Written Preview for Episode 10 of The King 2 Hearts

Who wants to go hunt down an increasingly evil secretary with me? OMG, that guy needs a beat down, though of course I’m only referring to Secretary Eun the character and not my awesome haraboji Lee Soon Jae, who can do no wrong when it comes to acting. I’m finding cracks in the characterization of villain Bong Joo and increasingly villainous Secretary Eun, where they are serving a narrative progression purpose to keep the story moving but not existing as stand alone individuals within the storyboard. But since the four main leads are so compelling for me, this is a limitation I’m willing to live with. I have a feeling this week’s two episodes of The King 2 Hearts will be an emotional doozy and I’m already dreading yet excited for it.

Written preview for episode 10:

Secretary Eun suggests that Hang Ah be subjected to a public hearing, but Jae Ha rejects that proposal. But Secretary Eun lies to Hang Ah that Jae Ha has approved holding a public hearing. Hang Ah is angry when she discovers that Jae Ha is not watching the public hearing so she exposes one of Jae Ha’s old emotional scars. Just as expected, Jae Ha yells at Hang Ah to leave the Palace…………


Written Preview for Episode 10 of The King 2 Hearts — 36 Comments

  1. Count me in! Where should we meet at? Ugh stress! I’m hoping that these episodes will not bring us too much heartaches & headaches. I still don’t know what Sec Eun is up to & hopefully he’s got bloody good explanation. Ugh strezzzzz!!! ^_^

  2. He still isn’t talking…Oooo I really need to come there…grrrr…
    Koala where are we meeting…
    Are we going straight to the palace 😉

  3. yeah I read this spoiler that MBC’s leaked yet again!! I wonder what the scar’ll be? Prolly not that he shot her, I think?! Somebody kill that secretary, already!! I know since LSJ is a veteran actor his character wouldn’t be the staid secretary. There would be more to him than met the eye! I was soo excited that while he dissed idols turned actors’ skills he praised Seung-gi!!

    I think we can at least breathe a sigh of relief that JH chose not to be entirely harsh about the possible involvement of N.K./HA!! This week’s going to be an angst fest, eh?! :/


    I read somewhere that the King/royal family were responsible for the death of his wife. Dunno, how true this is? If this is the case then it makes sense that now he’s upping his game in seeking his revenge!! :/

    • talk about no context in the spoiler above. o.O.But hopefully those who ‘chose’ to read it know who the ‘his’ is?

  4. I just want to say that I am not reading this, I am NOT reading this. I AM NOT READING THIS!
    But I want to sooooooooo bad!

  5. Just heard Rooftop Prince will be airing 3 episodes this week!! I caught up on K2H last week and loved it, now after reading the summaries for eps 9-10 I don’t know what to watch this week.

  6. Just when I thought I’m just stopping by for another (i don’t know how many it is today i stopped by here), you jerked my heart with a new spoiler for episode 10, even when my heart was not even ready for ep 9. Hahaha. This is another amazing ride for all TK2H worshippers. Daebak Ms Ockoala, you’re the best. Let’s cross our fingers and pray hard that the next two will be another daebak episodes even if it brings more tears and angst! Go Jae Ha and Hang Ah..fighting!

  7. Secretary Eun character is confusing me. I get that what he did was a very stupid and costly mistake with the death of the king. I don’t get what he motive could be? Also he knows how dedicated his son is the royal family, what will this do to him when he finds out.

    If he kicks her out of the palace where is she going to go? OMG can’t wait, i just can’t wait.

  8. NOOOOOOOOO!WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS STORY! it gives you the best episodes of your life then drag you to the ground like a maniac.
    But whatever, I love it still. Hehehe. :DD

  9. Thank you Koala for writing about TK2H everyday! Bless you 🙂 I am going mad from waiting for Wednesday to come, I am obsessed with this drama.

    Umm on the spoiler, I guess they want to rip our heart once again after Jae Kang’s death huh? I don’t really mind the angst, but if they leave episode 10’s ending at cliffhanger I don’t know how am I gonna survive waiting for E11 to come.

  10. TK2H story from soompi: “The once carefree and frank, Lee Jae Ha began to walk his road of revenge as the king after his older brother was killed in a bombing attack during his engagement. And as both of Jae Ha and Hang Ah slowly falls in love with each other despite of clashing and fighting at first, they finds themselves once again at the mercy of the political factors which had brought them together at first but now wants them to be apart.”

    Seems like the writer changed the storyline a bit, all along I thought that the King would be killed in a bombing attack, but instead it’s by carbon-monoxide (which it’s a wise move considering viewers have already complained that the story is so predictable). And peaceful death is much more acceptable to me, because I really adore King Jae Ha & his wife.

    Still wondering about John Mayer’s motive, other than he wants to be the King. Hopefully it’s not about birth secret storyline, writer, I have faith in you.

    Secretary Eun, it seems like he’s the one who wants to separate JH & HA. Maybe because he doesn’t like the reunification idea.

    I hope that after what they’ve been through together (especially during the 60km marching scene on ep 4), Jae Ha will still have a little faith in Hang Ah. But again, this is about the King 2Hearts, if Jae Ha is put in a position to choose his love for his country (and his brother, sister & mother) or his woman (Hang Ah), who will he choose?

    As we still have 12 episodes to go, it seems like the writer will put Jae Ha to choose his country first, then after that, he will realize about his mistake and go to NK to win her heart back.

    Arghhh stress… TK2H is taking over my life, here I am thinking about the possible scenarios. Thankfully today is the King Day… Looking forward to tonight’s episode. =)

    • or maybe.. with his capability and smart brain, if he could get both… why on earth he wouldn’t save them? I guess, he would do his utmost to do it~

  11. *stress* indeed , instead memorizing for my math test, in the equation is all hang ah + jae hae = me breaking the hinges of my couch from too much jumPing up … then down much like my emotions tonight

  12. Ajusshi, waaaaaaeee?~ :(( I was hoping you’ll have a saving quality of some sort. 😐 Guess I’m wrong. 🙁 I

    This drama is playing with my emotions. :))

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