but also wonbin he only kiss her b/c shin mina is the only actress who have everything like perfect body,nice smile with dimple ,beautiful face ,clear eye and perfect acting by z way she and wonbin r the best beautiful couple. love u mina unnie her beauty is attractive like dimand.more power 4 u

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