Colorful Trailer for C-drama Female Prime Minister a Prelude to the Yun Zhong Ge OTP

Hhhhmmm, this might be the first Yu Zheng drama I’m looking forward to. Though my reasons are totally unrelated to how interesting the drama looks. The upcoming Female Prime Minister (Nu Xiang), about the only female prime minister in thousands of years of Chinese history, Prime Minister Lu Zheng of the Northern Qi dynasty, has just released a pretty gorgeous trailer. The leads are Zhao Li Ying as Lu Zheng and Chen Xiao as Gao Dan, the Crown Prince who later becomes the Emperor she counsels in the role of prime minister.ย This drama will be all the devotees of Yun Zhong Ge‘s first look at the chemistry and onscreen pairing of those two leads, who have been unofficially tapped by Yu Zheng to play Yun Ge and Liu Fu Ling in YZG.

I have to say Chen Xiao is ROCKING the royal aura and he’s got Ling gege’s piercing stare already down pat. And Zhao Li Ying is so adorable, I can totally see her being Yun Ge. I think the costumes in this drama are rich and colorful in Yu Zheng’s usual style, but hot damn are those are ugly as heck hair styles on the ladies. I hope the costuming for YZG gets toned down a bit and avoid these elaborate hair craziness. Nevertheless, I’m totally checking this out when it airs this Summer so get an early head start on some YZG drama prelude goodness.

This is totally Ling gege already. Squeeeeee~ Good choice, Yumama, I heartily approve. And the many faces of Zhao Li Ying convince me she can handle the emotional journey of Yun Ge from innocent girl to jaded woman. Now I’m all excited for YZG the drama simply because the casting is done right, just the opposite of how the Da Mo Yao drama casting destroyed my interest in its adaptation.

Pretty Trailer for Female Prime Minister:


Colorful Trailer for C-drama Female Prime Minister a Prelude to the Yun Zhong Ge OTP — 24 Comments

  1. Do you know when this is going to air? I’ve never heard of a female prime minister before. I’m kinda looking forward to learning about that part of history. Thanks for sharing!

    I agree that the hairstyles are a little too weird for me; okay, it’s very ugly I must say! How do they come up with these things?

  2. Hear hear! I approve 2nd. I have never seen Chen Xiao act before… but what a hottie he is!!!
    I think it is a marvelous idea to finally produce a female PM. We are finally heading into the 21st century ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bring it ON!

    Thanks a bunch Ms K ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. wow…I’ve never seen either leads in anything but they do look cute together and more importantly look the part of YunGe and LingGeGe. I’m pretty sure this drama will be all makjang-y like all the c-palace dramas but I spy another 2 actresses that interest me – Liu Xue Hwa and Cheong Ho Yee. And they look like they’re gonna be the bitchy antagonists. Kool. May check out a few episodes …

    Oh and the ladies hairstyle? Agreed. They suck. Big time. Even for my lenient taste.

  4. I think the costumes & hairstyle are great. Its luxurious for me. And its suite to the period time of their drama.

  5. No matter how terribly awful Yumama’s great sprawling dramas get, you have to give the guy credit for being able to assemble beautiful casts. Unlike some people *cough Tangren cough*….

    • LOL .. at all the Tangren hate here. Let’s be honest, Tangren has always been pretty good in casting, otherwise, we wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy the amazing chemistry between leads in Chinese Paladin 1 and 3, The Young Warriors, Legend of Condor Heroes, Strange Hero Yizhimei and Bu Bu Jing Xin etc. Yes, they miscasted and screwed up Da Mo Yao and it doesn’t suit the taste of the majority. But why take away and ignore their previous works?

      Anyway, quite surprised that he got LYC to sing his themesong.. Kuddos to Yumama..

      • I’ve never thought TR was good with casting. I didn’t like the chemistry in CP1 or 3, and I had huge issues with almost the entire cast of Yang’s Clan with the exception of Yuan Hong as Yelu Xie.

        The only time TR casting has worked for me has been in BBJX and LoCH2008, which actually means they are more hit than miss for me. I suppose its my love for the TR three treasures of HG-YH-LSS for such a long time that it’s allowed me to want to watch their dramas despite casting missteps.

        But DMY sorta broke the camel’s back for me.

      • I am sure Tangren will produce DMY well, I am watching productions by Eddie, and really can see him as HQB. Guess it helps picturing Hu Ge as Jiu Ye whilst reading YZG…. But I seriously can’t stand such colorfullness….. Period drama wearing almost fluro yellow? Sigh…. I can see DMY as a great ‘classic’ feel whilst YZG might b a let down in that department because YZ is filming it, unless he tones it down to match DMY… But the male lead is def Ling GeGe, I can see it! But costume wise, YZ, please don’t ruin YZG for me…. Pity Tangren can’t do YZG…….

  6. I have to say I look forward to this drama because watching the trailer, nothing comes back to mind. lol. I must have woefully skipped through his part in the history book but I really can’t remember about his prime minister at all. I seem to remember one of his ancestors/predecessors as being a profligate king who killed brothers and had a whole lot of corruption during his reign but I can’t remember at all reading about Gao Dan and Lu zheng. It’ll be interesting to watch a historical drama without knowing what will happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • OH…I think knowing the true history will butcher the story for you. The REAL history ain’t pretty! Though there was a powerful female minister in Northern Qi, she wasn’t recorded in a positive light at all. Let’s just say I’m toning it down a lot about the real historical figure the TV character Lu Zhen is based off.

      • Are there any Chinese women who wielded true power who were recorded positively in Chinese history? We are talking about one of the more historically misogynistic cultures of the world…

      • Thanks for the information! tbh, if the history is horrible (no surprise here), I’d rather know about it first. Otherwise, I might get too attached to the drama characters, and when I actually go back to read the book of bei qi, I might be horrified then 10x more than I am now, when I haven’t watched the drama yet. It bugs me so much that I can’t remember at all about this LZ. ^^”

      • Supposedly, I read that most of the boys in Gao ruling house of Northern Qi were famous for their super handsome looks, including the famous King of Lan Ling, and infamous for their sadistic behavior. The historical Gao Dan killed his nephew, usurped the throne, and raped his sister-in-law. When one of his childhood friends warned him that his wife was cheating on him, he killed his friend. His son, Gao Wei, was the emperor who ordered King of Lan Ling to commit suicide. I also read that another older brother of Gao Dan, Gao Yang, sorta went mad during his reign and decided to rape quite few of his sister-in-laws and then ordered his bodyguards to gang rape them. X_X

        In history, the character Lu Zhen in Female Prime Minister is loosely based off of Lu Lingxuan who was originally the wife a treasonous general who got beheaded and demoted to slave status to work in the palace. She somehow gained royal favor through her flattery or something and became a wet nurse of Gao Dan’s eldest son, Gao Wei. Lu Lingxuan amassed quite a lot of power during the Gao Wei’s reign, accepting bribes, and spreading corruption. She supposedly also had a part in the killing of King of Lan Ling. So yeah…in contrast to Empress Wu, who was still viewed as an effective state administrative by historians, Lu Lingxuan and Gao Dan seemed to be all rotten fruit….

        When i watch Female Prime Minister, I’m going to treat it as pure fiction/fantasy that has nothing to do with history…LOL…

      • What I just wrote above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more gruesome details that I didn’t mention. In essence, Northern Qi is infamously known as “Bestial Dynasty” due the insanely cruel behavior of its emperors.

  7. I think that it’s that little round thing of hair that comes down from the forehead. That just looks unnatural. You see it best in that middle top picture of the women. It’s like they couldn’t decide whether they wanted the leads to have bangs or not…

  8. Aaaahhh I wish ้”™็‚น้ธณ้ธฏ would be aired first, since it was filmed first. Zhao Liying is even cuter in that drama. Her chemistry with Qi Ji is simply beautiful. The leads are perfect for the novel characters and just how I imagined them. Glad she’s finally being appreciated as a real talent.

    • Can I know where I might be able to get more information on QiJi and Zhao LiYing. Are they real life partners/dating? I love them in “Love for a Perfect Stranger”. Maybe youtube links to the press release and other collaborations in drama of the two leads or upcoming joint collaborations for Qiji and LiYing?

  9. Look interesting… I like the music of the trailer.. Well.. a lil bit.. *sigh* I miss the good old days of chinese/taiwanese drama where the actor/actresses sing of their dramas and the good old days of chinese/taiwanese drama back when I was a lil girl.. now, i feel old as the new chinese/taiwanese dramas are alright to me….

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