F4 Meets 2PM as Vanness Wu and Junho Release MV for Unbeatable

In the world of the never-ending crossovers, it’s time for K-boybands to collide with TW-boybands. Vanness Wu, formerly of F4, collaborated with Junho of 2PM for his latest single “Unbeatable” (also called Invincible), which is the theme song for Vanness’ latest drama Ti Amo Chocolate. The drama is terrible, but this song rocks so hard I even hum it in my sleep. The official MV was released a few days ago and already its breaking records and racking up views all over Taiwan and China. It’s super cute, and I can tell Junho and Vanness get along fabulously and enjoyed working together. Everyone knows Vanness had a coming-to-God moment a few years ago and is now a devout Christian, so I’m wondering if Junho is as well hence they have yet another shared interest in common. By the way, I’ve never seen Junho in anything before and my first impression is that he’s so adorable. But is it my imagination or does he look like a chibi Rain?

Unbeatable by Vanness Wu and Junho:

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F4 Meets 2PM as Vanness Wu and Junho Release MV for Unbeatable — 23 Comments

  1. yes! junho looks like a chibi rain!
    i’ve always thought that!
    its just me or does it seem like Vaness looks younger(&hotter)^^;

      • They’re both so freaking adorable! I’m not feeling the chemistry as a couple though, they look more like siblings or besties in this video to me.

      • love love love the song and the MV. and love. the. couple.
        Junsso! want them to be a couple in real life so much TT I was a SoEul shipper and it eventually faded because there’s not much news between the two. Right now I’m all about Junho and SoEun but I’m so scared that it’ll be like before… :S

        Anyways, Unbeatable is so catchy! I was humming it all day hehehe

      • Junho is so good-looking ! Never notice him before .. coz Nichkhun & Taecyeon overshadowed him. Cute couple !

      • He’s adorable. She is cute although I can’t put my nose on it why she looks different since BOF. She had a cute one then gone Pinocchio on me. I need to adjust and get a new Rx glasses.

  2. Junho’s always been called a mini Rain, so it’s not just you. Even they’ve admitted it before. And my friends are obsessed with him, so he has a special place in my heart.

    This MV’s cute, albeit (to me) a bit boring..

  3. Two cute guys sing adorably together and share a little on-screen bromance — I like it, nice, simple, sometimes it’s great not to have to over-think a stupid video, so this is just straightforwardly streamlined — we are cute and singing well! LOL

  4. I am such a die-hard fan of Junho and 2pm. I glad the song is doing so well because I would love for Junho to gain more recognition as an artist.

  5. Junho became known via a survival singing show and was called mini Rain. He used to stress over overcoming the title to be seen as Junho. Junho is a Christian and spent his first 2pm vacation, around March, going to Africa to meet his sponsor child.

    The MV looks great.

  6. I disagree about your comment of Ti Amo Chocolate being terrible, at least to me it’s even better than Inborn Pairs, Inborn Pairs was not bad either. Ti Amo Chocolate is getting better as it progresses. Other than that, cute MV, the song is alright.

    • i totally agree with you! i’m watching Ti Amo Chocolate and i find it totally funny and while i do think that vanness still needs to improve his acting a bit more (he’s already improved a lot!), i love the female lead b/c she doesn’t have the typical nasally-cutesy female squeaky voice.

      or maybe i was just too traumatized coming off from watching Extravagant Challenge?

    • I agree with both of you as well! I’m actually enjoying this drama- it’s cute and fun. Although the first episode or two were a bit shaky, it gets better and better with each episode. And I love the female lead too, for the exact same reason as lunchboxthermos :)

  7. Thanks for drawing attention to this! The MV is so cute, and the two guys seem to be having so much fun! Beautiful MV, and in high definition <3!!!! What a catchy song, I'm humming it as I type…fortunately, his pronunciation isn't too off. hehehe….chibi Rain. =P

  8. They are planning to make 80 ep for this drama, how? This would probably bored the audiences to death. The Max I can endure is another 20 ep.
    2 ep for knowing main lead as a girl
    2 ep for contest
    2 ep for main leads dating
    2 ep for male lead reunited with mom
    2 ep for male lead to forgive his dad
    2 ep for dad disagree their dating
    2 ep for male lead only falls to female lead
    4 ep for supporting actors & actress loves
    2 ep for wrapping ending

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