Lee Bum Soo Joins Timeslip Dr. Jin and Kim So Yeon and Park Min Young in Talks as Female Leads

Well, well, well, this certainly slightly negates what I said not a day earlier about A Gentleman’s Dignity surely creaming Timeslip Dr. Jin when both premiere on May 26th. Today news broke that Lee Bum Soo has been cast in Timeslip, which pretty much means he’s the real second lead and Jaejoong is there for the pretty hot young thing quotient. I can live with that. Now I’m SOOOOO torn. On one hand, AGD has smexy ahjusshis in Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Kim Soo Ro. That’s a whole lotta manly man sizzle. But I simply LOVE Lee Bum Soo, he won my heart forever more in On Air and Giant. I know my roboty Song Seung Heon is going to get eaten alive, but as long as he brings the pretty, I’m good with that. Right now I’m leaning towards Timeslip, and the two actresses rumored to be joining increase my interest.

Timeslip is in discussions with both Kim So Yeon and Park Min Young. Say what? Okay, that’s strangely discordant yet weirdly intriguing. I hope Kim So Yeon is meant for Song Seung Heon’s character while Park Min Young gets her second JYJ guy in the form of Jaejoong (after she landed Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal). I don’t think I can handle seeing Song Seung Heon romancing Park Min Young. That brings back horrible memories from East of Eden when Song Seung Heon was paired with Lee Yeon Hee (and also screwed Lee Da Hae‘s screen time and story line over). For now, only Lee Bum Soo has been confirmed to be added to the cast (in his first sageuk in nearly twenty years of acting, woo hoo!), but I’m hoping the two rumored actresses sign on and this beleaguered production can finally get off the ground. AGD has been filming for over 2 weeks now, Timeslip has no more time to lose. Heh heh, me love puns.


Lee Bum Soo Joins Timeslip Dr. Jin and Kim So Yeon and Park Min Young in Talks as Female Leads — 23 Comments

  1. That’s a pretty hefty acting line-up, Mr. Hand Towel aside (smoking hot, yes. good actor? er, not really). I was rooting for the shmexy ajhussis of AGD but Kim Eun Sook is my drama kryptonite. Not that Han Ji Hoon doesn’t worry me because she (he?) has been pretty inconsistent throughout the years. TBDAW? Awesome. Road No. 1? Um, hell no. And oy the legal battles of this drama…I hope this is it for the casting because they’re cutting it close to premiere date. To be honest, I’m more excited about Faith because Song Ji Na is ♥.

    Summer is getting ridiculously loaded with hotties. Not that I’m complaining. 😀

  2. I just find it hilarious that Park Min Young is going against her ex-boyfriend. I mean Time Slip and Faith are filing lawsuits against each other. Well, I’m watching both dramas anyway but like the previous comment, I’m looking forward to Faith more. I’m just really watching Time Slip for Song Seung Hoon. I want to bask in his hotness :3

    • yes…. so agree.. Kim So Yeon my fav actress and I have not doubt she can pull off Miki Nakatani’s role.. I can see PMY in Ayase’s role as well… so it would be nice to see how this turn out… with the addition of LBS is icing on the cake…

      now i am torn.. if KSY and LBS onboard.. i would definitely have to check this one out no matter how much i look forwards to GD.

  3. I am speechless and yet, I will find words to say THESE people together make for a very interesting show.
    I would die of happiness to see a THT/KSH pairing.
    Are you kidding me? The two of them in saguek clothes and hair is like the most gorgeous thing ever?
    KBS picks good projects. Whatever he saw in the script must have been good. Let’s face it, he will always be better than what’s on the page.
    And if PMY said yes, that is also a good sign. She hasn’t picked a stinker yet…They like to cast her against these hotties, but her cuteness always sisterfies the relationship for me.
    She isn’t likely to set JaeJoong on fire, but that is OK as he is on fire all by himself.

  4. Lee Bum Soo as second lead alongside Mr. Hand Towel is just so wrong. SO WRONG. >.< He will definitely eat everyone up and alive.

    Now I have to watch this cos he's in it. Don't really care for the rest.. :/

    • I agree that LBS as second lead is VERY WRONG. He will eat SSH alive. Maybe he’ll pull a Park Shi Hoo and take over the screen time and become the lead as the drama progresses? Hmm… but then again it is based on a manga so eh

      I like Kim So Yeon, but don’t care much for Park Min Young. She’s cute, but I don’t care lol

      As for AGD, so many smexy ahjusshis! Kim Eun Sook’s dramas and I are in a love-hate relationship. I don’t think I’ve ever finished any of them. I would get addicted for the first few episodes, but I would stop watching and forget about them.

    • I SO AGREE….SSH is probably one of the weakest links in the acting department here….second only to JaeJoong maybe…but Jae Joong may not have as significant a role

    • With the news of PMY as lead, I really hope Kim So Yeon declines this drama. It is simply a crime to the art of acting to have someone as marvelous as Kim So Yeon play second lead to the terribly meh and uninspiring PMY. I like PMY as a person but she is such a mediocre actress.

  5. Why must they all be competing against each other? Sniff… luv all them ahjusshis. Anyhow – I just am really worried that LBS role will go the route of KSW in Miss Ripley… (no basis for this) but I want both SSH and LBS to get really meaty roles. 🙂 LBS also won me over in On Air. He is so good there.

    I like KSY a lot so I really really hope she signs on and is paired with MHT. PMY – iffy at best when it comes to acting. But she has a good following. Since none of the female leads are confirmed, I will just wait and see what happens.

  6. I was thinking that I may not watch because the only cast we had was all pretty and no susbstance but add KIim So Yeon and Lee Bum Soo to this mix and I’m so uttelry TORN…gaaaaaah!!!!!!!

  7. Honestly the japanese version will reign supreme over this.
    SSH can’t act at all (I admit he is eyecandy and I think that is the only reason he was cast) and he, Jaejoong and PMY will be eaten alive by LBS and KSY.
    PMY will not portray the same character as Ayase Haruka did, instead the character will be the younger sister in modern time and possibly a second love interest (eeew, possibly I love my little sister vibe) in the past.
    I have no doubt that KSY is just as good of a actress as Nakatani Miki so she and LBS is the only reason why I’m willing to watch this adaptation.

  8. Can we have Lee Bum Soo and Kim So Yeon play the leading role PLEASEEEEE???

    P/S Nobody can replace Ayase Haruka………. love love love her…

  9. I hate people who foresee things. the drama is still not yet out. . so don’t conclude yet that the 2nd hand pick characters will eat the main actors. . they were chosen because people who made this project believed in them. . SSH introduced korean drama’s in asia because of endless love, i look up to him and one of my favorite actors. . If some of you hav problems with the casting then don’t watch it. You all act great. Just check the achievements of the main actors.I don’t even know whats the background of the 2nd hand pick actors. .

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