Koala Overdoses on Happy Pills on the Latest The King 2 Hearts Spoilers

I am pretty much speechless right now. I seriously did not expect this. A lot of dramas are too ambitious in the beginning and toss the kitchen sink at us, only to let many plot threads lapse or putter to a sad pointless conclusion. Most of the time that doesn’t bother me too much, though I do notice it like I notice a random thread sticking out. Only if there are too many threads sticking out does it becomes impossible to avoid. A bunch of new BTS spoiler pictures that just came out for The King 2 Hearts had me hooting and hollering my joy (and may have caused the neighborhood dogs to start howling). I’m so happy I can cry, because it looks like one of Tk2H’s biggest plot points will be coming back and taken to a satisfying conclusion. This is almost too good to be true, but sometimes the drama gods do deliver when all the stars align properly.

Team WOC is back! And back for good! Looks like the North and South will in fact go through with the WOC competition. Woo hoo! Though be forewarned about even more cringe worthy English forthcoming (and maybe even the butchering of French, German, Chinese, etc.). Whatever, I no longer care about that. It’s nothing considering how much sheer AWESOME we’ve gotten in everything else. Even crazy Bong Goo has officially become both frightening in his insanity and amusing in his insecurity. Love it.

I seriously want to cry tears of joy knowing that the writers didn’t develop the WOC training just as a McGuffin to bring Hang Ah and Jae Ha into each other’s orbit and then drop it once they move into the King and future Queen phase of their relationship. Remember the WOC Championship as a joint Korean team was Jae Kang’s dream? How meaningful is it that Jae Ha and Hang Ah, together, will make Jae Kang’s dream come true AND use it to thumb their noses at Bong Goo. So damn satisfying. I’ve heard the WOC scenes being filmed here won’t be shown until episode 17, it really all depends on the editing and how the rest of the drama is paced.

This also puts to rest our fear that powerful and strong Hang Ah will be reduced to a wallflower Queen. Not at all, she gets to do what other Queens and royal family members could never dream of. She gets to represent her country not just as a symbolic figurehead, but as a true competitor. For Jae Ha to be participating as well is so rewarding. Remember the guy who was so pissed that Jae Kang arm-twisted him into doing it, and then proceeded to do everything he could NOT to train properly. Now look at him! Sniffles, our boy has grown up. I’m going to have to start dusting off my top ten list, because chances are high this drama’s going to bump someone off it in 8 week’s time.

Finally, there is one spoiler picture released of the supposed setting of the official engagement between Hang Ah and Jae Ha. This makes me happy, too, but it’s sorta just icing on the cake. Their relationship is less about these public spectacles then it is about their intimate (read: one-on-one moments in any setting) interactions. Plus we knew they were getting engaged, whereas knowing the WOC team is reassembling for the championship totally caught me by surprise. I was praying it would happen, but didn’t want to get my hopes up. Hopes….meet TK2H. Start getting used to being so high all time.

[Credit: all pictures via The King 2 Hearts Baidu bar]

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Koala Overdoses on Happy Pills on the Latest The King 2 Hearts Spoilers — 53 Comments

  1. Koala you should post your top ten list. I’d curious to see who tickles your fancy. Other than my kang ji hwan of course.

  2. I see that JH is now sporting the yellow (in soccer, a captain’s) band around his arm whereas earlier, it was worn by HA.

    Thanks for the spoiler pics.

      • @reglest, I had the same question. Where is Shi Kyung? I am so obsessed with this show that I am nervous for all of them.

        LSG said that the next few eps will be darker..I just hope no one dies. Well, not the good guys anyways. I’d be happy if Bong Gu and all his Bon Bons will fall off the earth and never come back.

      • yeah, where is Shikyung and Kangseok? this spolier makes me nervous

        also they have a new member? nooo i don’t want another death unless its Bonggu huhuhu

      • I don’t think anything really bad will happen to him. After all, he is kinda the second male lead and the love interest for Jae Shin. Would be kind of weird if something happened. Usually, dramas don’t create the kind of tension they have (JS and SK) just to kill or separate them. And it would be too cruel. I love him!

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
    i must confess..i hate episode where the brother died until episode 10…now king 2 heart steal my heart again…no wonder they gain second spot

    just wait..they will become no 1 again

  4. thanks for these pics and your info
    now i’m deeply falling in love with TK2H too ^^
    really excited to wait for their official engagement.
    But I still worry about Jae Ha’s beauty schemes to get close to KBG’s woman

  5. If you’re happy and you know it, shout “Hurray!”
    If you’re happy and you know it, shout “Hurray!”
    If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
    If you’re happy and you know it, shout “Hurray!”

    Yay K2H!!!

  6. yep say how the kick butts in ep.12 let us know they coming back to kick more butts! that john mayer is really crazy! i sense him again…

  7. You’re up to no good Koala! I swear I’m going to end up in a coma from all these spoilers before next weeks episode Koala. After reading your recap and watching today’s episode, my imagination is in overdrive.
    GIRL! Did you see the engagement partay photos? You might become comatose from all these spoilers :). Our OTP look so beautiful! I think that I might start shedding my ahjima tears right now.

    • ohmygoodness…just saw the spoiler pics! HJW is breathtakingly regal and LSG only had eyes for her. *swoooooooooon*

      this drama will be the death of me. how am i gonna survive a week?!!!

    • omigosh! HJW looks soo good and our OTP looks lkdsfjsflkjdsfksldfjfkjd —>incoherent babbling! I can’t even….*fans self* I guess it’s a given that I’ll be unproductive in the following month! TK2H thank you for being soo good to us!! lulz

  8. I can’t even comment because all I can say is ” oohhh.. aww… omg πŸ™‚ ”

    Thank you Ms Koala. You could write a whole article. I am just reduced to making noises of job. This drama is already bumping somebody off my top 3 drama of all time. Because of the plot and writing actually. It’s been satisfying watching it.

    Back to ” coo-ing ” over my WOC babies all grown up and ready to FIGHT!

    • My goodness, I, too, am so thrilled at the WOC really happening with everyone and “all grown up.” So great to see them working together again, and it was great to see the North team members coming together and doing what they do best to save their WOC team member, the king. Though I love all of them, I have a soft spot in my heart for that sweet North team member (Young Bae?). I keep replaying the beginning of epi 5 at the celebration marking the ending of the Korean WOC team’s training.

      Can’t get enough of this show!

  9. *squeals* I’m glad WOC will be back soon. I’ve been missing them and I trusted the writers to not let them disappear into oblivion. Hehe. The King is participating in the games. How awesome is that? And with all they’ve been through their feelings of companionship should be near perfect. πŸ˜€

  10. Thanks Ms Koala for spoiling us with these spoilers. I hope these dosage of spoilers will be enough for another week of waiting! I’m soooo addicted!

  11. So happy too! we are as much happy as you do Ms. Koala. and your effort is commendable! we’re still have hang-over on last night’s episode yet you’ve got a big gift for us for the weekender :)..and btw, i always anticipate your recaps after every episode. thanks!

  12. I’m glad they’re going to be back, but it isn’t that much of a surprise to me, because on the last episode Jae Ha said “Can we do it? The WOC and this marriage?”… So I kind of figured he was thinking of bringing back the idea of the WOC… But yay! I love that Hang Ah doesn’t stand in the background, instead she’s very active and protective of “her man”, as she said herself.

  13. Major spoiler photo just came out for the engagement. Like squeal worth spoilerly photos.

    I have had enough going to not stalk and actually be surprised come Wed night for ep 13.

  14. This show isn’t good for my faint heart *breath*
    … I need CPR now… #shock

    Cr: Nachado

  15. HJW’s engagement dress was gorgeous! SO beautiful! I love it that Jae Kang has a speech too (via a past video). : ) Ooooo! I can’t wait! Thank you Koala for sharing so many spoilers! I LOVE THIS SHOWWW!!!!

  16. ms koala.. thanks a lot. omg i dont think i can wait till next week without these spoilers.. anyway, can someone translate the preview to ep 13. at least that can help me to endure till next week..

    • yes, please!! I know the both of them are gorgeous but how do they look irl?! I know it’s a shallow question but we’re talking about goddess HJW and kdnzxkcxnxc* LSG here!!

      *incapable of eliciting a response nowadays where LSG’s concerned!!

  17. i can’t get them off my mind…HJW, LSG and TK2H..everywhere, anywhere i go…my mind is only with them…and all the spoiler pics, the engagement , the kiss….OMG!!!!…how can i endure another week….

    thanks miss koala for everything about TK2H….just love it….

    • I drooled so much, I dehydrated and practically passed out.
      Starting from a romantic proposal on Ep 12 and this spoiler, my head is spinning with TK2H…all i see is Jae Ha & Hang Ah……………..
      …….(have passed out to keep on dreaming till Wednesday)……..do not resuscitate…

  18. Ms Koala~~ thanks for your post!!! Hihihhi… I’m totally addicted to your blog know as it feed my craziness toward TK2H ;p;p I hope the rating for this drama will increase for the following weeks… Not that I have things against the Rooftop Prince or Equator Man… I prefer TK2H as my first choice… Dear God, please make Wednesday come soon~~ <3

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