New Princess, Bodyguard, and King Official Stills from The King 2 Hearts

The best way to welcome the arrival of the dreaded Monday is with new stills from the upcoming episode of The King 2 Hearts. While episode 10 left off on a very heavy note for the OTP, looks like things are on the up and up based on these new stills. At least for Princess Jae Shin and her stoic and earnest bodyguard Shi Kyung, that is. They have been getting less screentime than they deserve, probably because there is just so much story to tell that sadly they get the short end of stick. But everyone I know already loves them even with their limited but sparkling interactions, and looks like we’ve got a princess-carry for the Princess coming up. Squeee! As for our King? He appears to be having way too much fun, but who knows what the reason is behind the outing, but I bet money its all tied to getting Hang Ah back. Lee Seung Gi is doing such a bang-up job at playing older than his age that I forget how young he really is, but these new stills definitely show off his boyish side.


New Princess, Bodyguard, and King Official Stills from The King 2 Hearts — 41 Comments

  1. yay! im so excited for both of the couples? wedneday seems so close but yet so far! i hope this weeks episode will mAke up for all of the angst last week

  2. I’m really curious to see if Shi Kyung will have to look all serious on the ride xD

    While I absolutely love our OTP, I’m so glad that this drama have a set of secondary characters that are more than just extras to the leads’ life. It’s been a long time since I haven’t enjoy a side couple so much! Who doesn’t love princess and bodyguard love lines πŸ˜›

  3. Oh, our dear Earnest Bot! Love him. He steals every scene that he is in. <3

    And yes…writer-nim, more screen time for the princess and his bodyguard. I don't care much for Bong Gu, they need to cut his scenes, he only comes alive to me when he is interacting with Jae Ha. Ah, Wednesday seems so far away…

  4. I ship this couple a lot!!!<3 I'm so excited to for the next episode! This is the first drama able to influence my mood since BBJX.

    Thanks much much much much, mrs. koala!

  5. Hi Koala Unni,

    Thank you for the stills picture… But, in another note, OMG.. have you watched episode 9 of Fondant Garden yet? I think that is one of the best episode for me.. As the four lead are really great and show a lot of maturity and emotions…. Which I am totally happy…

    • I’m still watching FG, but episode 9 jumped the shark for me plotwise. I can’t grasp how far to the dark side the writers are pushing AL and HX’s characters in order to create the opening for HH and ME. That’s some huge characterization leaps that serve a narrative rather than organic purpose, and really takes me out of the story. Which is such a shame, because HH-ME are wonderful together and I do want the OTP to get together. But not at the expense of throwing the 2 second leads completely under the bus to get there. I feel like HX had a lobotomy within an episode, and AL went from harmlessly selfish to grotesquely delusional.

      • I understand Koala unni. For me, I understand how she got to the dark side in the name of love… For HX, I am not sure as I know that he is hurt and everything but there is different side. That is kind of why I like his character.. I feel that HH has been there all along but today was the break through of him liking ME.. What I do not like is how come they show at this point. There was few hints but dang it… It was a freaking huge leap on episode 9.. As for AL, ugh… I like her in the beginning as she seem to have a good heart even though she is selfish.. but to have her the way she is in episode 9… It was just ugh… Oh the freaking parents.. I soo feel like hitting them on the head as how they do not understand AL is trying to make amends. Regardless, I like the AL, HX, HH, ME showing maturity of how they are feeling. I hope that make sense to you Koala unni. *sigh* I do love the songs in FG.. Well, we shall see how it goes from the next episode.. I hope we can continue talking about it Koala unni…

      • I still plan to keep watching FG, and am happy to talk about it, but I worry ep9 is just the beginning of the downward spiral for me. I sure hope not, because I loved the first 8 episodes so much. Even HX’s struggle in episode 8 was understandable for me. But the WTF point came when they had HX-Al sleep together. o__O So so out-of-the-blue and not necessary, other than to push them past the point of redemption. Ugh, I hate that kind of storytelling extreme. Honestly, if HX told ME that he did love her but he cannot give up his chance at career success so he’s picking AL, which is the truth, then she would be just as sad and move on. She’s not clingy or the type to wallow in self-pity. I don’t understand why the drama doesn’t just have the secondary leads be honest about how selfish they are and be okay with it, and then have the leads move on naturally together.

      • Oh me too!… when I saw the HX-AL “sleep” together scene, I was thinking WTF? They did not just do that. Totally unnecessary in my mind… it totally goes way out of there. I was hoping that there would be at least some sort of reconciliation btw HX and ME. He was never honest with her at the end. And why? She’s is as you said, one of the nicest personalities out there – she definitely wouldn’t have been clingy. He is just weak & selfish. I guess him & AL deserve each other in this form.

        Anyhow, I still want to see HH get together with ME… but he also has his own needing to be honest with her too. I would really like to see him actually step up and grow up in his profession… be that going his own route or taking over his father’s company. I like that they are so cute together, but whenever I go back and see HX and ME… I do miss them terribly (them together pre-end of ep 8 & 9).

  6. He is my favorite! Now all we need is for it to be time for him to be on the darn screen! I can’t say he isn’t my fav, and the relationship with the princess makes me all kinds of happy.

  7. Actually Seung Gi oppa is a little afraid of heights so…

    (Taken from:
    “Amusement park staff:

    During shooting,he took the pirate ship ride for many times, Lee Seung Gi kept asking whether this is the highest the pirate ship can swing? He said if the pirate ship swings higher, he can’t take the ride!

    Director who sat at the opposite was taking the ride happily. When the shooting ended, Director joked that he wants to shoot additional one more scene to take a different ride which is very high up, Seung Gi who was afraid said NO NO~

    (ps:The pirate ship they sat during shooting is for KIDS!!!Aigooo..Seung Gi yah)”

    Sorry, Ms Koala. Hope you don’t mind.

    • I read this too! That he asked the staff how high up the viking ship ride would go. When they were done the director joked that they should try out the Mega Drop to which he kept saying: “andwe andwe!!” heh

      I’m pretty sure it must be hard for JJS to be serious at all times onscreen esp w/ jokester LSG around. And, these pix make me soooo happy!! jfhsdfhsfhzkdfhdfkh

  8. I love the princess fiery temper and wild passion in contrast with the earnest but awkward bodyguard. Im so glad they have their own storyline to develop and I can’t wait to see how each grows with the help of the other.

  9. It’s crazy how much I already adore the Shi Kyung-Jae Shin pairing (considering how little screentime they’ve had together) but I just β™₯β™₯β™₯ them to bits. *squees some more at the pix* And yay for our king getting to be lighthearted after all he’s been through lately!

    It’s nice to be able to marathon a previously aired drama and get instant gratification, but sharing the desperately-awaiting/devouring/digesting cycle with other drama devotees is also really delicious. Thanks for the yummy morsels and for all you’re doing to make this drama extra scrumptious, uri Koala.

  10. Jae Shin & Shi Kyung ADORABLE πŸ™‚

    Girls goes on bonding shopping, I guess boys goes to amusement park πŸ™‚
    He,he,he…looking at their faces this is JH idea, he must be threatting them to go for a ride;)

  11. You’re the best! Thanks for chasing the Monday blues away with this posting. More screen time for the two couples, please! Really not into the villian and his entourage of lamely acted side kicks.

  12. Hi Ms Koala, I visit your blog almost everyday. Thank you for the blogging and the recaps. I noticed you talked about Fondant Garden in your replies above. I am wondering whether you have checked out the ‘K-pop the ulterimate audition’ and am interested in your thoughts if you have. The first couple episodes might not be as excited as The Kings 2 hearts but I found myself getting addicted to it as every episode passed and really like Go Eun Ah’s performance. Thank you anyway!

  13. Probably the best stills I’ve seen so far for this series–earnest bot carrying the princess bridal-style, the princey doing some hand-holding with his guards, even that one dude’s expression on the back left (LMAO if you can spot him)…. just plain perfect.

  14. Princess is really slim…look at her slender arms when he carried her…

    Dun she remind us of Shrek’s wife? Just joking

    Now waiting for wed n Thursday πŸ™‚

  15. These are adorable and a great how-do-you-like-Mondays NOW? pick-me-up!

    Thanks thanks thanks!
    Two more wake ups till SHOW.

  16. Seung Gi at the amusement park is really cute! Wish I was there to see him in person, that would have been epic ! Love, love TK2H .

  17. Thanks so much… I haven’t this obsessed since M2F…. I probably won’t get to see the next episode until Thursday or Fri so any and all fix is great!

  18. Every time I see HJW in a series, I just love her with her co-star. I could ship any of them. They are just too cute with her. πŸ™‚ LSG… he’s a cutie pie… sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s so young but I can see his boyish charm but he looks so good in uniform. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the spoilers Cap K.

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