I Need Romance 2 Casts Jung Yumi, Lee Jin Wook, and Kim Ji Seok

I Need Romance 2? With this cast? Oh hells yeah, bring it on baby! The long-rumored second season to last year’s surprising hit cable drama I Need Romance finalized its main cast today. It’s a combination of which I have never once considered, but now think has the potential to be brilliant. Quirky leading lady Jung Yumi (the one from Que Sera Sera and not the one who is currently the evil bitchy sister in Rooftop Prince) will be picking between Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Seok in another look of modern dating in Seoul. Considering how the first season of INR pushed the boundaries in the making out (and then some) department, I might need to take some tranquilizers before watching INR2. Robot Ryu from Spy Myung Wol being all hot and sexy times? *fans self*

INR2 will be written by the same screenwriter who did the original, with two new PDs at the helm (one did Fashion 70s, the other was the assistant PD for When It’s At Night). I’m a little disappointed the original PD couldn’t be back since I love the cinematography about the original. Hopefully these two PDs will preserve the same dreamy romantic feel. I think picking this project is a great career move for all three leads. Lee Jin Wook must wish he could erase his last drama SMW from his resume, Jung Yumi hasn’t done a drama since QSS (where coincidentally she starred opposite Eric, but now gets Eric’s last co-star Lee Jin Wook), and Kim Ji Seok is just back from military service. Doing a edgy cable romance drama could give their careers fresh new boost. INR2 will premiere in June on tvN.


I Need Romance 2 Casts Jung Yumi, Lee Jin Wook, and Kim Ji Seok — 29 Comments

  1. Kim Ji Seok: He’s the only one i have a problem with, but it’s surely because of the characters he played in Personal Taste and Vineyard’s Man: A mix of irritating, manipulative and misogynist guys. And i don’t find him attractive at all. Is he supposed to challenge Ryumance? I just can’t buy that…

    • I thought Kim Ji Seok did really good work in PT.
      We should have just hated hated him, but I remember feeling sympathetic to him at times.
      Did he play the same jerkity jerk in VM?

      • He was that condescending man, always belittling the country people, a Doctor of the city who pinched his nose when arriving at the farm.

  2. tvN you put smile on my face, INR2 waiting, waiting, waiting…

    This is gonna be long year. I’m booked with dramas until the autumn.

  3. It’s so funny because I just watched Strong Heart, the first episode with Lee Dong Wook, and Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Seok are total best friends… They go eat together, shop together like couples (choosing clothes and the tie that goes with them for eachother), they go on vacations together (in Hong Kong, Thailand, etc), go to concerts and movies, etc…. They were even asked if they were dating because of their extreme closeness… So if theres going to be a love story in his drama, it might as well just focus on them two, but that’s a bit worrying for the lead actress… She might become the third wheel instead.. ^.^

    • haha.. i watch them on strong heart too.. lee jin wook is so damn hot!!.. both of them are funny in SH.. xDD … im suprised that his bestfriend kim ji seok acting together in this drama.. haha.. lol.. can’t wait to see it.. this drama will sure be in my next drama list to watch.. hehe.. =)

    • omg they were soooo adorable on Strong Heart! The funniest thing was Lee Dong Wook’s face when those two were talking about their “dates”. It’s like he’s been left out 🙁

      • I also watch them on strong heart with dong wook it was soo cute haha thats why when i saw that they are going to be in a drama together i wonder did they planned it since you know they even keep their schedule close so they can hang out haha! I can’t wait for INR2 because season 1 was soooo HOT! like it was not some child romance….i hope season 2 will be good cause usually any second season tend to be bad T-T

  4. ooooh I am so watching this, Jung Yumi is so amazing she brings something so fresh to her characters, looking forward to this.

  5. I LOVE HER!
    I really really love her.
    INR2? Seems kinda light-weight for this girl, especially after The Crucible, but that could be a good thing.
    She seems to have chosen her projects well in the past.
    Let’s see her again with Park Hae-il, or even better, Eric, that would be nice.

  6. she’s not the same jung yumi from Rooftop Prince
    i thaught so too but QSS Yumi is an 83’er
    and RP Yumi is an 86’er

  7. I adore Jung Yumi! And QSS was a great drama (I think it was Eric’s best work)
    I’m so watching this because I loved the first season and because the relationships were far more realistic.

  8. I’ll definitely be tuning in to check it out: they have already got the writer right and the actors chosen intrigue me — wish we had a rough storyline idea already. That said, I’m also iffy on the PDs, as I’m not a huge fan of Fashion 70s and When Its At Night.

  9. I wasn’t massively fond of the original – the kissing scenes were great, but I really wanted the heroine to end up with the cutie second lead, not her cheating ex. Hopefully it’ll keep the charm of INR1 while selling the main couple’s romance better this time. Jung Yumi is super talented and Lee Jin Wook is obviously an added bonus! Damn he’s hot.

      • But in INR you could argue that the ‘second lead’ was the main lead.. If not for the actors playing the role. I mean, with Prince Yul (lol what’s his name again?) as the ex, it was obvious she will end up with him.

        It would be fun if they switch things up this time, but looking at the cast, doesn’t seem like it will happen.

  10. wow…that’s her from QSS, OMG i didn’t notice it at all, she’s so beautiful, i’ll wait for this. Hope they’ll play it as smooth as INR 1. Thx for the info Ms. Koala

  11. But they are like Best Friends…they have like their own brand of BFF hood going on real life…can this be titled I need Bromance instead?..prettly please…I really wish someone would make this drama

  12. The Jung Yoo Mi in this is yes she was born in 83′ but the Jung Yoo Mi in Rooftop Prince is supposedly in her 84′? But yes can’t wait for INR 2!! Thanks!

  13. oh dear… I love the cast!!!! better than INR1 actually…ohhhh i hope the story is better too…. hmmmmm I have some issues on how the first one ended… i would’ve wanted the girl to end with no one and just happy to be with her friends and free to be in another relationship….For me. that could have been the perfect ending…..I adore Jung Yumi and I believe she’s one actress who gives depth to her role….and Lee Jin Wook??? woaaahhh no amount of words to describe him…. am so excited with this!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. I liked Lee Jin Wook ever since his Smile Again drama where he managed to capture my attention even though I HATED the story. I loved him inside Sunshine with Bae Doo Na and inside Air City. Powerful Opponents he was very overshadowed by 2nd male or otherwise, I’d love him with Chae Rim. I couldn’t watch him inside Spy, so definitely happy he has a new drama finally. Maybe I’ll watch this korean drama. I’m so distanted from k-dramaland because of these chinese novels lately. They totally owned my heart.

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