First Look at the Overweight Unkempt Kang Ji Hwan as Detective Cha

*Speechless shock* Wow, so there is a way to make the hot hot namja Kang Ji Hwan look absolutely abhorrent. Yes, it involves a padded belly, greasy stringy overly long hair, copious amounts of facial hair, and a general obliviousness that makes for good laughs not but much swooning. For the upcoming K-comedy movie Detective Cha, which reunited Kang Ji Hwan with his Hong Gil Dong leading lady Sung Yuri, he pulls double duty as an extremely unattractive detective forced to transform himself into a male supermodel in order to go undercover. To solve what type of crime, god only knows. Zoolander still remains an epic masterpiece in self-absorbed absurdity, so I hope Detective Cha brings on the same level of laughs. The first stills released show only the pre-makeover version of the titular Detective Cha. I suppose its best that I get used to this iteration first, since I’m totally expecting sexy Ji Hwan to bring it when he morphs into the male model.

And just to wash the Detective Cha version of Kang Ji Hwan from our brains, here’s the original flavor Ji Hwan. Rawr.


First Look at the Overweight Unkempt Kang Ji Hwan as Detective Cha — 20 Comments

  1. Thanks koala for sharing this.KJH looks funny in the 2nd pic. But in last the photo ….. he is soooo hot nd sexy… desperately waiting for this new movie , though I don’t like Sung Yuri.

  2. Yeah, me too. But absolutely adore KJH. So is there a way we can wash SY off the movie, so I can at least enjoy it? Because I just gotta watch this… it looks like it’s gonna be a total hoot.

  3. I’m looking forward to this one. Hong Gil Dong is one of my absolute fave dramas and SY did a remarkable job in acting when paired with KJH compared to her other dramas and unlike most, I didn’t care for Romance Town. This is gonna be gooooood!

    • I was already loving this concept, but when I saw him strutting his stuff with that Batman buckle, that was it for me! (Amuse me well and you will earn my ardor.) I hope they do a good job production-wise, ‘cuz this has the potential to be awesome!

  4. ahahahahaha, he looks so awesome. I hope this is a silly as Zoolander (blue steel)
    And Sung Yuri actually is funny and they had good chemistry in HGD.

  5. Does the pre makeover involve stuffing something into his cheeks? Because he still has them cheekbones while in the styling chair.

  6. Omo, this photos have help me to survive TK2H agony last Wednesday Thursaday.
    KJH professional to the core 😉 lol
    This is gonna be Zoolander meets Zohan 😉

  7. ohmygosh! this is really making me laugh so hard! :))
    It’s incredibly hilarious and crazy! They must have a lot of laughs before getting serious in filming each scene! :))

  8. Oh, looking only in the pictures make us everlyone laugh, we will watch this, please OCKOALA, keep us posted on its development, again many thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow. This is when you realize he really IS an actor and not just anothe pretty face riding on his looks. Pretty gutsy of him. The poster pose makes me think he’s had a lot of fun playing this character.

  10. Waoo,characterization very good of our Kang Ji Hwan, the movie will be fun. I hope to invite YOON Eun Hye to THE PREMIERE.

  11. really cute oppa.But i still like your wear white suit.
    do you really love white???innocent!!!
    love your character.
    but you still more charming in Lie To Me as Gi Jun oppa.
    love you.
    i will support wherever you are!!!

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