Nicky Wu Reportedly Out of Bu Bu Jing Xing 2 as Drama Focuses on Ruo Xi and 14th Prince

Wait for it……and now the other shoe drops. Tangren touted loud and clear four months ago that Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 was a go with the same cast but set in a modern era, back then I was innocent and trusting and believed everything they said. Forget no contracts were signed, no script was written, and some nebulous August 2012 start date for filming. I wasn’t overly concerned that it sounded like a money sucking endeavor just to piggyback on BBJX’s popularity. I missed the cast and characters, and would gladly suffer through crap to have them back on my screen. Then I started hearing murmurings that the salaries were too high now that some actors hit the big leagues, and that Ladyboss was just using them to drum up publicity. Whatever the case may be, rumors are flying that Nicky Wu is not going to be in BBJX 2 and the story will be about Ruo Xi and 14th Prince getting another chance at love in modern times. I’ve heard for awhile that Yuan Hong was in fact never invited to be in the drama, and looks like Kevin Cheng won’t be back either. So BBJX 2 will be just another Tangren home cast project.

So, uhm, take out the guy in the middle and that’s your OTP for BBJX 2. I’m sure Karen will couch Nicky’s non-participation in terms like he couldn’t make it work due to his busy schedule, but I bet my money she never wanted him back anyways since his salary has quadrupled since he did BBJX. When asked recently, Nicky revealed that no one has given him a script or a set start date, and he’s got both a drama (Bride with White Hair) and a movie lined up.

That fact that Lin Geng Xin is going around saying already that BBJX 2 is about Ruo Xi and 14th Prince (as if he’s gotten a script) adds credence to the fact that the story was never going to be about 4th Prince. Which is all sorts of ironic since the only reason people even clamor for a sequel is because the original left the fate of Zhang Xiao and the man who looks like 4th Prince so nebulous. Like anyone cared about 14th Prince and his sad unrequited love for Ruo Xi. Looks like I’m out on this one now, which is a shame, because I did love the drama so. Without Nicky’s 4th Prince (and to a lesser extent Yuan Hong as 13th Prince and Kevin as 8th Prince), why even call this upcoming drama BBJX2? Ah yes, it’s all for the money’s sake.

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Nicky Wu Reportedly Out of Bu Bu Jing Xing 2 as Drama Focuses on Ruo Xi and 14th Prince — 77 Comments

      • This morning (28 Apr) Karen said, on weibo, that she was suprised to read the news ;))
        But I agree with you, “it’s all for the money’s sake.”

      • Alex, which link did you read Karen’s comment from? I don’t read Mandarin, so I rely on Mandarin speakers to relay me news. Do you mean that it was all rumours that BBJX2 is all about 14RX? I HOPE SO! Without Nicky, Kevin and Yuan Hong, it’s NOT BBJX anymore! (and yes, even tho I love 4RX to death, I also like the other princes…)

    • ……though not much love story between them in the olden three hundreds years ago,………I think that is why they continue their unrequited love in the mordern days,….. no offense,…………. but… yeah right…. BBJX won’t really make it through without two leads, and replacing the lead with the side kick…. is a little ridiculous, but therefore means that Lin geng xin acting skills has been really appreciated and improved so that is why… maybe that is y…. they replace Nicky, while though I. think that with His busy scdeule I think he can’t make it etheir, since he is sobpopular, but I think that….. oh yeah,…. it is modern…

    • Ha, as if she can say no. She belongs to Tangren, i.e she’s part of its agency side. Which is why she’s been cast in almost ALL of TR produced dramas. She pretty much does whatever Karen tells her to do.

      TR’s most famous three treasures was Hu Ge, LSS, and Yuan Hong. My loverboy finally bailed 2 years ago after suffering years of being marginalized by Karen.

      New talent include Lin Geng Xin (why such a newbie as himself got to play 14th Prince in BBJX) and the infant Jiang Jing Fu. I wouldn’t be surprised if Karen shoved him in BBJX2 as well and claimed that it was to reunite LSS and JJF from their Shitty Sword collab. Blergh.

  1. I hope Liu Shi Shi turns this down because it seems only right that she reunites with Prince 4 to get another chance since fate was a bitch in the past. I can understand if maybe in the modern times, she gets a chance with 8 but 14. come on… there wasn’t much of a love story

  2. I thought that was the sole purpose of having a BBJX2 so that the love unfulfilled could be taken to its full course. Much as I like 14th prince, truly the main reason there is any interest in BBJX2 is to finally see Ruo Xi reunited with 4th. I really love Nicky Wu’s acting and feel he deserves his present commercial success. I mean if they wanted to make a love story starring LSS and the other 14th prince dude, then go ahead and do it but don’t call it BBJX2. That’s just plain dishonest.

    • I second that. It is sad that with the ending of BBJX—Rou xi meets up with 4th.. and instead of continuing from there, they make a different drama with 14th as the lead? Really? Does not make sense at all. OF course, if it’s about money, I guess. Then they should call it a different drama altogether. Haha! Lame. Skip for me too.

  3. Oy I only followed BBJX because 8th and 4th Prince were such men.

    Don’t give me a boy. I am not a TW fan and just another love story. Who cares?

  4. No 4th prince or 13th prince? I’m out. I was never a fan of 14th prince and his character annoyed the heck out of me. Please either have the original cast (esp 4th prince) or no sequel.

    • Yeah, I don’t like 14th Prince either. I like LGX, he’s such a cute boy. But his 14th prince really really annoys me to no end. What a mummy’s boy he was… urgh…

      Yeah, BBJX2 should be about 4RX, or nothing at all.

  5. What a major disappointment??? No 4th prince and they dare to name this part BBJX 2…
    What a joke!
    I have 2 words for Tangren and believe me they are not nice words 😉

  6. No No No No No!!!! OMG, I am going to cry! I am STILL not over Ruoxi and 4th prince, and my only consolation was the hope of a sequel!! They can’t do this, they just can’t!! I would rather no sequel at all than some horrific tearing apart of the EPIC love story that was Ruoxi and 4th Prince – she absolutely can’t just go on to some modern of 14th prince, no way, NO! I Ugh, can’t Tong Hua claim copyright over the characters or something? Surely she’s not ok with this? Ugh, this ruined my day 🙁

  7. This is worst than casting DMY i dare say, because theyre just cut the most important men in BBJX. Especially 13th, my fav. x[

  8. I actually liked 14th prince with Ruo Xi. He was so giving and so selfless. 14th prince is such a nice guy. i guess the corny cliche is true, “nice guy finishes last”

    By reading the comments, I feel like many girls are such masochists. In modern day, 4th prince would be considered a big jerk who needs anger management classes stat. He may be loving towards Ruo Xi when it is convenient, but his temper is so bad and he is cruel to so many people.

    I glad Ruo Xi never ended with 4th prince.

    • I think environment plays a big role in determining the temperament of the person. 4th’s cold heartedness seems to be a result of his insecurities which his environment had caused. I mean… he’s been sidelined by both his parents, betrayed by his brothers & lost 13th as a result. I wanted to see how modern 4th would be the same (patient, gentle towards those he loves) & yet different from his old self if he were to grow in a modern environment (assuming he’s the reincarnation of Yongzheng) so it was a pity IMO that we couldn’t see that played out in the modern series.

      • agree with you completely Jo. it would have been really interesting to see how the 4th Prince will be in the current world life/context.

        and to add to points mentioned above, the 4th prince has responsibilities.
        i liked that his characterization is very realistic as opposed to fantasy prince charming “i will give up everything for love”.

      • Also, I suppose it’s not so much about who you and I would choose to be our mate but who Ruo Xi has chosen. Without a doubt, it was 4th and not 14th. BBJX was about the trials and tribulations they both faced in coming together. So, to pair her up willy nilly with whomsoever is available and affordable is downright underhanded. Having said that, I do agree with doo da that 14th prince has an attractive nature and Ruo Xi perhaps underestimated the strength and depth of his affections for her. Hence, she never took him seriously.

    • I enjoyed BBJX because it was a wonderful story, but I wasn’t OTP crazy about Ruo Xi and 4th Prince. I never wholeheartedly got on their love train so I’m ok with letting the original be the original and letting this “sequel” be whatever it is. I loved Nicky Wu, not so much 4th Prince though. I just couldn’t see whatever it was Ruo Xi, and apparently lots of other fans, saw.

    • I agree with the point about 14th. He’s actually pretty decent. But then again, I feel that this sequel should revolve around RX and 4th Prince’s reincarnation to at least end their story. I mean, 14th was never RX’s true love. How are they going to make it work out? *sigh They better get 4th, 8th, and 13th back for this sequel.

  9. 14th prince is not bad….but without nicky than its not as interesting. even though 14th prince annoyed the hell of me, he was someone that loved her and stay true to her till the end. i give him some points there even though it was a one sided love story. give them a chance…. but dang is it true the chinese government ban drama with time traveling with some other stuff too? that is just so ridiculous because where is the creativity? time traveling is the thing right now! especially in some of these new kdrama like rooftop prince.

  10. I am simply lost for words. I got all my friend to watch Bu Bu Jing Xing, THANK gawd I didn’t tell them about this horrendous watered down version, makes my skin crawl lol !!!!!

  11. is it going to be a time travelling genre, given the politically incorrectness of such dramas now, where 14th travels to modern day era to find Ruo Xi?

    or is it going to resemble TVB’s Tang Xin Feng Bao (Heart of Greed), where due to the immense popularity of the show, they got the cast together to do Hua Hao Yue Yuan (Moonlight Resonance) but the entire story is changed?

    I wld love to see some nice happy resolution to Ruoxi and No 4. The BBJX ending was just way way too sad. However, no 14 is pretty ok for me, I liked how on camp Ruoxi to the end. He is Tong Hua’s fav character in the book after all. IF the woman has some say in the script, then maybe things might not be so bad after all.

    big shame abt the Yuan Hong no appearance. He’s my fav mainland actor right now…though I agree with you that the best thing he did was to bail out on Tangren.

    • scratch that, i went to google for the sequel and there will be no time travel. so the idea is just same cast but different story. Set in some modern metropolis and is about office politics.

      and now with no Yuan Hong, no Kevin Cheng, no Nicky Wu, why dont they drop the idea of it being a sequel and call it a new drama serial instead?!


  12. Please LSS, turn this down!! T_T
    I hope she take another new drama, a whole new one.
    I just think that sequels tend to be a mess.

  13. Cap K, you are totally right – it’s all about the money at this point. I agree if Karen wants LSS in, she’s going to have to do it. I highly doubt that she could turn it down.

    For me, I have been through enough of these sequel shenanigans to know better and basically didn’t put any stock into there being a true sequel. 9 times out of 10, it doesn’t happen and even if it does, it suck so I stopped putting hope in these things. I am not surprised in the least that this is how it is all playing out. Still sucks but I can’t say I’m surprised.

  14. do you know of a good website with BBJX chapters translation in english?cuz I was reading on but it stopped on chapter 8, and I can’t watch the drama becuz I live in china and the only english subs are on vikiassets wich doesn’t work.(and I also don’t really like the music and the acting THAT much)

  15. WTH. It’s not BBJX without my 8th prince. If there should be anyone given another chance it should be 8th or 13th. (I still believe that 13th had hidden feelings for Ruo Xi) I do feel sorry for 14th… But this is just weird. 🙁 If RuoXi were to fall for 14th too… Wow, 2 men in a previous lifetime, and a whole new one in her present life. I guess a woman does have a big enough heart for all those sexy men to love.

  16. Man I have a feeling this is gonna be a failure like Gong 2.
    As much as I love 14th prince the cliffhanger in bbjx makes me want to know more about what happened after she saw the 4th prince!

    So is it gonna be the same characters? Like lss as Rou xi?

  17. Hopefully Karen ends up thinking of quality n not quantity. I trust Tangren it won’t repeat the horrors of Gong 2.

  18. OMG…im so angry right now.I was busy spreading news to friends and family that BBJX 2 is coming back with my 4th prince(which is also the main reason why im so addicted to this drama) and now NO MORE!!!14th prince is ok,but just ok…he is too young! I normally love ajashi like Nicky Wu, and with 14th prince,he is not even oppa,just a young boy!! My god,im mumbling now.

    Looks like im out from BBJX 2.Hopefully Shi Shi bailed on this,for fans’ sake.

  19. If they were going to make a sequel they should have done it immediately after the first one and filmed it like they filmed The Lord of the Rings. All at once in a straight shot with one contract securing the cast for 2 series. If it doesn’t happen this way, it ain’t ever gonna happen. Unfortunately, that’s the rule of dramaland.

  20. Pls don call it bbjx 2, without nicky wu and other prince it’s really weird. Bbjx is love story between rx n 4th prince how come it turn out become rx n 14th? Very weird can’t imagine

  21. I’m rewatching BBJX right now and the scene where she tells 4th she’s from a different world and might be forced to leave him. His response of “I’ll find you even if you do leave this period.” Is kinda killed. Boo Karen.

  22. What a stab at BBJX OTP lovers. I feel so bad for 14th, he gets the girl this time because both 4th and 8th are both out of the picture. Can they not call it BBJX2? Change her name too. I like LGX and LSS together, I think they’d make a nice pair for a modern drama, but please remove that BBJX cloud over them.

  23. Peeps, don’t be too disappointed, it is just commercial operation for BBJX2, to get some media attention.
    There are good stuff lined up – Bride with White Hair- won’t let you down.

  24. Darn. I was looking forward to BBJX2. In my mind, I just knew we would see what happened after NICKY WU came back and gave her a kleenex. No 4th and 8th prince = no me.

    • This aint gonna work unless 14th has his memories from the past. I just feel that Zhang Xiao and the present 4th might spark something since he went out of his way to buy kleenex for her.

  25. WTF, that’s such appointment! My girls and I wanted to plan a weekly drama night to watch BBJX 2 but now that’s out the door. It won’t be the same w/out Nicky, or Kevin. I was hoping that Rui Xi and 4 th prince will have another chance at love. It’s so misleading for them to advertise BBJX 2 when most of the important cast is out, just sounds like another drama love series.

  26. Chinesd netizens make up rumours about everything, y’all should calm your horses and wait for actual news before freaking out about stupid gossip.

  27. Can I just say; worst idea ever.I agree with you all;why the hell they are calling it a sequel then?Oh wait.Because they will use the popularity of the first one but they wont give a damn what fans want.We were mislead and fooled.I refuse to watch the NEW series!!!

    • Or you were mislead by netizens who decided to spurn out gossip because they were bored. Seriously, everyone’s freaking out over something that has no base at all. Do you honestly think that you can trust everything that’s said by some nobodies? If everything the tabloids said were true, then Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would be breaking up on a weekly basis.

      No one has said a single thing aside from all the princes saying that they would be happy to film a BBJX sequel. A little logic, please!

    • really? how do you know? Oh I so so hope they are just rumors! Even if the rumors about no Kevin and Nicky turn out to be false though, I’m still worried Yuan Hong won’t be asked back because of all the politics with him and Tangren :/

      • Karen has confirmed that it’s just rumors. Besides, you can’t believe anything about Tangren until they confirm it themselves. If they can’t get 4th or 8th back, they should at least try to get 13th back and create a different love story between 13RX. xD

  28. SO DEVASTATED ! I was obsessed with this drama and obsessed with 4th Prince! And now after hearing such news disappoints me! I’m out. No matter how great the first movie was without an actor like Nicky Wu just leaves me empty!

  29. There have been a lot of rumors and stuff has been in the air a lot of for this sequel. I’m starting to not care if it happens because sequel dramas usually have a bad track record.

    If the rumor is true, then I am out. As koala says, I’d watch just to watch the whole cast on the screen again, but this would not be BBJX2. Even if you didn’t like the OTP, by removing so many of the characters, it’s not even a real sequel.

    Not holding my breath for good news from this sequel either way. I hope LSS and Nicky get to work together again though.

  30. How could they do this to us!!!! With no Nicky as the mystery guy or love interest/lead male actor then this is just going to be boring and crapy :'( WE WANT NICKY AND CECILIA!!!!! THAT IS THE TRUE BBJX 2! ugh, just thinkin about prince 14th and rouxi, makes me wanna puke!!

  31. At first, i am so exciting when i heard there will BBJX 2
    But it’s so dissapointing to know the rest of the cast won’t join the production.
    It really is a major turn off especially without Nicky.Why even named it as BBJX then?
    I am sure the production wouldn’t be a hit as the first one. Even tho i love 14th, as much
    as the other princes, it’s not 14RX’s story that I wish to watch, it’s always is the 4th and RX

  32. I was happy when there going to BBJX2 comeing but there no Nicky wu.. I’m going to be sd… because I want them to be together. No Nicky wu is not BBJX show.. Please don’t cut Nicky wu off. Put him back on the show…

  33. Like almost everyone had said in here, I’m also disappointed at their decision of not including Nicky Wu. No Nicky Wu, I’m also out. Although BBJX was the first drama that I got to know Nicky Wu, I loved the drama because of 4th prince and Rouxi story. I wouldn’t care about the sequel if Nicky Wu is not there. I became a fan #1 of Nicky Wu because of BBJX. I would however have preferred the BBJX in an old dynasty like another Qin Dynasty…With Nicky Wu and Lui Shi Shi, that is enough…for me, although I would love to have Huang Yong (13th prince) added to the drama…why don’t they do a new dynasty drama with these 3 stars: Nicky Wu, Lui Shi Shi and the 13th prince. I’m sure they’ll have much success!!

  34. How can they even think about leaving Nicky Wu out? And not forgetting Kevin Cheng.. Who cares about 14th n Rouxi??? I agree with Anna….it’s going to make me puke!!!

  35. Even if it’s about 14th and Ruoxi, I’ll still watch it. But who knows? What if the script writer decide to make a change? When I saw Episode 35 of BBJX and saw Nicky, I thought that one day they will meet again and Nicky will soon realize that they were fated together in the past.
    I do like 14th in a way, and that 14th should get a chance in the sequel because he wasn’t able to see his parents on their deathbed, and his Ce Fujin’s ashes was taken away from him. His Imperial brother showed that he did not care for his younger brother. He dares to bully him when he knows that if his mother was still alive, things would be in a mess. And what do you know? 14 was demoted after knowing that his father died AND finding out that his pure biological brother will soon ascend the throne when he was supposed to be the rightful heir.

  36. If they are not going to cast Nicky Wu, then they should just change the name of the drama. No point making use of his name and not casting him. the whole story is not related then. Don’t misled the public. No one cares about the 14th Prince. The focus is on Nicy Wu.

  37. RX veut tout simplement aimer son homme sans aucun obligation vient impliquer dans leurs relation et que l’empreur a promis qu’il la retrouverai quelque soit l’endroit qu’elle se trouve.RX aime 4Prince et comment l’histoire soit baser sur le 14Prince car RX n’a aucun sentiment envers lui comme une femme et homme. selon moi, si le serie n’aura pas les acteurs qui joue dan la première partie et Rx, la série serai-t- il captivant comme la premère ou sera-t-il un échec total.La 2 partie doit être fidèle avec celui la 1. Tous les personnages du 1 doivent venir accomplir leur destin et leur promesse dans la vie moderne. C’est à dire aimer celui ou celle que l’ont doit aimer et de passer à travers tous les obstacles (amour et amitié doit se réunit).

  38. Conversely, I’m quite pleased with this news. My favourite prince is 14th prince.. I don’t quite like the stoic 4th prince.. Might be interesting to see my favourite prince finally having a chance to pursue her.

  39. Without 4th prince, this drama can’t be called as Bu bu jing xin2! As you know, BBJX showed the deep love between 4th prince and Ruo Xi. If Ruo xi in the modern time loves 14th, it’ll show the unfaithful hearted of the main actress. I won’t watch this drama and i think that many fans do as me either.

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