Unconfirmed Spoilers for Upcoming Plot of The King 2 Hearts

Have some new stills of the return of Kim Hang Ah, North Korean special forces operative trained to kill Lee Jae Ha on sight. I can’t wait to see Hang Ah dust off her fighting skills and use it with Jae Ha to kick a certain crazy lunatic back to whence he came from (hell?). What’s more exciting than these new stills is a wholly unconfirmed spoiler flying all over weibo this morning that actually reads so probable. Don’t shoot the messenger if this turns out not to be true, but I think it is, so this just makes me even more anxious for this week’s new episodes. Like, so anxious I woke up gnawing on my arm kind of anxious.

Jae Ha gambles with his safety and the chance that he could be deposed as King, insisting on going to North Korea to bring Hang Ah back to South Korea. Hang Ah drags her self, still weakened after the miscarriage, and goes to save Jae Ha who is in danger of being assassinated, along the way directly rejecting a direct order by the North Korean government.

In South Korea, Hang Ah becomes the people’s hero for saving the life of the South Korean King. With that, no one dares to say another peep about her qualifications to become the Queen. North Korea sees that Jae Ha is willing to put his own life on the line to protect a North Korean woman, and this also calms down any North Korean intention to escalate conflict.

With that, North and South Korea return to its peaceful detente state. This greatly upsets Bong Goo, who starts plotting something even bigger…….. Both leads will gamble with their lives so they can valiantly oppose his nefarious plan.

The reason I think the spoilers are true is further confirmed by the latest picture to be released by MBC. Wahhhhh, someone is trying to hurt wuri Jeona. Hang Ah-ya, go save your hubby! By the way, I think the entire royal bodyguard force should be sacked. First they let Jae Kang and his Queen get assassinated just like that. And now they allow a gun to be pointed at Jae Ha’s head. What the heck? Most useless band of bodyguards EVAR. I decree Hang Ah needs to go show them all how it’s done.


Unconfirmed Spoilers for Upcoming Plot of The King 2 Hearts — 63 Comments

  1. Hang Ah is back!
    Oooh, can’t wait, can’t wait.
    Happy kingday hearties…
    Fightking~! (A fan wrote this in DCTK2H gallery message board..^^)
    Thank you Ms. Koala.

  2. Thankyuuuu….. OMO, i’m lurking this site like every hour. i’m totally excited. thank you … thank you. love u……..

  3. I want Hang Ah to save the king to prove her sincerity to SK but she must not be easily swayed by his pleading to going back to palace. Kim Hang Ah fighting !!!!! and bye the way, Ha Ji won Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo musch
    thisthe best gift after along day its kill just thinking of how much time still to watch this and now i more happy that it will be soon

  5. Thank you Koala Unnie! This week has just been too long! I just can’t wait for tomorrow! Have you heard that N. Korea made a threat to S. Korea that they would be able to blow it up in 4 minutes or something?? I just found that interesting cause it led me to think about K2H even more! But maybe N. Korea wants to assassinate our Kingie cause they can’t obviously blow up a whole country! Just food for thought πŸ™‚

    • heard the same thing and frankly, i think that the statement from NK might just affect this week’s ratings of King 2 Hearts. pppppllllzzzzz say it won’t πŸ™

      • i’m thinking that it will because, that would be a major thing in S. Korea. So viewers would be rlly interested in the show with all the buzz about it. it must a pretty big thing in Korea right now.

  6. Gosh… I almost cried upon reading this spoiler. It made my heart melt knowing both are willing to risk their lives for each other. I can’t keep waiting … hours are like days !! And that proved how HA loves the King so much , thus nobody dared to talk bad about her at SK anymore. BRAVO… I hope this is how the story goes in the next 2 episodes.

  7. The worst security ever is in this show, seriously!!! But then this is a show so why take it seriously. Bull, what am I saying, I cant help it, uhuhuh. I am hyperventilating till I get I get the recaps tomorrow morning. arghhh cant wait for the videos!!!

  8. “This greatly upsets Bong Goo, who starts plotting something even bigger…….. Both leads will gamble with their lives so they can valiantly oppose his nefarious plan.”

    HOLY F*CK!! oh goshhhh, now not only do I have to worry about the second half of the series being good but also if my leads will actually be able to make it to the end. My heart hurts soooo…

  9. wah! Nice! Hooray for HA! I just hope that they get a proper royal wedding (night’?) before the shit hits the fan!

  10. This made me smile. Thanks koala!:)

    But yeah I heard about the tense situation between N and S nowadays. Hope it wont affect the ratings for k2h because it is simply awesome!:)

    • I’m going through withdrawal! Need my drama crack fix!! Alas, I have to wait until Thursday as I cannot understand Korean but its my goal to learn πŸ˜€

  11. Thanks Koala!

    Ohh…. I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait for tonight.
    The weibo spoilers are what I expected actually, after seeing those action pics about HA kicking ass. This is a logical way for HA to be accepted back in South Korea, by saving their King and defying North Korea since North Korea is pissed off with JH.

    Ok, so we have HA saving JH with her “brawn”. With his IQ 187 brain, can we have JH reciprocating by saving HA, maybe from loony Bong or evil (?) Secretary, soon? Like how he did with the UN officials when they tried to open HA’s knickers case during their inspection of the WOC training facility in NK?

  12. Thanks Ms. K for the update and i also agree with you in the fact that the entire royal force should be sacked . .. starting off with their ‘not’ so trusty secretary. . . .

    • if the entire royal bodyguard force would be sacked that goes to say that shi kyung would be sacked too since he’s one of them eh. oh no, please, not shi kyung!

  13. ahhhh thx for the spoilers!!!!!!I hope it’s true and it makes sense

    BUT just one thing, “North Korea sees that Hang Ah is willing to put her own life on the line.”
    This is actually supposed to be Jae Ha not Hang Ah (which makes more sense anyway)
    The north see that Jae Ha is willing to put his life on the line for a North Korean woman therefore this calms North Korea too


  14. Your comment about the bodyguards made me crack!!! LMAO!!!!!!!
    U r sooo right! This is killing me!!!!! we are almost there!!!!!!! ;D
    Epi 10 & 11 pls come to mama!!!!!!!!

    • I cracked up, too, when I saw those comments. What is with them royal bodyguards? Majorly shirking their duties. Subs! Permanent ones! Love Shikyung, but even he (and Dong Ha) disappointed me when the king said to get that madman and do horrible things to him, yet (after they took eons to get to where Mr. Creep was) they looked on as if they were helpless. I mean I didn’t expect they could do exactly as the king commanded at the moment, but surely something could have been done, especially with creepazoid crazily yelling that he’d kill them/the king. Aaah…JH and HA’s “vengeance is mine” episodes, come to me!

  15. woahhhhh thanks for the spoilers madam K!!! am chewing my nails until tonight…. ohhhh might as well cut them short before they look horrible…. ahhhhh the wait is killing me…..

  16. “By the way, I think the entire royal bodyguard force should be sacked. First they let Jae Kang and his Queen get assassinated just like that. And now they allow a gun to be pointed at Jae Ha’s head.”
    Hear ! Hear ! They are the MOST redundant bunch of Security force ,I’v ever seen on film/TV!
    Don’t forget , that they left d princess to shop unescorted in d open market & allowed her to walk straight into hell’s arms !!!
    What happened to her posse of security officers, tasked to look after the country’s only princess ?
    The same ones at d club & also at d informal dinner wt her frens…Where were they??
    In the real world , countless heads would have rolled for thz atrocious lapses of security ! Grrrrrrr *Breathe in Breathe out *
    Say 10x ….” Love is on d way ….LOVE is on d Way ….LURVE! ” Tonight . Yahoooo!

    • I know he better pick up the protection shtick soon because I am concern for Jae Shin and if he loves her as its blatantly obvious to me, he better get to protecting her!! The ambulance scene scared the crap out of me!!

  17. By the way , LSG needs to ditch his old portobello mushroom-inspired hairdo & permanently , keep a short sleek do. While the going is HOT , he should also dump his weird shapeless sweaters & gawdy-colored printed stuff . I’m sure a ton of people are telling him how GOOOD he looks wt K2H’s body fitting shirts & suits. Its 2 different worlds of look !!
    Daffy duck versus Dapper Dude ! The choice is a no-brainer .

      • By the looks of it ( in interviews, Variety shows etc) , he’s quite a charmer ! I hope his stylists wise up to his new manly appeal !

    • Totally agree, he needs to fire his stylist and hire his TK2H’s stylist ^.^ As his current stylist loves to mismatch ahjussi style oversized sweater…

      • Actually ,I think you’re right !! If d stylist ain’t got taste now , then
        he/ she can’t summon what doesn’t exist in her creative fashion scope.
        To be fair , he /she must have tried their best for him but look what he was styled in ! Yuuucks. Ain’t got it then , Ain’t got it now.
        OK , ditto the stylists be swopped or sacked!

    • Amen to that, sista! Loving his short and sleek do and the more form-fitting clothes. Please keep that…and them. Well, okay, maybe you can’t literally keep the clothes but you can keep up the style, or at least closer to it than the “before” look.

  18. LSG takes every opportunity to be beside HJW, all with the big smile πŸ˜‰
    If that’s not crash I don’t know what is it πŸ˜‰

  19. Great article and some BTS pics…omg, I am grinning like a lunatic anticipating these scenes. So from these pics, I think that they will drive to that cherry blossom lane after she rescues him? Kyaaaaa….what could be a better reunion than after a life or death situation?


    Looking at Seungi-gi grinning/smiling at HJW makes my heart beat fast. πŸ˜‰
    Its insane how hard it is to wait…ep 11, hurry up!

    • I am grinning like an absolute loon in the lib at the photos in the article you just posted and the spoiler from this koala-entry. People are trying to shift away from me inconspicuously ahahahaha…! XD

      Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! So exiteddd <3

  20. I wanna like this, I do. But ridiculously over-the-top villain, the fact they made it SO easy to attack the royals, and one certain female NK’s so-called top operative who weirdly behaves/dresses like a 15-yr-old schoolgirl whenever she’s not on soldier-mode… I just can’t.

    • We do have 10 more episodes to go you know.
      All the jubilation aside, I don’t know how much in the ‘unconfirmed spoiler’ will turn out to be true.
      So, relax. Just enjoy those lovely pictures and happy thoughts for a change. I am sure we will be heading to some kind of anxiety chamber soon enough.
      TK2H, fighting! Writers, fighting!

    • If you have watched it from the beginning, then you will surely get a good understanding of their character. Particularly that female NK soldier you called as weirdly dressed or behaving like schoolgirl. If you cannot like it, that is your problem. Your loss, not ours. WE WILL STILL GO GAGA OVER THIS DRAMA !!!

      • Yeah, that is MY issue with the problem – I kinda wish she was full-on badass and all-, if it’s not yours then good for you, to each of their own. And I did say I really wanted to like it. Well, if different opinions ain’t welcome here, okay then…

    • Wow! Even nice koala’s playground got infested with (one) nasty comment @Proof!
      And naive me thought we can worship TK2H here wholeheartedly and peacefully.
      Thank you, Kingkong, for your rightful rebuke!

  21. lady warrior is back…. she’s bacccckkkk!!!!! i’m love it! she’s more attractive doing badass… and it’s proven that she’s THE ONE and ONLY korean female action queen… NOBODY DOES IT BETTER THAN HA JI WON……

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