Alice Ke Releases Book While Roy Qiu Hawks Some Luggage

Kyaaaaa, my babies Roy and Alice are so purty it hurts my eyes. This was actually a news worthy week for the former cast members of Office Girls. Roy Qiu was off shilling Tumi luggage, while his leading lady Alice Ke released a book of her acting projects paired with her writing, where she got her other OG co-star James Wen to attend as a guest star. At Alice’s book release, she played a game where she was asked her about interested and the result revealed that her ideal man was none other than Roy! Hahaha, her reaction was even better. She furrowed her brows and asked the MC whether this game was at all accurate. Oh she’s so cute! I can’t wait for either of them to pick their next project, though I find myself rewatching OG on occasion as a great mood lightener.


Alice Ke Releases Book While Roy Qiu Hawks Some Luggage — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t know why but posing with luggage in an event (rather than a photoshoots, for example) is weird haha.

    But both are looking cute and refreshing.

  2. hahah, i’m so over roy and alice, no more office girls for me…lol…it’s lee seung gi time with ha ji won and Rooftop Prince

  3. I love how you’re still posting about the two of them together. One of the cutest TWdrama OTPs ever.

    Alice is so much more gorgeous here than she was in OG – or rather, she was beautiful in that too but her styling didn’t do her justice. I love her hair and dress in these pics.

  4. “OG….a great mood lightener”. How true when the day isn’t your day and watching OG just brightens your mood. Hope they do not spoil it with a sequel or produce something similar.

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