The King 2 Hearts WOC Update Plus the International Fan Tribute Video

After the barrage of spoilers from last week’s filming of the upcoming engagement party for Hang Ah and Jae Ha in The King 2 Hearts, news bits have naturally mellowed out again while we wait for Wednesday to roll back around. There is a brand new spoiler picture of Hang Ah, Jae Ha, and Kang Seok dressed in military gear (see above) which makes it clear that Team WOC is either back in training or actually competing in the WOC coming up. Word around DC is that Shi Kyung will end up not participating in the WOC, and I think that’s true since he wasn’t in any of the WOC spoiler pics I posted last week. Don’t take it as an ominous sign, I’m thinking he’s probably off doing something with Jae Shin or more take down Club M covert operations. While we’re twiddling our thumbs until episode 13 arrives, I wanted to give a shout out to the dedicated and passionate fans around the world who have fallen head over heels for TK2H and undertook a daunting project over at Soompi’s TK2H thread. Fans submitted entries detailing their love for this drama, and it was compiled into an amazing video tribute to the cast and crew of our beloved drama. Enjoy the video!

Before we get to the fan tribute video, I found these two swoony screencaps of the BTS of the fridge kiss from episode 6. When you freeze frame the moment, its impossible to deny what a electrifying kiss the two leads were sharing for our benefit. I hope the PD and writers let Hang Ah and Jae Ha tap into their passionate side more even after they get engaged and are fighting the evil villain. I’m sure they always have time for a kissing break or ten.

Without further ado, click here to watch the video of the The King 2 Hearts Soompi Fan Project. I hope the TK2H production team in Korea receives this labor of love and appreciation, and know how much their hard work and dedication have meant to us fans of K-dramas. I especially am grateful since its been much too long since I’ve watched a drama this good all-around.


The King 2 Hearts WOC Update Plus the International Fan Tribute Video — 35 Comments

  1. This drama is making me so emotional, so many feelings that I don’t know what to do with them!!! I am head over heels in love with it, and when it ends I might just go into depression over it.

  2. Um, I think when the little adorable children screamed “The King 2 Hearts, fighting!” I almost died of the cuteness.

    Look at Seung-gi, sitting there all smug and totally hot. It gets me every time. We need to clone him so all of us can have our own Seung-gi to keep in a pocket. ^_~

  3. I feel like I’ve been living in Soompi and other K2H spoiler threads for the past 2 days and have at least watched the last 2 episodes tons of times by now….I cant get enough of this drama…I’m so glad that they didn’t just use the WOC training as a tool for the leads to meet each other and that it will be an integral part of the story here on out…especially glad that Hang Ah and Jae Ha are going to be part of it, though I’m curious as to how they will be pulled them into it again…I’m just happy I can see this awesome team back together…even the brief glimpses of the North Korean team in 12 had me squealing like a pig….its sad that Shi Kyung may not be around this time and I think that if there are rumors going around that he won’t be, then they are probably true….its funny but so far every spoiling rumor that I’ve heard about this drama before the episodes have come true…even the pregnancy one…I swore that they would never do it, but they did…it may not have been the best idea but it somehow worked for me in the end….its a shame that the ratings aren’t that high especially since I think this is the production that has put the most effort into the drama among the three airing wed-thurs ones…but I have a feeling that this will be a mania drama like YAB…and I think the netizens’ enthusiasm confirms it

      • The interviewer?? I’m not sure since there weren’t any subs…i just thought it was adorable how flustered he was by her antics

      • @D…Totally agree I still don’t get it all that thrill about MTETS…It isn’t work for me…(only KSH)…
        TK2H cost a lot…enough to say. Topic is a little to much for someone, because it’s not just forbidden, young, romcom… It explores relations, meaning, differences, look at both sides…

    • Maybe the myth about Uhm Tae Wong is true, never can escape his force… I read comment about The equator man (watched 10 episodes myself), all say pretty much the same: solid, great script, plot unraveling, superb acting and mature cast.
      And it’s good…

      TK2H have very much mature cast for me (not LSG age but his acting)…that’s why we are ‘fighting’…

      • I didn’t mean to say that Equator man doesn’t deserve the ratings its getting….i’m sure its a solid drama but from the glimpses i’ve caught of it here and there I think K2H has better production values and it seems to have put far more effort into aesthetics….also the script and directing has also been good so far….which I think isn’t something that should be taken slightly considering the number of dramas that have failed miserably in that department despite good production *cough* Moon that embraces the,Sun *cough*

      • @mtoh:
        I’m impressed by Equator Man too, just from the recaps, I know that this drama has solid writing, beautiful cinematography, and solid acting (never doubt that!), and it deserves its rating now.
        It just because EM is too dark & vengeful that I’m staying away from that, and by saying it is conventional (as comment below) I don’t intend to offending any drama. The rivalry is interesting, each drama get a taste of 1st and 3rd position.
        Yea, better than*cough* That ‘former drama’cough

  4. I’m so in love that WOC team is back, *and let out BIG squeal when I see Kang Seok bring Bazooka in his back, and Yong Bae being sniper he is* more over when I see the photo, I’m like: YEA! Bring out that!

    And the screencaps make me ‘AIIIIIII'(It’s middle of night here, so I need to muffle my squeal with fist, no lying), SEUNG GI, when did you learn to kiss like that?? (Ok, I can’t believe that you just dated twice, and before your debut now!)

    About the rating, I think it’s safe to said that this might get last placed when airing, but streaming and downloading?? Wohoo, take a look at this:
    Streaming for episode 12 in popular site in SK:
    Download site:

    In addition, South Korea is known as a vast internet user country, -did a check times ago, the internet speed in Korea is only the 2nd in the world, after Japan, IDK now- so my guess is, the viewers give up the remote to their parents, who prefer a more conventional drama -we agree TK2H is unconventional right?- and goes to the net world for streaming. Equator man is indeed stellar, the writer and the director is experienced in this kind of drama, but TK2H is…different…It has the gut, it has the humour, but is also have humanity&philosopic side in each episode, and that’s make me fall in love with the show, more and more

    • HA! so I guess this is a mania drama afterall…..also the Dramabeans episode 12 recap has over 1000 comments at this point….that’s in just a 4 day period and that’s more than this week’s OT

  5. Wow!! So many people in the video, glad that I could be a part of it 😀 Hope that the cast will be able to see the video and gain support from it 😀

  6. Seen the video.Thank you very much to all the koreans and international fans that contributed to the video.k2h -an extraordinary drama. Fighting.

  7. Wow! What an incredible video. So awesome to see all the love for this wonderful show from the international fans out there. I hope the cast and crew actually get to see it.

  8. it is great to know i am not alone ( few of us) getting CRAZY about this DRAMA… crazy waiting for WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY!!

  9. Love Seung Gi oppa in this photo~~~
    His proud pose+his naughty expression!!! Did he become even more handsome again!!?? 🙂

  10. Oh, I saw a fan account of Seung Gi oppa when he was shooting in Everland at
    (source: dclsg)

    At the beginning Seung Gi came out and walked around to greet everyone.

    He happened to meet the actor who acts as Hang Ah’s Father, greeted him and chatted with him for a while. (With his smiling face)

    And then went on wandering around and also chatted with the director.

    Suddenly. . . he made a 90-degree bow
    Turned out that he saw Mr Lee Soon Jae. . .
    He accepted the greetings from Seung gi with a kind smile, and patted his shoulder
    The feeling is like treating him as a lovely grandchild…
    Seung Gi followed him all the way and talked to him, looking at that scene really make me feel comfortable

    Seung Gi … walked to a place with a brilliant smile
    Turned out that teacher Yoon Yeo Jung was sitting there
    He walked over to speak with her with a smile, slightly acting cute (aegyo) with the teacher~~~~ ha ha ha ha

    Chatted for a while then he returned to his original position
    He began to act on his own (to prevent drama spoilers – PASS )

    However, his manager took an umbrella and covered him, and then Seung Gi began to repeat the same scene again
    What’s happening? It is not a shooting?
    Why the manager could cover him with an umbrella . . . and he (Seung Gi) was repeating the same action over and over again
    He did a few times … suddenly, I heard the director said “cut!”
    Hey? ? Seung Gi … with an umbrella?
    Tracing the voice of the director and looked at his way, actually teacher Yoon Yeo Jung was the one shooting
    in other words, although the shooting part was not for Seung Gi but this child did repeatedly with the act and walk in order to co-ordinate with the shooting.

    After that he did the same for Hang Ah’s father too

    Each actor did the admission scene shooting individually, Seung Gi has been at the side and coordinated with them …
    uh uh uh uh uh by looking at this, how can you not fall in love with this man? ?

    Ha Ji-won came out with the microphone and greeted everyone: “Hello, everybody, I am Ha Ji-won”
    Then, one of the audience at my side said, why didn’t they let Lee Seung Gi do that too?

    So we shouted loudly to the crew to allow Seung Gi greet us too, but because of the distance, the staff did not hear us.
    Till the end they still did not allow Seung Gi to say hi. . . Arghhh~ ~ ~ ~

    (Fan video of Ha Ji Won greeting the fans : )

    The reaction of the general audience :

    Although we were separated from the crew by a very far distance, but many people couldn’t help by saying that Seung Gi is handsome, extremely handsome etc

    There was a boy beside me who said “He is … handsome … he has very good facial features.

    He added that “The distance is not near, yet we can see his facial features clearly, and he also looks very handsome, this is really amazing, if we watch him close-up how great would he be?”
    Followed by a general audience at the back who said “really good looking”
    As Ha Ji-won was around so I thought the praise was for her

    But the comment continued by another audience saying “how can a guy be so good looking?” fainted. . .
    I was happy in my heart, “Our Seung Gi really is….. that good”
    There were other comment :” look at his eyelashes, eyelashes oh … how can a man eyelashes be like this? “

    The celebrity I like, the day when his face being praised has finally come! (Rourou: Maybe this is the first time she heard many people saying that Seung Gi is so handsome)

    In fact, I’ve seen a lot of celebrities, many of them are handsome and beautiful. While seeing them,I just think that some of them look better than in TV, some looks about the same in TV, some don’t look as good as in TV

    But for Seung Gi,when you see the real him, he looks completely different than the one you see in the TV .He is the first celebrity who gives me this impression

    Anyway, the conclusion is: Seung Gi in person is the truth! ” ( Mic : She meant Seung Gi looks 100 times more good looking in person!! Which I totally agree!!!)

    PS. Ms Koala, I am not sure if I approve of me posing this here… If you don’t, just delete this, okay? I don’t mind at all. 🙂

      • Oh, and I watched the fanvid of seung gi chating with Mr. Lee Sun Jae.
        From what I see, Mr. Lee gave his hand first – after seung gi bow to him – to shake his hand. Aw…

  11. omo…swoooning away here Ms Koala! thank you for sharing those BTS photos, I love em, electrifying for sure!! 😀 I love all the TK2H fans and their basically real time updates of any swoon-worthy spoilers. I sure hope TK2H cast/crew will see the fans’ video and know how much their hard work is appreciated globally! I remember the Playful Kiss days and stalking your playground like crazy to find any new updates on our PK OTP! I do come back Often but read quietly tho I find myself here doing the same with TK2H as in PK and sure am glad you are in love TK2H. Always love and enjoy your recaps and insights, thank you. Here are some eucalyptus snacks with a Big Koala Hug! 🙂

  12. Thanks Koala! Omg! Omg! Look at Seung Gi! He looks so HOT! Koreas little brother has become a MAN!!! I’m sold and I’m NOT leaving the Seung Gi and AhHa ship ever!
    Well, actually I may have to leave sometimes to visit my Hyun Joongie :). If polygamy was legal I would so marry both men! This K2H pill is so addicting!
    I know that I can build up my anticipation of the upcoming episodes and I know that the T2H team will not let me down! Aaahhhh!

  13. well..K2H can’t be judge by rating.. the story line, acting was sooo good. i think this drama is well accept by international fans…

  14. its epi 16 may 10 2012
    The drama is Unbelievable. What is more amazing is the way the story and the acting , esp Lee Seung Gi’s Jae Ha , has done to me. I have just become a fan of Lee Seung Gi as an actor, singer, tv MC, and as a person forever from this day forward. Amen!
    King2hearts should sweep the Drama Awards in all categories. Agree?
    And this is one drama that does not insult the intelligence of the viewers. It is well written and wonderfully portrayed by the Lead and cast members.
    And the commentaries and reactions from viewers are priceless.

    yes and I am an international fan from N America!

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